Jon Stewart Embraces The Lab Leak Theory

Libs minds blown.

Washington Post:

“It seems ages ago now, but there was a time in which a comedy show guided a substantial portion of our country’s political debate. “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart cast a spotlight on the absurdities of modern politics like nobody before or since, sharply criticizing the Iraq War, Fox News and the rest of the media, among other pet causes — often with a demeanor that practically screamed, “Are you serious with this stuff?”

Stewart rekindled that posture Monday night in a segment that seems like a potential inflection point in the debate over the coronavirus’s origins.

Appearing on the CBS late-night show of his former Comedy Central buddy Stephen Colbert, Stewart launched into an animated bit, promoting the coronavirus lab leak theory.

“I think we owe a great debt of gratitude to science. Science has, in many ways, helped ease the suffering of this pandemic,” Stewart said, before adding with emphasis, “which was more than likely caused by science.” …”

Do we even need to know the answer?

Should these scientists be going into caves to collect 15,000 samples of novel bat coronaviruses and taking them to a lab with a biosecurity level of your local dentist office which is located in a city larger than New York City where inexperienced lab workers experiment on these viruses in order to create frankenstein chimeric viruses that are more infectious to humans? What could possibly go wrong?

At a minimum, this kind of research should be banned as it was in this country until shortly before the Trump inauguration. It should also be banned in China. Even if that is not what happened this time, the policy implication of this is banning gain of function research.

Note: The world’s militaries will undoubtedly continue to work on this kind of research in secret. They are already creating Terminator-style robotic soldiers.

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  1. They are tepidly wandering towards the obvious conclusion that the Covid-19 pandemick is a conspiracy that was very intentionally caused by and, thus, involves many many human beings.

    • Ivan; Captain John,

      I’m more persuaded by David Cole’s rejection of Lab Theory in his Taki Mag articles.

      His key point, intermingled with unsympathetic observations on the Chinese population and its preferred habits, is that the environmental samples taken from the street market could only have come from the slaughter of infected creatures and that that is a sufficient cause for the origin of the pandemic. The articles are worth a read.

      • Thank you, Dear Ian.

        In the end I cannot know for sure what occurred, only that I think it remarkably coincidental that, after 2 attempts to destroy The Trump Campaign and 2 attempts to overthrow his presidency, that in the year he is attempting to run for reelection, a new virus finds it’s way here, at which point The Democrat Party goes into overdrive to bypass state legislatures, to change state election laws, this as Dominion voting machines are employed.

        Being a military historian, I am aware of what kind of planning and synchronicity goes into a campaign.

        Case in point – The Battle of the Bulge, The Germans, for two months in advance, doing an absolutely beautiful job of concealing their preparations from The Allies.

        But, yes, we can never be 100% sure.

        Thank you for your remark.

        All the best to you and yours!

      • There’s videos of the lab keen amateurs recovering samples of virus from literal underworlds. Diseases that evolved where the sun doesn’t shine, a figurative hell and a dangerous biohazard. “Should we really be down here?” Asked none of them ever.

    • Anyone who sat through CBR/NBC 101 could tell you it was a bioweapon. If it was not intended to be, which is unlikely, the end effects are quite similar.

  2. Muh Science. It’s really looking bad for the slants. If they’ve lost Liebowitz they’ve lost the Hipsters.

  3. Klaus Schwab not China. They need their get reset. Neo-liberalism has failed and Klaus and the people he represents want to remain intact, and in one piece.

    Klaus has threatened a cyber- pandemic too, six mouths with no electricity. That one Klaus is going to blame on Russian Hackers. See how they play? You are already being conditioned for what is to come.

    The Russian are hacking our internet and the Chinese are spreading plague, that is the load crap Klaus and WEF is going to try and sell you.

    • Ask also: How did it get from the U.S. to China? It was definitely present in at least some U.S. cities in December, before it was recognized in China.

  4. Preppers for the win…Again.

    We don’t have cable news or the other lies and filth piped into our homes AT OUR OUR EXPENSE. We don’t have to shop at your woke grocery stores, buying Big-Agra and modified foods because we grow and raise our own vegetables and livestock.
    We don’t have to take the unproven and untested vaccine.
    We don’t send our most precious treasures, our children, to the communist indoctrination centers. We don’t fret the Ammo and firearm shortage/price gouging because we’re set. We live rurally and have everything we need to survive the coming calamity.
    We are white & blue collar educated Southerners. We network with our like-minded Southern, White, Christian friends and neighbors and we will be the rock on which a new White nation is built.

    Deo Vindice

  5. I’m starting to think the Lab Leak Theory has suddenly become good for the jews. Certainly, the neocons like it.

    I think it will be used to justify action against Iran. We can’t really attack China. But we can go after Iran since it trades with China. It might be more viable than a replay of the WMD script used for Iraq. No one would associate it with the machinations of the Israel Lobby and now that Bibi is gone, the Israeli government might have lost enough baggage to make it feasible.

    The Lab Leak theory is the best explanation for what has happened. But I also see how the usual suspects can use it to their advantage.

    • “The Lab Leak theory is the best explanation”:

      No. It is not even an explanation. The Wuhan lab allegation is anti-communist hybrid war propaganda. The “explanation” is also designed to deflect people’s attention from the failure of the U.S. and its capitalist satellites to control it.

      The original SARS and MERS both suddenly appeared in humans, and did not originate in a lab. SARS CoV-2 is also almost certainly of natural origin, not engineered.

    • Neocons and neo-liberals both see China as a threat to their beloved Judeo-American empire and are therefore united in pushing this obvious smear campaign. Hunter has the right take on most things but he dropped the ball on this one.

      • How so?

        Why is it implausible that China was collecting these bat viruses (this was captured on video), running dangerous experiments with humanized mice (someone we know Bat Lady was doing) and it got out due to their lack of experience? Are we supposed to believe that the Chinese are uniquely incapable of screwing up? Lab leaks happen all the time. There has also been nuclear disasters like Chernobyl, Three Mile Island or Fukushima.

      • Saddam Hussein was a threat to Israel. Didn’t mean we had to have the US/UK remove him for them. Yet he did fund and support Palestine and directly strike Israel. This angle wasnt discussed enough at the time. And yes Liebowitz is saying this cos it is good for jews somehow. His appearance on Colbert and this rant is no coincidence. My guess is the Yids have all their ducks in a row with land housing and commodity ownership in the US and wish to direct white anger at yellow folks now.

    • The Israelis had vaccines in suspiciously fast. Like it was on the shelf before anyone else’s.

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