Democrats and Republicans Celebrate Passage of Juneteenth Act

Who gives a shit what voters think?

We’re just going to start rewriting the calendar anyway and create a fake federal holiday for Black Lives Matter which only 35% of the country wants.

Note: Juneteenth will replace July the 4th and end up being yet another occasion to denounce our ancestors for their “racism.” AOC is already doing it.

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    • Yes. While the U.S. Government is kissing the ass of the ever ungrateful, dim witted Negro with a new, fraudulent “holiday” the Chinese have launched their own space station with three astronauts aboard orbiting hundreds of miles up in space. The Chinese have also landed a rover on Mars, about 34 million miles away, only the second country to do that. They have also landed a craft on the dark side of the moon, about 240,000 miles away, the only nation to do that so far.

      The Chinese space program has had tremendous accomplishments in a short time and they are just starting. The U.S. government occasionally launches space probes but the U.S. space program diminished to almost nothing after the last U.S. astronaut landed on the moon in 1972, almost fifty years ago. Interest in space exploration waned so much that the U.S. now lacks the industrial base and skilled technicians to recreate the 1972 Apollo moon landings even if there were the national will to do so.

      Most people in the U.S. are unaware of these facts. There is just a passing mention of the tremendous Chinese accomplishments in the U.S. and most people care only about sports, TV shows and money. There is little knowledge of history and even less concern about the future, things will just magically work out. With President Cackling Kamala Harris waiting to be sworn in as the next Mr. President what could go wrong?

      The U.S. is not a serious country but China is. The ruling class in the U.S. is simultaneously weakening the military and industrial base while antagonizing important countries like China and Russia. There isn’t an ounce, not even a grain of of wisdom or good judgement in the U.S. ruling class, they are ignorant fools. This will not end well.

  1. I would guess that like many other obscure holidays, other than the government and banks, it will become one of those calendar days nobody notices, etc unless they get to shoot fireworks. Then blacks will burn down their neighborhoods while celebrating. This holiday matters to some in the black community. But not even to most of them. Watch what happens if some progressive whites try to celebrate Junteenth. It will be considered racist for whites to celebrate it. Cultural appropriation, they’ll call it. It also means nothing to Hispanics, Asians, or most whites just another frivolous example of feel good virtue signaling

    • “unless they get to shoot fireworks.”

      Uh, those aren’t fireworks.
      Devil’s Night , ppl are often injured by stray and falling bullets.
      Obviously, you haven’t been enriched by black kultur.

  2. As someone else pointed out June 19 was the execution date for the Rosenbergs. I’m liking this new holiday more now.

  3. What good is the Republican party if they are going to just act like the Democrats?

    We don’t need their disgusting caving on social issues or their terrible economics which hurt the White working man.

    Enough is enough! Don’t vote for them. Why should we keep supporting a party that will stab us in the back and cave to the woke Democrats on issue after issue?

  4. This why the white working classes need their own political party, these Republican nellies are almost worse then useless. The only thing they can really counted on to do is lecture the rest of us about ‘free enterrprize’ and plaster the U S flag all over everything. WLM White Lives Matter .

    • “lecture the rest of us about ‘free enterrprize’ ”

      While taking payoffs from heavily subsidized industries and begging for bailouts of the failed industries that Give big campaign donations.

  5. Democrats and Republicans are in a race to see who can throw more of their voters under the bus by 2022.

  6. Lots of Luck Department: In the entire Congress, there wasn’t a single Republican Senator who opposed making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday, and only 14 Republican Congressmen voted against making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday.

    Unless you are a Federal Government Employee, then you are going to be happy about Juneteenth.

  7. Just as conservatives are no different than liberals, Republicans are no different than Democrats.

  8. This is a slap in the face to black people. Blacks need and want money NOT stupid holidays. And neo-liberal Joe is not going to put the touch on rich Jews so blacks are better off. No way, no how.

  9. Hey black people, how come neo-liberal Joe can not stand having Kamala around and he is always sending her to the far and away?

    Don’t be surprised if this holiday is not part of some nefarious plan to “get rid” of Kamala and blame the deed on white supremacists and then used the false flag attack to ban AK47s.

    Biden could be trying to say to blacks I love you, while behind the scenes scheming to “get rid” of Kamala.

  10. “Most people in the U.S. are unaware of these facts. ”

    When the Space Shuttles stopped during the Obama era I saw that as a sign of national decline and thought that Pat Buchanans Death of the West was coming true.

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