FOX News: Former CDC Director Believes COVID-19 Came From Wuhan Lab

Who do you believe?

Do you believe Anthony Fauci or Robert Redfield? We’ve discussed both the zoonotic and lab leak origin scenarios. We have also been careful not to rule out two other less likely, but still plausible possibilities: zoonotic origin + lab leak which involves a lab worker who was directly infected by a bat or some kind of Deep State release of COVID as part of a destabilization op against China.

The China hawks are invested in the lab leak theory. The Chinese government is invested in the zoonotic origin or Deep State release theory. The American public health establishment is invested in the zoonotic origin theory. Wall Street and Corporate America are invested in the zoonotic origin theory. Someone is on the wrong side of this debate. Redfield is correct that science will eventually figure it out.

It goes without saying that the answer to this question has enormous implications. If any of the three lab leak scenarios turn out to be true, it will roil the world one way or the other.

Note: Just from my own perspective, it is a remarkable coincidence that this happened in the midst of a geopolitical flashpoint. The story immediately before COVID was rising tensions.

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  1. Hunter

    I’m more persuaded by David Cole’s rejection of Lab Theory in his Taki Mag articles.

    His key point, intermingled with unsympathetic observations on the Chinese population and its preferred habits, is that the environmental samples taken from the street market could only have come from the slaughter of infected creatures and that that is a sufficient cause for the origin of the pandemic. The articles are worth a read.

    • You really ought to look at that video of the team of virologists spelunking for samples. It’s an absolutely insane batshit insane proof of what the chinks were up to. Just play the video. It’s internal Chinese Army bragging about their ability to recover viruses in bat caves so remote no one has ever been down into them.

  2. While this ridiculous “Wuhan lab leak” psyop drama continues in the U.S. and its satellites, China’s REAL public health system (for the people, not profit) is vaccinating twenty MILLION people A DAY, with very effective Chinese-created vaccine: When the fourth wave of Indian-variant coronavirus really takes hold in the U.S. in a few months, China will be bio-secure.

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