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  1. I have zero or close to zero Irish, English, Scottish or Welsh ancestry. Brits think they are the center of the universe when in fact they were a backwater until the Jews arrived after Cromwell sold the natives out. Gets tiring but I will watch this. Thanks for posting.

    • Not really.

      I’m a White Southerner. The overwhelming majority of White people who live here are of British ancestry. The bulk of our ancestry is English and Scottish with smaller contributions from other groups like the Irish, French or Germans. There are White people in this country who are descended from other groups, but that is their history.

      • The Pacific Northwest is mostly Germanic/Scandinavian with a few Czechs, French and Brits. I lived in England for a few years and got along well but there is a difference. I’m more at home on the other side of the Channel.

        • @KT-88…

          I could never ever live in Modern England. What we have here in North Carolina is much much more similar to what they had, in England, a century ago, maybe two!

          They lost themselves, because they are much more like New England – always looking for some shining city on a hill, or, at least, the big cities in England are. I do know some rural English that would take issue with my statement because they are trying to preserve themselves.

          I like Olde England – you can keep the new, which, by the way, must have been the attitude of all my Anglican Ancestors in the 17th century, otherwise why go to all the trouble and expence of coming here to work your butt off clearing forest, fighting Indians, and building new towns and churches?!?

          And, yes, I, too, do better on the other side of the channel, Central-Eastern Europe, in particular…

      • “I’m going to spend the rest of the night watching it!”

        When you do, give us the time stamp, when the courageous black comes in to save the weak and dying WHITE villagers.

        • HW, this might be a good supplement

          Post Roman Britain: Irish and Germanic Invasions
          On YouTube.
          Kinda academic.

    • Constantine’s base of operation was Britain along with his recruiting pool. In several Roman civil wars the control of and support of Britain was decisive for the winning faction. Magnus Maximus was the last Roman magister to use the island as his recruiting ground. He very nearly beat Theodosius after he defeated Valentinian II to rule the western empire for while. Severus and Caracalla spend a great deal of time camped in Britain too.

  2. Excellent! Thanks for posting this.

    I love my ancestral Brythonic folk (northern Wales). The section on the post-Roman Brythonic kingdom in Cumbria is notable. The Cumbrian language which was very similar to Welsh became extinct several centuries ago.

    The documentary does not mention that the plague probably arrived in Constantinople from Ethiopia via the lucrative ivory trade. Climate change caused the endemic disease to increase in rodents in Ethiopia, contacting the ivory traders and eventually causing a hundred million deaths in Europe.

    The Roman Empire, like the contemporary global Empire, had no viable, effective public health system.

    • You are presumably referring to the Plague of Justinian, which began in the early 6th century.

    • @Anonymous…

      The wife and I love Wales, too.

      Instead of learning Hungarian, the wife and I would be learning Welsh, in preparation for a possible move thither, but, the fact that The Welsh are completely under thumb of The Sussex/Wessex English Class make that completely impossible for us, as, to our lights, that would be even worse than here, which, at least for now, is dominated by New England.

      The entire New England mindset, wherever you find it, is completely anathema to us.

      But, yes, we love Wales.

      • It’s extreme northern Wales. specifically Gwynedd, where Welsh slate miners and skilled slate craftsmen were recruited and brought to work here. Welsh is still a living language in those parts, the northern dialect.

        I do attend the dwindling Welsh ethnic heritage events, where almost no one speaks it.

        Ivan, watch this, “The Cymri people, we’re still here!” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkBQAvAFjus&t=18s

  3. If I can suggest an outstanding documentary partly on the UK it is (Sir) Kenneth Clark’s magnificent “Civilisation” documentary ~1968. Get it before it gets erased. He’s the one that called the UK a backwater. Art History, like Sociology and Psychology, used to be real disciplines.

    • But he did trace the rise of the English to as a non provincial entity to Erasmus and claimed that Shakespeare was a universal poet that everyone claims in the own language. So you can’t have it both ways. Cromwell isn’t mentioned. Civilization is a book you can buy too, it’s not just a TV series.

  4. “If you can trace your ancestry back to the north of England like most White Southerners, particularly those who live in the Upper South,”

    Yes, concerning Northern England, I have tracet my kind to both Cheshire, Shropshire, and Essex in the 16th century.

    As to Rome’s ‘War for Britain’, British historian, Francis Farmer says that there was no war – that certain British Kings, in The South, invited them in, both for protection for ‘The Savages of The North’, and,. as well, for prestige, as those Southern English Kings, of that era, were Globalist Romano-files.

    Not much has changed – either with upper class treachery or their outwardl-looking wannabe-ness.

    • 60+% of the English are of German blood.
      After the Roman evacuation of 420 AD, Germans flooded into England.

      • @Arrian…

        I respectfully disagree.

        British Historian, Francis Farmer has debunkt the Dark Ages Anglo-Saxon Invasions theories that long held sway about England and English History..

        Moreover, my wife’s family is English-Irish, and, according to extensive DNA testing, they have no German blood, only Viking.

        Moreover, The Gaelick Peoples, of Cumbria, Ireland, Cornwall, Scotland, and Bretagne, have been on the English Isles as long as Huns and Visigoths have been in Germany.

    • Chances are the Romans offered German tribes land in exchange for auxiliary service with the Legions. Half the troops Claudius used to invade Britain were Batavian auxiliaries.

    • @ Ivan, good sir, let us not forget Cornwall, they have made their mark here in thee new world, particularly in olde virginia, we were a sizeable percentage of thee indentured class, recent studies have shown , that thee “Cornish” people are thee oldest inhabitants of old albion, we are celtic and ” Arther ” was our king….

      • @Terry…

        Interesting. I do not know of any Cornish in North Carolina or Southern Virginia, though my knowledge is hardly all-consuming.

        What most people are is English or Scots-Irish or African of blood.

        Cornwall is a gorgeous country.

        Are you of Cornish stock, Sir?

  5. I gave this the title


    when I saved it, and while America may be predominantly white, and predominantly Protestant, it is most assuredly NOT predominantly “white anglo saxon protestant” – and it HASN’T BEEN FOR A LONG TIME. And that is true of White Americans in general, not just American citizens.

    I’m looking at a Census document “Demographic Trends in the 20th Century.” It says that in 1900, the population of the Midwest was 26,333,004 and the population of the South was 24,523,527. The white population of the Midwest was 25,775,870 (Most white people in the Midwest almost never had to deal with niggers, and you don’t have to go too far back when that was still the case in most rural areas). The white population of the South was 16,521,970. (of course if we “transfer” Missouri to the South that balance things out a bit, but Missouri has its share of white European ethnics and Yankees) According to an old Chronicles article, “The Midwestern Identity,” in 1900 there were 7,820,000 Americans with at least one parent born in Germany, 6,255,000 with both parents having been born in Germany. More than a third of the US population in 1900 was first or second generation. “Whites” (in quotes since it includes Jews) descended from immigrants outnumbered white Southerners by a substantial margin.

    Just German-descended alone (of course there were many German descended people with both parents of majority German descent who were born in this country) were at least half as numerous as white Southerners. And one would have to deduct the Southern population of Germans from the Southern white population to compare the number of Germans to Southern whites who are not German. The white population of Iowa was 2,218,667. The white population of Texas was 2,426,669 (and Texas had at least some percentage of Germans – I would bet at least a few hundred thousand). The white population of Michigan was 2,398,563, the white population of Kentucky was 1,862,309. The white population of Wisconsin was 2,057,911 the white population of North Carolina was 1,263,603. The white population of Minnesota was 1,737,036, the white population of Virginia was 1,192,855. The white population of both of the Dakotas was 692,426, the white population of Mississippi was 641,200. The white population of Nebraska was 1,056,526, the white population of Alabama was 1,001,152. So far we’ve compared the white population of just Midwestern states not bordering the South in 1900 with the white population of some of the more populous Southern states. Six of the Southern states have been mentioned so far, leaving Delaware (153,977), Florida (297,333), South Carolina (557,807) Oklahoma (670,204), Louisiana (729,612), West Virginia (915,233), Arkansas (944,580), Maryland (952,424), Georgia (1,181,294) and Tennessee (1,540,186).

    There were more whites with one or both parents foreign born living in Wisconsin than whites living in North Carolina, by a large margin. Indeed if you added up the white Southerners in North Carolina to the Yankees in Wisconsin the population with foreign born parents in Wisconsin was on almost on par to the Yankees and their Southern counterparts put together. The same is true of Minnesota and Virginia, more whites with one or both parents foreign born living in Minnesota than whites living in Virginia, and if you gave Virginia the Yankees Yankees and Virginians together wouldn’t outnumber by very much those with foreign born parents just in Minnesota. There were more Swedes and Norwegians in the USA than whites in Kentucky. In Southern states white European ethnics have constituted a relatively small minority, I suspect this fact confuses white Southerners about the real ethnic composition of the United States. In 1900 there were significant numbers of Germans in parts of Kentucky, but they concentrated by large cities on the Ohio river, Louisville and Cincinnati. Covington was of course heavily Catholic, with a large and beautiful German-built church “Mutter Gott,” and Bardstown, Kentucky (recall Jefferson Davis attended Catholic school not far from there) was among the first Catholic dioceses of the United States.

    Now if we look at the two big Midwestern states: Illinois (4,734,873) and Ohio (4,060,204). Together their population exceeds the rest of the Southern states (7,942,650) listed above that were not already compared with the Northern states not bordering the South. 51% of the population of Illinois in 1900 had one or both parents foreign born, more than the population of white Southerners in Arkansas and West Virginia put together. Delaware and Maryland were atypical states of the South, with larger numbers of immigrants and with more native English descended Catholics, Missouri and Indiana have larger numbers of people who are more like Southerners. The percentage of non-Yankees and non-Southerners in Ohio, Indiana, Missouri and Kansas in 1900 was undoubtedly large, but probably the proportion was something like Illinois, I will need to look it up. Suffice it to say, if one adds to the Germans, Swedes and Norwegians the descendants of Irish Catholics, the Italians, the Poles, the Cajuns and French Canadians, the people from Austria-Hungary, the Balkans, the Low Countries and the Baltics and Russia, not even counting old stock Tejanos and the original Spanish settlers in California, it isn’t hard to see that they outnumber white Southerners and Yankees taken as separate groups, and while after so much mixing it’s hard to tell, it seems quite likely that Catholic and non-British ancestry significantly outnumbers British ancestry among whites in America. Donald Trump is a great example of America’s ethnic make-up following “the Great Wave”, no doubt he identifies with Great Britain since his mother was Scottish, but the truth is, each of his grandparents grew up speaking a language that wasn’t English. It would be very difficult to separate the Gaelic descended people from the people descended from English and Welsh speakers from the British isles, it would be interesting to know the relative proportions in the American population. I hope you people can see the stupidity of using “Anglo-Saxon” in place of white when discussing racial issues other than the history of American jurisprudence and the ethnic composition of early America. You’ll notice here I ignored specific comparisons with the Northeast and West, which were also heavily immigrant. Just non-Yankee “ethnic” whites in Midwestern states were practically as numerous as white Southerners in 1900.


    • @JPS…

      “I hope you people can see the stupidity of using “Anglo-Saxon” in place of white when discussing racial issues other than the history of American jurisprudence and the ethnic composition of early America. ”

      While I was fascinated by your interesting and very substantial remark, I must respectfully disagree.

      My Virginia and North Carolina families have been here since the first, and some of their names are Crouch, Crouse, Carroll, Ellis, Richardson, Edwards, Jones, Cheek, and Moxley.

      This is not anomalous, for all North Carolina and Virginia, that is not of is built of a history

      When it is not that way, it is Scots-Irish, as in my wife’s clan.

      Your desire to refer to Anglo-Saxe as ‘Whites’ is a desire to reduce the many to one, and one we ain’t.

      No, Sir – Ukrainians ain’t Castilians and Anglos ain’t Romanians, just as Mississippians ain’t Calabrese, Finns ain’t Scots and the Cornish are not Rusyn-Carpathians.

      Whites are not all one body and soul, and ought not be referred to as such.

      So, No, Sir – you are very off base by denigrating people who wish to account for their differences in individuated titles.

      • Your own claimed ancestry tends to prove his point. The number of American Whites with pure ancestry linked to a single one of our tribes is likely infinitesimally small, if not non-existent. We’re all mixed up now, even if we do tend to take after one group or another. I think it is unfortunate, but it is reality.

    • If sub-Saharan Africans in America can be lumped into one genetic and cultural category, (honestly they shouldn’t, but we do tend to think or them that way) I think it is arguable that THEY are the dominant ethnicity in this country, given that white Europeans have been mixing relatively indiscriminately for at least 75 years. I have nearly as much German in me as I do English, Welsh, Irish, and/or Scottish combined. All over the country, ethnically Spanish have mixed with Italian who have also mixed with German, Irish, English, Slavs, Greeks etc etc. European ethnic groups in America (outside of enclaves in major urban centers like NY, Chicago) stopped encouraging ethnic purity in their families a long time ago, and even in their ethnic enclaves, they’ve stopped being rigid about it.

      While interracial miscegenation is much less taboo than it was a few decades ago, there is still a pretty strong legacy of racial self-segregation between blacks and white Europeans in America. American Blacks are of course a mutt race in their own way, seeing as how their slave ancestors were “imported” from various tribes and geographical locations on the African continent. But that has been the case since the beginning and most of them have long since lost any ability to discern different ethnicities amongst themselves.

      So I hate to say it but there is a good argument that they are the most harmonious and homogenous single cultural and ethnic force in America today. Which makes it no surprise that our broader cultural trends have in recent decades moved in their direction so quickly.

      • Core population of 500,000 imports. No bigger gene pool than a midsize European city. That’s a genetic bottle neck. And guess what? They all inbred.

  6. I am very heavily into ancestry now. My people have been on this continent from the earliest years in Jamestown, and one of my ancestors was on the Mayflower (so a Puritan in the woodpile. Well, what ya gonna do). Mostly English & Scottish, with German via my paternal line (ja, baby), Welsh, and a little French & Irish in there, too. English, Scottish & French king grandfathers (I’m far from the only one, of course).

    I think of all those ancestors, and the hard & often deadly struggles they endured which resulted in my insignificant existence, and I’m filled with reverence & gratitude – and the burning desire not to allow god damned kikes & race traitors to steal once & for all the birthright they bequeathed to us with their sweat & blood.

    A great, free ancestry site run by the Mormons (so they’re good for something after all):


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