Entire Portland Police Bureau Rapid Response Team Votes To Resign En Masse After Fellow Officer Indicted

Is Portland over?

It sure looks that way.

Why on earth would anyone want to serve as a police officer in Portland under these ridiculous conditions? It is better to just walk away and let the farce of a civil government collapse. The rest of the country can grab a beer and watch it play out in the run up to the 2022 midterms.

The Oregonian:

“Officers who serve on the Portland Police Bureau’s specialized crowd control unit, known as the Rapid Response Team, voted to resign from the team during a meeting Wednesday night.

The unprecedented move by about 50 officers, detectives and sergeants to disband their own team came a day after a team member, Officer Cody Budworth, was indicted, accused of fourth-degree assault stemming from a baton strike against a protester last summer. …

“These officers find themselves in a no-win situation. They are told to stand down and only intervene when things have gotten so out of control that they have no other option than to use high levels of force to regain control of unlawful demonstrations,” Turner wrote. “They are criticized for their perceived inaction on the front end and are criticized for their inevitable use of force on the back end. They can’t win because of the position others have put them in.’’ …

“Our entire organization, and not even just our sworn staff, but also our professional staff in the last 14 months, has been put through something, none of us have ever seen in our careers, at a level and an intensity that I don’t think any other city in the United States has experienced,” Davis said.

He said he recognizes that the officers serving so many consecutive nights on the protest lines have been facing “really, really extreme circumstances,” which “takes a toll.’’ …”

If the people of Portland want anarchy, let them have it!

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  1. So I guess all you people living in Montana, Idaho and other quiet, conservative parts of the NW can look forward to a large influx of shitlib refugees from Portland, SF and Seattle. Needless to say they’ll bring their shitty shitlib attitudes with them.

    • C’oer d’Alene is the hottest real estate market in the country. Tom Cruise, Bill Mayer and a bunch of other creepy fucks are already there.

  2. They’re not quitting the force – just the “Rapid Response Team” – where else are these otherwise unemployable yoyos going to get a good salary, insurance and an ironclad pension for basically doing nothing in this shit-assed country? These clowns are literally not going to do a GD thing except collect a check. Fuck the cops.

    • Correct. He beat this White woman because he thought she was a “leftist?” What are we defending?

  3. The “paramilitary good ol’ boy network” isn’t what’s crumbling, nigger whore: your kike-constructed loony bin is.

  4. It was Pioneering all a long in Portland,

    Pioneering to degeneracy.

    Reality needs to set in?

    Get your Pop Corn for this shit show!

  5. So “they voted to resign”? Does that mean they did not resign?

    If I wanted to resign I’d just do it. If wanted to renegotiate my contract, I’d “vote to resign”.

    Am I missunderstanding the wording?

  6. Officer Cody lost it. He just went berserk and whacked a girl over the head with his baton. The girl wasn’t doing anything.

    If you or me did that we would be in jail. Why should the badge nigger be above the law?

    Portland Police know they are out there for two reasons, to protect Antifa, and to collect that sweet double time pay they get for being Antifa’s bodyguards.

    So those 50 oinkers decided to go back to regular assignments instead of being Antifa bodyguards. They lose their double time pay, and get to arrest fathers and harass white people all day for regular pay.

    Portland is having a black problem. They have blacks, quite a few of them. If the cops were abolished, the people could make the blacks behave in a week. But the people are blocked by the cops, who protect the blacks.

    Blacks and cops have a symbiotic relationship. The cops know, without the blacks most of them would not be needed. So Officer Cody goes from protecting Antifa to protecting the blacks. Regular tyranny instead of special unit tyrant.

    We need to secede, abolish the police completely, and let the people deal with this problem.

  7. The unequal, unnatural System cannot exist without armies of well-paid Enforcers to preserve and protect it.

  8. When the police won’t do their job, it is the task of the Militias to defend the individual United States… isn’t that in the Constitution? Something about that? The 2nd Amendment?

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” – “…militias were groups of able-bodied men who protected their towns, colonies, and eventually states. “[When the Constitution was drafted], the militia was a state-based institution,” says Rakove. “States were responsible for organizing this.”

    Oh, yes. And if Biden and Co. DON’T ALLOW THIS, their REGIME IS CLEARLY TRAITOROUS. (As if…)

  9. Oregon invited all the homeless to camp in public parks and state properties. Washington looks like 1950’s Americana now. Go Portland!

  10. Portland will have anarchy with or without the police. They stand by and do nothing when blm and antifa burn, loot and murder.

  11. The Portland police are now nothing more than publicly-funded muscle for the criminals in charge – who could easily afford their own squads of bodyguards. Like most of the badge-gang, they’re well beyond worthless. By all means defund them. There is no point in paying for it with tax dollars. Need to get rid of all prosecutors and judges as well as they are nothing more than publicly-funded shysters for the same criminal gang running things. The leftist retards’ support for defunding police is an interesting example of shooting themselves in the foot. The defunding will not improve anything but it might force the overlords to pay for their goon-squad more openly.

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