CNN: Biden Says NATO Must Protect Against “Phony Populism”

Looking back through our archives, I was disappointed with Donald Trump and ultimately wrote him off as a demagogue. During the 2016 campaign, Trump had attacked globalism and said that NATO was obsolete, but as president he reversed himself and said it was no longer obsolete and refused to withdraw from NATO. Instead, Trump presided over its expansion to include Montenegro and spent four years griping that America was subsidizing the defense of its European allies. He was a cheapskate.


“(CNN) – President Joe Biden on Monday called on foreign leaders to protect against those who prey on division and push “phony populism,” asserting that it’s up to democratic nations to prove to the world that democracy can prevail and autocracies cannot “deliver for the needs of our people.”

“We have to root out corruption that siphons off our strength, guard against those who would stoke hatred and division for political gain as phony populism, invest in strengthening institutions that underpin and safeguard our cherished democratic values,” he said, adding later: “That’s how we’ll prove that democracy and that our alliance can still prevail against the challenges of our time and deliver for the needs and the needs of our people.” …”

Joe Biden is currently in Europe crowing that “America is back.” He is opposed to Trump’s “phony populism.” What would real populism look like then?

A real populist would have withdrawn from NATO, withdrawn American troops from foreign countries, fired all of these insubordinate generals and cut the “defense” budget. It wasn’t until after he lost the 2020 election that Trump seriously tried to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany and Africa. He had tried to do it before in Syria, but was outmaneuvered and stymied by The Blob. In fairness to Trump, the same thing happened to Obama who also wanted to end the war in Afghanistan.

New York Times:

“BRUSSELS — President Biden lashed out Monday at what he called former President Donald J. Trump’s “phony populism,” using the global platform of his first NATO summit to criticize his predecessor. But he expressed optimism that the Republican Party is beginning to reject the political dominance Mr. Trump has exerted for the past four years.

“I think this is passing,” Mr. Biden told reporters after being asked about the reaction from foreign leaders to the Republican embrace of Mr. Trump’s election falsehoods. “I don’t mean easily passing. That’s why it’s so important that I succeed in my agenda.”

Mr. Biden’s willingness to directly call out his predecessor is a departure from his usual tendency to ignore Mr. Trump. …”

Trump was an interesting candidate who mostly flailed as president.

My views on the subject haven’t changed though. I don’t think anyone else has changed their views either. Trump failed to get the job done, but now there is a job opening for someone who can.

Note: William Jennings Bryan formulated the classic populist position on imperialism. Populists have never wanted to rule the world and have always preferred to mind our own business.

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  1. “Biden Says NATO Must Protect Against “Phony Populism” ”


    If necessary, NATO will be deployed on American Soil.

  2. I’m surprised he didn’t say “I’m talking to you Hunterrrr…. Wallace. You are the biggest terror threat.”

  3. His entire NATO speech was bizarre and shocking. I couldn’t believe it. Obama would never have said that shit and I don’t even think Hillary would have.

      • Yes, a”White man” — the most treachorous kind of traitor when selling out his race — @an anti-White White. Too many White people can delude themselves they are “safe” when they see someone White as the public figurehead.

  4. It just shows Biden isn’t charge of anything. He is a puppet as they all are. He is an invalid with the title of US president.

  5. Remember, whether real or phony, populism is mere reform, not revolution. To release pressure and prevent revolution, a little populism (reform) whether real or fake is allowed temporarily, a strategic step backward before two steps forward are taken.

    Biden is as money-ruled and un-populist as can be: “The company which makes the drug, Biogen, will gain ginormous profits from it. As will physicians who prescribe the drug, administer the infusions and bill 6% of the drug’s price for it (…) The man who pushed for the FDA approval was no other than President Joe Biden, who said ‘if we don’t do something about Alzheimer’s in America, every single hospital bed will be occupied in the next 15 years with an Alzheimer’s patient.’ Guess which 2020 candidate was the largest recipient of campaign funds by a large margin from Biogen and affiliated parties? Joe Biden (…) Within the next few years Biogen will make a million times more money than it paid to Joe Biden’s campaign. Couldn’t he have asked for 10%, 1% or an already cheap 0.01%? It would still have been a great deal for the company. But Biden is so cheap that he sold out for 0.000001% of Biogen’s gain. What a lowlife”:

    William Jennings Bryan was no revolutionary either!

    • @anonymous

      I want to prevent a Communist revolution, because Communism is, and always has been, simply a way for Jews to take power and genocide European people.

      “Revolution” is nothing more than a talking point to sell a coup to lead to totalitarianism. 100% of Communist revolutions did nothing but steal the property of people and turn it over to International Jews.

      You’re an ideological fanatic with no grounding in actual history.

      Marxism was always simply psuedo-science, a religion really. It’s a surprise you still buy into the nonsense. Wow … just wow.

      • “I want to prevent a Communist revolution”:


        “Communism is, and always has been, simply a way for Jews to take power and genocide European people (…) 100% of Communist revolutions did nothing but steal the property of people and turn it over to International Jews”:

        Worse than inaccurate!

        “Revolution is nothing more than a talking point to sell a coup”:

        You supporters of the U.S.-urious status quo use talking points to sell the coups that overthrow democratically-elected socialist governments.

        “Marxism was always simply psuedo-science, a religion really”:

        No. The capitalist “Invisible Hand, “Virtue of Selfishness” and “Magic of the Marketplace” is the real superstition. And you know socialism/communism is much, much older, thousands of years older, than Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, who were quite accurate, indeed brilliant, in their observations.

    • @ anonymous, revolution sir? Really? All thee violence , that would. Accompany it, we have had enough political retardation lately, there is no political solution, we need spiritual revolution and that begins in thee heart, not thee streets. Sir you will find no recruits here, we will not surrender our faith, our identity and certainly not thee future of our children, you are obviously a very intelligent man, your heart is in thee wrong place, repent of that darkness, serve thee lord and stand with your people, misguided white man, then ye shall know victory,? Sir.

        • Terry, not being a Quaker, I wish thee well…. But Ned Rorem, one of the most vulgar, disgusting, prideful and sodomitical of contemporary composers (if that queen is still alive)…. is a Quaker, and would be comfortable with thee dialogue.

          No, Hipster is correct. What HW fears to mention on this site, MUST occur before ANY normalcy (preferably the ‘old normal’- like from 1860!) bee restored.

          War is hell… but only then, cometh peace.

          • @ ft. John. Nice to hear from you, glad your back, your absence was acutely felt,nsir I am not a quaker or a pacifist, don’t know who ned rorem is, but I will find is usually spot on, ft John my concern over revolution or war, isn’t for me, but our families, our loved ones, thee vulnerable among our people, but I know it’s coming, I always read what you post good sir, I thank you for your good wishes and your response.

      • “revolution sir? Really? All thee violence, that would. Accompany it”:

        Are you comfortable, then, with all the violence that the present system, the Empire of Usury that you defend, perpetrates even when it is in one of its rare populist (reform) periods? The revolution of love and peace, and equality, bearing one anothers burdens, from each according to his ability, to each according to his need, is not violent.

        “we need spiritual revolution and that begins in thee heart”

        But not in the heart only. If conversion is real, it is proven by action, or it is dead. The present system relies on religious hypocrisy, faith being dead, instead of being active and turning the world upside down.

        • @ anonymous, I am not comfortable with any of it and you are right, we do need a revolution, a new world order, a one world government, yep!! As long as Jesus Christ is at thee head of it, if not, you can be rest assured that thee devil will be so till that happens, this republic we have as laid down by t.jefferson and refined by a.jackson is our best bet, I advocate restoration, sir.

    • @John…

      I’m sorry to hear this, Dear John, but, it still does not change the fact that Miss Marjorie is the best mouthpiece we have in Congress.

      Nobody’s perfect, My Friend!

          • Dear Ricky – I appreciate those who are genuinely involved in the resistance.

            It’s okay with me if their thinking is not precisely like mine.

        • @Arrian…

          Yes, Sir, God save us, but, not from Miss Marjorie, but, from all the decades of effete New England Style Republicans, who could not find it in themselves to say anything ‘contentious’.

          We need more people like Miss Marjorie, because people need to constantly hear and see The Overton Window moved right.

          That was something president Trump did very well, and it forever changed the Body Politick of this nation.

          Trump’s Presidency accelerated the transition of this nation for a New England Federalist State to one that will soon again be Confederacies.

          Miss Marjorie is a continuing part of that, and I thank her for that.

    • She should never have compared the mask thing to the Holocaust. It gave the Jews a chance to insert her into the Borg. Her comments about Jews have always been naive. Now they look choreographed.

      • Miss Marjorie does not know a lot about The Jewish Question, that is obvious.

        Like most of my fellow Southerners, see tends to see things in terms of Left and Right, White and non-White.

        That’s okay, for she is doing a lot of good as she is.

        People here need to stop nitpicking others to death, the moment they think that they have found some chink in their armour.

  6. Neo-liberal Joe may have not been speaking about Trump but warning the Globalists about Marie Le Pen. Also I have heard Salvini in Italy may be launching a come back.

    • @Jofrieder…

      Salvini is shot, which is why I Fratelli D’Italia and Georgia Meloni are quickly becoming the dominant nationalist force in L’Italia.

      For reasons that are, as of yet, unknown, Salvini caved to judicial threats, (Deep Italian State) and endorsed the globalist choice for Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi.

      In any case, Italy is not a forgiving country, and, for Italian Nationalists, Salvini’s sudden turn is too much.

    • FN will be getting the vast majority of the ethnic French vote. Nothing Biden or Macron can do about it. If Biden were convincing whitey to abandon rather than embrace race as a political identity he wouldn’t have to say this stuff.

      • Yes, Captain – the only thing Macron can do, to stay in office, is to rig the voting, though, in France it is much more difficult than here, because of their laws against absentee ballots.

        That said, there is always Dominion!

  7. “right-wing” populist moments are indeed phony. Every last one of them are Zionists who take Jew money to bitch and moan about Islam like impotent losers.

  8. Populists have never wanted to rule the world and have always preferred to mind our own business.

    That position right there enrages the Imperialists within Der Movement, like Spencer Burger and Mating Call Mark. They claim that if Whites don’t rule the world, then someone else will (like the Jews or the Chinese).

    Even if its true that “someone will rule the world,” our enemies who demonize Whites are correct about one thing: Whites do a shitty job ruling the world. We may be good at feeding everyone and making them live longer, but we cause resentment and bitterness everywhere we go, which always bites us in the ass later.

    Since no one in their right mind advocates going around exterminating people – which indeed would justify our replacement if we were doing such a thing – that means the only logical and moral solution is isolation and leaving others alone. Spencer and Brahmin are too prideful to accept that.

    • I’m in my right mind, and I do encourage what you mention- for ‘sin shall not have dominion’ and only the removal of sinners, can accomplish that. Don’t believe all the lies the J-Left propagandized you with, in elementary school, DiPstick 4.

      I would suggest everyone get Peter Leithart’s bio on Constantine, and how he ruled, once he became Emperor….

  9. Giorgia Meloni, a populist, which means of course a Capitalist, pro-business and pro- private property, and she is very Roman Catholic, militaristic and anti-China as well. The Italian electorate is nicely, almost evenly split between capitalist left and capitalist right just as in the U.S. with almost half of the Italian electorate supporting right-wingers Meloni, Salvini and Berlusconi.

  10. NATO is dated.

    This is the new cold war. China is the real threat. Israel will cease to be an obsession when the eyes of the world are no longer solely on the cesspool of the Middle East. At that point Jews will lose their influence in our domestic politics on the “right”, which is still zionist at its core, but only while the boomers persist. This will leave the diaspora Jews alone on the left, missing their cover from the right. They will be isolated over time and lose relevance.

    Our nations, White nations need nationalism, and the root of that is populism. Biden was the choice of the Fringe Right for myopic reasons (albeit good ones). In the long term a reversion to a strong National identity is the only hope the Empire has of salvaging the situation.

    We are out of position to counter that when they move to make that gambit. It won’t be a nation based White values. It will be one based on queer values and “human rights”, and we will get churned under.

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