Breaking Points: Fauci Cover Up “Attacks On Me Are Attacks On Science”

This was a good segment.

Krystal Ball made some good points. Fauci knows his audience and political base who are #Resistance shitlibs, which is why he spoke to Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow, whose idea of “science” hasn’t changed at all since the days when they were Bible thumping Calvinists. “Science” for these people is a social identity marker. It is also revelation from a supreme authority.

The same is true of wearing a mask which is why college-educated progressives continue to go around wearing them outdoors in summer weather long after they have been vaccinated. The important thing is signaling to other people which tribe you identify with like wearing a cross or a baseball cap. These people aren’t actually trying to protect themselves and others. They are expressing their values.

Of course, the same is true of conservatives and libertarians who instinctively distrust authority and who dislike being told what to do especially by progressive control freaks. Not wearing the mask was equally a culture war tribal identity marker. They hit upon the idea early on last January and February that the virus might have escaped from a lab in Wuhan, but they quickly moved on from there to believing the whole thing was a HOAX or that COVID was “just the flu.” The lab leak hypothesis got larded down in so many other conspiracy theories that it was discounted and discredited by association.

A year ago, I recall a lot of people predicting that COVID was nothing compared to swine flu or the seasonal flu. Millions of people were going to starve to death because of the lockdowns. The economy was going to collapse like the Great Depression. The government was also going to go door to door, drag people out of their homes and inject them with the vaccine. TruNews had a bunch of episodes like this. There was recently an outbreak there and Pastor Rick Wiles got COVID and was hospitalized.

The truth is gradually coming into view: COVID is a disease that stems from a real virus, which is highly infectious and moderately lethal and thus capable of creating a pandemic, which likely escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology due either to 1.) an infected lab worker who had direct contact with a horseshoe bat or 2.) was somehow infected while experimenting on humanized mice. Another possibility which cannot be ruled out is that it is a chimeric virus that was created in a lab elsewhere and was released in China to create chaos and topple the government. We can’t discount the possibility that the CIA is behind this in light of their recent destabilization ops against Iran and Venezuela.

Note: It seems much more likely though that this was a Chinese screw up. You could even say that the “smoking bat” is the video below. No one else in the world had collected anywhere from 2,000 to 15,000 samples of bat viruses. China was collecting and storing these viruses in Wuhan. It is not “anti-Chinese” to suspect this is what happened. See Three Mile Island or Chernobyl or Fukushima for nuclear accidents that have happened in other countries.

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  1. “Lord Fauci has only further raised the suspicions of his critics by declaring himself to be the embodiment of science”

    To me, Dr. Fauci is an emblem for everything that is wrong with the government-medical establishment relationship.

    Yes, they are supposed to be helping people be well, yet, in reality, all they do is ensure that the system profits from ‘managing peoples’ demises’, NOT helping them be well.

    They are, as is this system, the very opposite of The Hippocratick Oath.

    Worse, yet, now they are involved in electioneering conspiracies and in globalist ‘resets’.

    The good news, however, is that those who chose Dr. Fauci to be their frontman, have yet quite figured out how bad his constant dissembling had made them look.

    • “Rachel Maddow, whose idea of “science” hasn’t changed at all since the days when they were Bible thumping Calvinists.”

      Since when was JEWESS MadCow, a Calvinist? OR even an Xtian?

      Oh, and it’s only Baptists that Bible Thump. Calvinists merely do long sermons with many points.
      “And 64th-ly” – reminiscence of a Puritan divine, giving a USUAL Sunday Sermon.

      • I never said she was.

        I said those people believe in “science” like they used to believe in the Bible. They don’t seem to understand what science is or how it works.

  2. These questions about the Batshit Cave Spelunking in Yubeh are attacks on the prestige of scientists who’ve made money off of questionable unethical and immoral research methods. This motherfucker for one needs to vanish.

  3. This Fauci guy was angry when Boris Johnson approved the Pfizer vaccine. He didn’t like that it was approved before Trump left office.

  4. Re: “It seems much more likely though that this was a Chinese screw up (…) It is not ‘anti-Chinese’ to suspect this is what happened”:

    Yes but it iseems anti-Chinese to SUGGEST that it happened STILL without any solid evidence, while China has repeatedly, categorically denied that it ever had the SARS CoV2 virus in that facility.

    It is common belief in China that it originated in the U.S. and the U.S. deliberately released it in the most strategic travel hub location in China at the most effective time. There are a lot of coincidences but no real, solid evidence.

    I lean toward an entirely natural origin, which is the simplest and most logical explanation, since there is still NO solid evidence of human action.

    • I am open to any new truth, but I’m not open to helping spread anti-communist hybrid war propaganda and helping to excuse and cover up the U.S.’s and other capitalist nations’ extremely poor (even criminal) response to the new disease.

    • Yes, but, they took the whole database of virus samples down in September 2019. Also, who is to say that they aren’t lying and were conducting classified military research? If the virus has a natural origin, why is the spike protein of the virus so uniquely adapted to humans? Where is the intermediate host?

      • Re: “why is the spike protein of the virus so uniquely adapted to humans? Where is the intermediate host?”

        No need for an intermediate host between bats and humans if several generations of bat-virus-infected humans were passing it to each other in a remote rural area. There is very strong NATURAL selection pressure in favour of ever more human-infectious strains. Over the last year, new strains have evolved that are much more infectious than the “original” strain that appeared in Wuhan in October, which must have already been several years advanced, in natural evolution, from the original bat virus that jumped to a human.

        I am opposed to biological warfare and weapons development. I think it is unlikely that China is lying and covering up a secret weapons program. That is projection. Its system is much more transparent than ours.

        • No it’s a very opaque virology lab. The French built it for the Chinese and were expelled as soon as the site became operational. The French scientists involved warned that the Chinese were probably weaponizing the facility. The Chinese teams there have been superaggrrsive about finding species of virus buried miles underground in these caves.

          • Only very thorough, NOT “superaggrrsive.”

            Re: “the Chinese were probably weaponizing”:

            If anything is weaponizing biological science and technology, it is the Empire of Greed and Inequality (USA and its satellites) that is doing so, because it always needs more weapons, and superior weapons, to subdue and control the billions of downtrodden workers. See:

    • Chinese are extremely careless and reckless in their behavior. I work with them, they will run a factory without any quality control system in place. I personally saw them build 25,000 items without one single quality check of simply plugging them in and see if it works. They used a wrong part and it wasn’t discovered until it arrived in the US. This is mainland Chinese companies managed by mainland Chinese with typical mainland Chinese habits. Worse, when a mistake occurs they instinctively cover it up and stick their heads in the sand like an Ostrich. I bet this thing was kept secret by each level of management when it happened with the others afraid to report it to their immediate boss. You can see their carelessness in their recent rocket launch where they didn’t bother to plan any de orbit burn of their 25 ton booster rocket to bring it down in an uninhabited spot in the ocean, they just left it up to pure chance like a roulette ball hoping it wouldn’t land in the green 00 spot of some inhabited city somewhere in some country that doesn’t kiss their ass in their corrupt belt and road initiative like Ethiopia and their sycophant WHO director. Nope, the Chinese are huge bunglers and incompetents and China would be absolutely no threat to the people of mid 20th Century America. They will only inherit the planet to due the west shooting itself in the foot with cultural marxism and 3rd world immigration. These fatherless bastards and foreigners who are inheriting Neil Armstrongs’ America are basically throwing the match by forfeiture.

      • I concur night owl. The Chinese bought a superconductor liquid nitrogen magnet for a particle accellerator off my dad’s firm and insisted that it be delivered to them on a ship. The company told the slants that it should be shipped instead on two tupolev jets. Chinks stamped feet. The precision parts rattled loose and the company had to send all the technicians to Shangai to put the instrument back together. The Chinese are like that.

  5. As time goes on, Fauci will be exposed as one of the biggest conman of all time. He should be in jail for his dealing with Wuhan lab and manipulating viruses.

  6. The left doesn’t bother to listen to the science of economics and engineering with their “green new deal” quackery. Those sciences say they have absolutely no viable alternative to oil and gas and their plans would cause mass poverty and starvation not seen on such a scale since Mao’s great leap forward. Solar and Wind is basically the world of Christopher Columbus and the Amish. Dumbshit liberals just like all the jargon and don’t bother to think through the consequences of their actions. The only viable option to reducing CO2 emissions is the proven technology of multi megawatt boiling water and pressurized water reactors. Nope, the liberals don’t want that, it doesn’t make them feel all warm and fuzzy at night which is all these overgrown children care about.

    • These loonys call it the Anthroposcene. The age of Man, it’s the Whitesupremascene in their minds. True in a way. All this tech is whitey.

    • “the proven technology of multi megawatt boiling water and pressurized water reactors”:

      Subsidized nuclear power SCHEMES that are proven to create wealth for a few, cancer for many, and un-disposable mountains of radioactive waste with centuries of half-life.

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