Bad Faith: How “Trust Us” Liberals Failed Us

I’m going to spend the next hour or so watching this. I will share my thoughts on the interview later tonight. I’ve always followed Thomas Frank and have enjoyed his commentary.

In the 2000s, Thomas Frank wrote an excellent book called What’s the Matter with Kansas? which is the definitive text on the classic Conservatism, Inc. bait and switch scam of campaigning on cultural war grievances and pivoting once securely in power to delivering neoliberal economics.

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  1. Bad faith like all thats listed here as prominent recent examples:

    Or this example of corruption in the vaunted institution of “Science”:

    This is also going on among the “Far Right” blogosphere intellectuals who all supported Biden (overtly or tacitly is a distinction without a difference) and are now on the wrong side of the narrative, having poopoo’ed all this.

    Conservative Inc. is poised to make a big come back in popularity with the normies in the run up to 2022. The “far right” is out of position to capitalize on the growing racial polarization of the normies,

    • If we plan to use Populism as a vehicle to entre to the mainstream again, as seems to be the “plan”, we will need to consider the costs of choosing to oppose popular leaders because of their support of israel, and their bent toward zionism, as was the case with Trump.

      Given the reality that both Biden and Trump are lifelong zioshills, in a political environment where Israel and the Holocaust (the nexus of Jewish power) are fast becoming irrelevant, as the older generation is replaced by young people that don’t know or care about either, it will become an increasing liability to make all decisions based our antisemitic impulse.

      We run the real risk of being seen to kick a dead horse, the way the hawkers of holocaust remembrance are now perceived. If everything devolves into us marching with tikitorches and screaming about how Jews can’t replace us, literally nobody is going to be listening. Basically we will be where WN 1.0 is now, confined to discussion boards etc. with no reach or message.

      Even now we can move the needle on things with memes and tactical brigading of blue checks, and as the 2020 election shows we can also chase away or outright suppress the critical 1% of voters somebody like Trump needed to win, through concerted use of propaganda and blackpill gaslighting, which was basically all the blog and podcast content of last year in our little fringe.

      We won’t be able to do that if we are spending all our time grind autism axes and purity spiraling to see who can be the edgiest on holocaust denial (TRS content of the last year), or modernism posting to kill time or whatever.

      • Alt-right types spend way too much time on Hitler, the Holohoax and Bolshevik atrocities. Those subjects are irrelevant to almost everyone alive today. And if they’re not obsessing on any of that stuff they’re almost certainly going to be complaining about THOTS, traps, trannies, coomers, simps and roasties. Too bad there are no adults willing to take charge.

    • What exactly was I wrong about?

      Feel free to consult the archives. My position at the time was that COVID was a real virus. It wasn’t “just the flu.” It wasn’t a doomsday virus, but it was a serious problem. I said at the time that the virus was highly infectious and mildly lethal. We discussed at the time whether it came from a lab or emerged naturally. There was no definitive answer to that question at the time. There still isn’t today.

      Compare what I said about COVID to the predictions of people who said it was just the flu while also being a HOAX, that it wasn’t as bad as swine flu, that millions of people would starve to death, that the economy would collapse like the Great Depression and that the government was going to drag people out of their homes and inject the vaccine into their ass.

      • Covid isn’t a hoax. Its a psyop, and we’ve known that for more than a year.

        There is nothing about it that we haven’t been systematically lied to about.

        It was weaponized to defeat the White working class’s president.

        We went along with that because we saw him only as the president of Israel.

        Now that the psyop is unraveling, everybody still shilling the psyop looks gay. This includes using the media’s statistics without due scrutiny given that all of those figures were inflated, or produced through faulty testing methodology.

        We are on record as thinking covid was a serious pandemic. It wasn’t at any point. It was a man made boogieman to scare people into letting themselves be robbed of liberties and the means of self sufficiency.

        What did you do wrong? You went with the flow, thats all.

        20 million mostly White jobs lost. 200,000 mostly white businesses destroyed. To save a half million mostly unhealthy boomers who were already on their way out, and fat inner city non-Whites who were going to shoot eachother anyway.

        And how many others will die from suicide because of this insanity, or delayed healthcare for cancers that were treatable but not during the lockdown. A year of our kids education flushed away.

        Did real people die? Yeah and thats sad, just like it always has been.

        Real people are dying because of the vaccines we got bullied into also. Not alot of coverage on these statistics lately on the fringe right, anywhere, not just here.

        The pandemic is cancelled on account of being fake and gay.

    • Nah IsraeliSockAccount is full of shit, as usual.

      “We” have very little impact. “We” have almost no ability to decide if Ron DeSantis becomes President.

      But what “we” CAN DO is point out his shilling for Israel. That IS having an effect. And that is precisely what IsraeliSockAccount is so worried about, a bunch of online people pointing out how Ron DeSantis is controlled by the foreign government of Israel.

      And “we” have been effective, as we can see the recent PR disaster that took the Zionist shills quite by surprise. It was our hard work screaming about this online for the last ten years.

      So, you can see why IsraeliSockAccount is so upset. That’s good, that means it’s working.

      F— Israel and F— the Jews.

      • @Banned – You are just wrong. The vast majority of remotely pro-White — who are our only posssible allies with any power or resources — are indifferent at best to zio-shilling. They are, at worst, repelled by overt anti-semitism. They are gravely mistaken to be; but they are.

      • @bannedhipster – Who said anything about ron desantis? LoL.

        I’m not a Jew and don’t support Israel. My vocal opposition to our antisemitism isn’t because I’m not also an antisemite. Its because our political subculture is too autistic to temper that reflex to blame the Jews for everything with some wisdom to know that almost nobody else see’s the JQ like we do, and so doesn’t think Jews are behind everything bad that happens.

        Instead of being oracular in our insight, we look like the boy who cries Jew everytime we get bored, so nobody listens. Then nosferatu comes and eats our sheepz, or you know has our websites purged from the internet.

        “God grant me the serenity to accept the Jews I cannot name, courage to name the Jews I can and wisdom to know the difference.”

        This the wisdom of the sock. We need to apply the above to our approach with normies.


        @Old Enough to be ur Mother – I agree.

        The most ardent zionist demographic is evangelical boomers, and they are fading fast. Once they are gone, the Israel lobby won’t have the inbuilt mythology of Judeo Christian dogma driving hordes of people to reflexively support Jews on the Right.

        This will just leave the network of corrupt diaspora Jews in the West, who are fast making themselves irrelevant by intermarriage, and overt racism against Whitey, like Nosferatu has done.

  2. I think neither the Black interviewer nor the sef-described former punk rocker is very enlightening, especially not on biology, when she uses the Wuhan lab leak line for her journalism and he says yes it probably did come from the lab because an intermediate animal host has not been found. There is NO biological necessity for an intermediate host between bats and people, only for a line of people between an originally bat-infected human and the exponentially increasing spread of increasingly human-adapted forms in 2019 and 2020, and 2021. Frank is really just another moderate, “baffling” (to use his own expression) populist reformer of capitalism, NOT a frevolutionary. Populism “cohabits unproblematically with concentrated economic power” (to use his own expression) just like every other half-way measure to moderate or reform it. He says “Every one of us is a shrieking radical today, and it doesn’t matter at all. Every one of us resists hierarchies; we blog and we tweet; we post and we comment; we comb our hair to the left and pierce ourselves to the right—and the rich are richer than ever.”

    “Was the earth made to preserve a few covetous, proud men to live at ease, and for them to bag and barn up the treasures of the Earth from others, that these may beg or starve in a fruitful land; or was it made to preserve all her children? (…) Propriety and single interest divides the people of a land and the whole world into parties and is the cause of all wars and bloodshed and contention everywhere.”

    Gerrard Winstanley, a Digger

    • “frevolutionary” is a typo, no such thing. I originally wrote “forthright revolutionary” then shortened to revolutionary, and poor senior eyesight makes it hard to edit before posting.

      • “Frevolutionary”. I like it! Just need to find the right usage for it…

  3. Like I’ve been saying, the book that Frank should have written is:

    What’s the Matter With Seattle?

    About how elites are distracting the left away from economic populism with increasingly kooky and bizarre cultural issues.

    I know that Frank himself is coming around to that way of thinking.

  4. You can kill babies at birth in New York and Virginia now. Reagan conservatism. Gets nothing in the end.

  5. About Frank’s book on Kansas…It was written at the time when meatpacking Union Jobs for White Men in the Midwest-West were destroyed by the use of Mexican Scab Labor…. not a peep out of Franks…..The Hasidic Jew meat packing Oligarch took advantage of the destruction of these high paying Union Jobs for White Men and launched his chattel slavery racket-which landed him in jail for life…only to be pardoned by Trump…to the dancing joy of Brooklyn Hasidic…

    What White Males are oblivious to just how close in time they are to being forced into chattel slavery at gunpoint when the US Military is majority non-white….No one is comming to save them…no one……1965….

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