Tucker Carlson: Buckhead Wants To Secede From Atlanta

I don’t have a problem with what Tucker Carlson is doing.

I actually agree with Brian Stelter that FOX News has dramatically upped the dosage of their content since Donald Trump lost the election. It is clear to me that White racial attitudes have hardened since the George Floyd riots. The Republican base has gotten much more racially anxious. They have begun to wander off the FOX News reservation to OANN and Newsmax. The Democratic Party has also gone nuclear in their rhetoric in accusing Republicans of “racism” and “white supremacy.” The Republican establishment has also crumbled and is really no longer in any position to police the Right.

There will be people in the comments who say that Tucker is sucking people back into the GOP and this is terrible because Republicans are scam artists (which I obviously agree is true), but that has always been his job. The only thing that has changed is that the content has improved and the gap between us and the audience has narrowed quite a bit. We also said all along that Trump losing the election would “accelerate” things. We’re talking about black-on-white crime, anti-white discrimination and demographic replacement now on the biggest show on cable television. Would you rather go back to the days of The O’Reilly Factor? Would you rather him not talk about these issues?

The fact that Tucker Carlson is talking about these issues on FOX News is a symptom of these changes. The taboo on “racism” has been undermined by the likes of Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi. The new standard is that all White people are “racists” by definition. The Democrats have gone to the metal on anti-whiteness which is understandably pissing off Trump voters. Crime is also an issue that deeply resonates with the Center of the electorate and deeply divides Democrats and works to the favor of the Right. Thus, it is not surprising that Tucker Carlson is talking about it. It makes sense.

BTW, let’s not forget that this topic is highly appropriate:

Atlanta-Journal Constitution:

“Meanwhile, the city’s traditionally conservative Buckhead area also saw a rise in voter registrations, with nearly 60% of voters in the Buckhead-area precincts casting ballots for Biden. In 2016, about 51% of voters in those same precincts chose Democrat Hillary Clinton. …

Buckhead has long been seen as Atlanta’s most conservative enclave, a patch of red atop a sea of blue. But that may be changing, the data suggests. Amid a wave of new registrations there, thousands more voters went to the polls this year compared to 2016 and shifted the outcome bluer than in recent contests.

The precinct that includes the Chastain Park neighborhood, for example, voted 51% for Joe Biden. Donald Trump won that precinct by 11 points in 2016, and Mitt Romney won it by 43 points in 2012. Incumbent state Rep. Deborah Silcox, who represents much of the area, was also ousted this year by Democratic challenger Shea Roberts.

Some neighborhoods, including those off West Paces Ferry Road and Northside Drive where the Georgia Governor’s Mansion is located, still voted nearly 60% for Trump. …”

Buckhead went big for Joe Biden.

The rich White people who live in Buckhead were not deterred by what they saw last summer in Atlanta and other cities. They voted for the chaos which they now want to secede from!

Georgia went blue in 2020.

Joe Biden carried Georgia because the people who we talk about every day on this website voted for him. It was affluent, college-educated White professionals who live in big cities and wealthy suburbs who swung toward Joe Biden across the entire country, but especially in the Atlanta area.

Note: You will have to click through to watch the video as it has offended the usual suspects on YouTube.

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  1. Secessionism, in all it’s forms and ways, will now sweep through the nation, and all those who say they want a union, but, have fostered the policies that pillaged this country economically, politically, culturally, legally, and racially, will reap the whirlwind.

    The Good Lord is very just this way – whoever you are, no matter what you do or where you do it, eventually you will reap what you sow.

      • Yes, Dear John – we are watching history in slow motion.

        You are right, however, to be sceptical as to the duration of the changes, because it could easily last 20, 30, or 40 years.

        One rule I developet, as a guitarmaker, and that is : ‘if it takes me 2 days to get into trouble, it will take me at least 2 to get out – usually longer.”

        Point is, these problems go right back to the Constitutional Convention, through the War Between The states, and The ensuing Reconstruction Era, after which it cooled off until Brown vs. The board of Education, about 70 years ago.

        So, it could take a while.

        One thing you can know : it is not in our blood, as European Americans, to live under tyranny, so, in the end, after all the misinformation, election conspiracies, fake economick depressions, and false flag wars are done, a time will come when this situation will get straightened out.

        As I often say to my wife – we were born into a time when it was great to be a Southerner, great to be an American, for the country used to work so very well.

        Now we are on the other end, and, for those of us who were spoiled to live in a good country, it’s painful to deal with this.

        In my case, I am blesst by wonderful family, friends, and The Lord Jesus Chryst, so, in the end, my life is still blesst – BUT, the pain is there, as you, too, feel.

        In the meantime, be well, Friend!

  2. The anti-white establishment could have gradually and almost imperceptibly eliminated the white majority over the next several decades without having to resort to heavy-handed tactics like provoking racial violence and relentless vilification of whites in the schools and media. But they must have become too impatient to wait any longer. Apparently no Great Leader is going to suddenly appear out of nowhere to save us, so whites will have to act locally in small groups to save their communities.

  3. Say what you will – I will always love Governor Wallace.

    When he spoke, I felt he was speaking for me, especially when he was giving speeches written by Imperial Wizard Asa Carter…

  4. Long-term racial demographic changes matter far more than Democratic trend in upper class white suburban areas nationwide. According to Tufts University CIRCLE 2020 election analysis, “young people of color” alone were enough to tip the states of Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania (and the presidency).

    90% of Black youth supported Biden in Georgia. Overall, total GA youth vote went 57% Biden-39% Trump, yielding Biden net 188,000 votes—many times larger than final ‘official’ margin in Georgia.


    “In fact, in states like Georgia and Arizona, Black and Latino youth may have single-handedly made Biden competitive.”

    Trump got destroyed by the ‘diverse’ youth vote almost everywhere, beating Biden among voters under 30 in only 7 states, all by tiny margins. Even Alabama, though Trump’s best youth vote state, still not too re-assuring at only 52%-45% margin among age 18-29 voters…

  5. “Would you rather go back to the days of The O’Reilly Factor? Would you rather him not talk about these issues?”

    Famous Old Bill O’Reilly actually talked about black on white crime statistics constantly in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and before these years too on The O’Reilly Factor. It’s easily googable and you’ll find loads of op eds from the Washington Post etc. criticizing him about it. It’s amazing how pathetic the western right is that even on fringe dissident right people can’t remember basic facts and act like Tucker Carlson is something new and further right on Fox, and not merely barely clinging on to persevering mainstream boomer talking points that Rush, Bill O’Reilly, many others etc. have all already used to say years and decades ago. Tucker is only notable in that he says it more than the rest of 2021 commentators say it, to the degree others say it whatsoever.

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