Law and Crime: Stephen Miller’s Legal Group Wins Injunction to Halt Race and Sex-Based Discrimination in Distribution of COVID Relief Funds

Since leaving the White House, Stephen Miller has been going around suing the Biden administration in federal court over anti-White discrimination to block its “equity” agenda. Apparently, Miller is still sore about all the lawsuits which were filed to block the Trump administration’s immigration agenda and has learned something from that experience and has embarked on a campaign of revenge.

“A US federal judge issued a preliminary ruling Tuesday in favor of a white male restaurateur who claimed he had been discriminated against in connection to his application for some of the nearly $29 billion in relief offered by the Biden administration.

Philip Greer, the owner of a cafe in Texas, wanted to apply to the Small Business Administration’s Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) for help after his cafe lost $100,000 in revenue because of the pandemic. However, the SBA has a mandate to prioritize applications from women, veterans and persons from socially and economically disadvantaged groups for the first 21 days of the program. Based on the number of applications from the priority groups, Greer feared that the fund would run out of money before the SBA could get around to considering his application. …

Greer’s lawsuit was backed by the America First Legal Foundation, whose president is former Trump Administration senior adviser Stephen Miller, architect of that administration’s infamous Muslim travel ban. Miller called the ruling, “the first, but crucial, step towards ending government-sponsored racial discrimination,” and railed against Critical Race Theory, which he characterized as a “new wave of government discrimination.” …”

Joe Biden will feel the wrath of Stephen Miller.

Miller has also been all over FOX News for months shit talking the Biden administration’s immigration policies. Maybe he sees an opportunity in the Biden era to move the politics of the issue?

Law and Crime:

“A conservative legal group founded by former Trump administration officials Stephen Miller and Mark Meadows secured an injunction which prevents the Biden administration from discriminating based on race and sex in the distribution of COVID-19 aid for restauranteurs.

The lawsuit, filed last week in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas by America First Legal, stems from debt relief afforded to “socially disadvantaged” farmers and ranchers as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) that Congress passed last month. A provision of the ARPA requires the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to “prioritize awarding grants” to eligible restaurants “owned and controlled” by women, veterans, and “socially disadvantaged individuals.” The SBA defines the latter group as “those who have been subjected to racial or ethnic prejudice or cultural bias within American society because of their identities as members of groups and without regard to their individual qualities” which stem from “circumstances beyond their control.” …

Jason and Janice Smith, who own and operate a restaurant named Blessed Cajuns, sued on the theory that prioritizing aid applicants based on race and gender attributes amounts to unconstitutional discrimination.

In a 12-page order issued Friday, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Conner, an appointee of George W. Bush, agreed. The judge ordered the SBA to cease prioritizing socially disadvantaged applicants ahead of the Smiths until their application is “processed and considered in accordance with a race-neutral, sex-neutral ‘first come, first served’ policy.” …”

What do you think?

I’m glad that he is doing it. I see nothing to complain about. He has already pocketed some easy wins in courts against the Small Business Administration and Department of Agriculture.

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  1. To assert that Mr. Miller is a decoy duck is both inaccurate and disingenuous, for he continues to do good work on behalf of America, American Law, and The American People, most assuredly White Gentile American People.

    • Steven Miller is a decoy and I’m beginning to think you’re disingenuous rather than ignorant.

      For those of you who don’t know how Jews operate, they have an insatiable need to control everything, and that means literally everything; art, music, movies, poetry, politics (both sides) etc. Jews such as Steven Miller see it as important to get out in front of and control any potential backlash to the anti-White agenda his fellow Jews are pushing. Once Jews control the pro-White backlash they have neutered it and made it ineffective.

      We just had 4 years of phony Jew-pimped American patriotism and some people are still pretending they can’t see the elephant in the room. If your pro-White movement has Jews in it guess what, it’s not pro-White it’s pro-Jewish.

      • I must respectfully disagree, Dear Ricky.

        You regard anyone who is not entirely of your blood as suspicious and, as well, anyone who does not put forth the identical political line to you as traitors and dupes.

        With you, the world world falls into only two categories.

        For me the world has many many categories of people and political thinking.

        That said, I am in total agreement with you that Whites have to start talking about Whites and talking in a critical fashion about Jewish influence, as well, if things are to change in a positive way.

        I feel we are the precipice of that, and we have come a long way, since Candidate Trump entered the scene.

  2. I’m not sure this guy is looking out for the average American as he is about lining his pockets. He is a jew and money is what they care about most.

    • Power is what Jews care about most, they love money because it brings them power, not because it can buy them a nice house with a swimming pool. Steven Miller is advancing the Jewish cause by making himself the leader of the fake opposition to what his fellow leftist Jews are doing.

      For the White race to have a smirking Jew as its foremost advocate is the ultimate indignity. Jews know this and are laughing at us.

      • @Ricky…

        “Steven Miller is advancing the Jewish cause by making himself the leader of the fake opposition to what his fellow leftist Jews are doing. ”

        If Mr. Miller, or anyone else non-White Gentile, wishes to advance their cause by advancing that of White Gentiles in this country, I am all for it.

        I, for one, am sick of anti-Whites and am ready to embrace those who are pro-White, no matter where their ancestors roamed.

  3. Just finally having somebody on the right actually learn something, and most importantly, DO something, is a breath of fresh air. Half the reason the Left wins so much, is nobody will actually do anything. Just complain. Who knows how many stupid things could have been avoided in the last 50 years, if someone has got off their lazy rear end and went to the trouble of fighting this stuff. Maybe, because he’s Jewish, he doesn’t talk himself out of fighting things before he gets started. Jews have won so much in courts that it might not occur to him to quit. If so, let him have at it.

    • @Shadowbass…

      Yes, Sir – Mr. Miller is a nationalist anti-Judeo-Bolshevik Jew, and those tendencies extend to protecting a European America.

      If that’s not good enough for you, know this : Mr. Miller drives most American Jews crazy!

      • Steven Miller is a disingenuous Jew who is cynically using legitimate White grievances to advance his Jew agenda. How any White man can look at this smirking little rat and think he is on their side is beyond me.

      • But he, Miller, has rejected Christ and his teaching and he can’t tell us why. How can you trust anyone who can’t explain why they do as they do? Tell us why you reject Christ first, then tell us why you want to fight on the side of Christ. If you can’t then you are just another common kyke subversive.

        • @Ricky and Robert…

          Because politicks cannot be successfully waged for a tribe, unless it partakes of coalitions, I feel we have no choice but to find common ground with others who are not identical to us, either in blood or thought.

          Mr. Miller rejects Christ, but, so too, do a majority of White Gentiles.

          What I like in Mr. Miller is that he is pro-European America.

          I can find nothing to criticize in that and everything that is praiseworthy.

  4. I reckon if a jew can be part of the Confederacy like Judah Benjamin why not let Stephen Miller help out in the USA?

    It is nice to see movement conservatism actually moving!

  5. Law and Crime is one of those kyke out fits, like Glen Greenwald that pretends to be all about freedom of expression, until you start talking about the Moshiach and just how much the Jews love him, need him and must have him. Can’t talk about the Moshiach, no can do.

    But do you know why? Once you start talking about the Moshiach, you start think about Christ and why the Jews hate him the way they do. And that leads to one and only one inescapable conclusion, that being, Christ was the son of God and God has damned the Jewish people for what they did to his only son.

    Does Steve Miller want to talk about the Moshiach? Does Steve Miller want to tell us why the Jews killed Christ? I am all ears.

  6. Less of a scumbag than Bannon So he’s got that going for him

    He seems like he’s doing decent good things here for American white business owners against Bidens bullshit Bolshevik antiwhite building back better laws

    Infamous Blumpf Muslim ban was the gayiest thing ever because it meant absolutely fricking nothing

  7. “Stephen Miller, architect of that administration’s INFAMOUS Muslim travel ban.”

    Pejorative smear-language. Par for the course in today’s jewnalism.

    So this Miller is doing something good for Whites for once. OK. But no jew can ever be trusted. They always rush to the fore to control and neuter any White backlash against the aggressions of their leftist co-kikes.

    “See – they’re not ALL bad!”, say the naive goyim on cue,

    Yes they are.

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