Michael Malice: Why Does The Left Hate The Working Class?

I would say there are multiple Lefts.

There isn’t a single Left or Right in this country. Both are composed of distinct factions. We’re not the True Cons. I don’t think people like Secular Talk or Jimmy Dore hate the working class.

We’re talking about the shitlibs and how they operate. They tend to be affluent, college-educated professionals who live in large metropolitan areas or nearby wealthy suburbs. These people are motivated by social status, esteem and self-actualization needs. They are cultural liberals whose politics is mostly about virtue signaling. Political correctness or wokeness is a marker of their position in the social order like having a posh accent in European countries. They are constantly coming up with new ways to separate and distinguish themselves from the masses. Identifying with ordinary White people is beneath them. These people don’t want to be associated with the lower orders and their pathologies.

With people like Sadie Farrell, you can see their goal is anarchy. They’re not interested in electoral politics. They want to abolish the state, not reform it. In their view, “fascism” is synonymous with people who are socially conservative and economically moderate, which is to say, most working class people of all races in this country. The shitlib ideal is to conserve their money while engaging in degenerate novelty seeking and expressing their modernist disdain and contempt for the habits and mores of normal people which is why they are despised by normal people. The social democrats are motivated by moving the country toward greater economic equality and they are less interested in divisive racial and cultural battles.

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  1. “Why Does The Left Hate The Working Class? ”

    A better question would be why they, The Woke Left, hate everybody, BUT, themselves?

    The answer?

    They, having grown up artificially in modern urban circumstances – video games without hickory switch consequences – imagine themselves heroes in a drama that is solely centered around them, and only them.

    They see the whole world as themselves and existing solely for their own purposes, and, so, and when the world does not confirm that, they must hate, and hate with a passion, indeed.

    I did not raise my children like this, but, I am painfully aware how many parents, of my generation, did.

    • No, Dear Patrick, let’s not do that.

      No, Sir – let us find common ground and work with those on The Left, and, as well, those of the unracial Right, when we can, because, if you nitpick everyone to match your racial thinking, one thing will be assured : we will never EVER advance our interests.

        • @Ole Enough…

          You are preaching to the choir, My Dear.

          Race IS the bottom line issue, but, it’s NOT the only issue, so let’s make common cause with non-race conscious people where we can.

          • @Arrian…

            No, Sir, I cannot, but, the actions and behaviors of The United States’ Government, plus their allies in state and local governments, most assuredly can.

            Oh, yes, indeedy, they surely can…

  2. I think I can sum up the degenerate left with a late-thirties aged gay male coworker at my job.

    He’s not completely stereotypical. He doesn’t talk with a “flaming” accent and prance around like a woman. He actually looks and acts quite normal, though he is terribly out of shape, “skinny-fat”, and smokes like a chimney. He does have the “Thurston Howell” (Gilligan’s Island) type of accent, which is characteristic of gays, but it isn’t especially effeminate, just very hoity-toity.

    Yet, from every conversation I’ve ever had with him or overheard with others, he’s obsessed with EVERYTHING that is indulgent. Be it the new restaurant that just opened up, binge-watching a Netflix series, going to a Lady GaGa concert, trying a new wine, some exotic dessert he just learned how to make on Pinterest, etc etc, he’s always talking about CONSUMING and INDULGING. He has no kids to feed and put through school, therefore his entire identity is built around stimulating; titillating, and satisfying his own urges.

    This is the logical outcome of urbanization and modernism/progressivism. People who live in smaller, more rural communities do not have access to all of these luxuries. They live simpler, less selfish lives. Their individual desires take a back seat to the needs of family and children. Their community is their local church, where they spend a good bit of time helping others and giving of themselves.

    The urbanized cosmopolitan progressive such as my gay coworker (despite being a southerner) will often begin to feel a sense of guilt at having such a decadent lifestyle, so to alleviate that guilt from their conscience, they adopt “social justice” attitudes to virtue signal to their other decadent, hedonistic friends. It is very much the equivalent of a Catholic going to confession so as to cleanse their conscience for their own weaknesses and failings. They never change their behaviors, the never stop indulging in hedonism, but their virtue signals are the equivalent of purchasing “carbon credits” to offset their energy use. It frees them to continue to be disgusting degenerates with nothing on their conscience.

    Hating the working class is just another way of reinforcing their self image. There needs to be an “other” by which to contrast themselves, so they’ve formulated stereotypes of the white working class. Even if they themselves are white working class, such as my gay coworker, he can still imagine himself above the rif-raff that he has to endure at the workplace.

    I hate these people

  3. Because the working class represents the society that rejected them. Faggots, trannies, fatass feminists, they all might talk about taxing the rich and raising the minimum wage but deep down that absolutely hate normal working people because they were scorned and continue to be scorned.

  4. @ thee working class. Will kick their butts, take their lunch money, then laugh about it, they are afraid of thee working class, thee working class is hard, thee left is.soft, thee left cannot handle working class testosterone and humor both.

  5. Today’s generation would rather collect welfare or some other govt handout than work for a ,living. It give them more time to riot and act out like the spoiled brats that they are.

  6. They don’t like working people because they’re snobs, this is the artsy fartsy left, the harder somebody has to work to earn a living, the more they dislike them. The left considers themselves creative, but most of them don’t create anything. The high tech billionaires are perfect examples of this, I would call this the Oprah Winfrey syndrome. An overweight colored woman sitting on a couch shooting her mouth off is somehow worth untold billions.

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