Wells Fargo Deplatforms Lauren Witzke From Her Bank Account

This was always the next frontier in cancel culture.

After the woke progressive mobs acquired the power to intimidate and silence people by getting them fired from their jobs for wrongthink and to censor the internet (the slippery slope eventually took out the sitting president), the next step would be to move further into the private sphere and start deplatforming dissidents from their bank accounts for having the wrong political opinions.

Right Wing Watch:

“Two far-right activists claim to have had their accounts with Wells Fargo closed as a result of their extremist political beliefs.

Lauren Witzke, who was the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate in Delaware in 2020, and Pete D’Abrosca, who attempted to run for office in 2020 in North Carolina but failed to submit the proper paperwork in time, both took to social media Tuesday to suggest that they had been “canceled” by the bank.

But a spokesperson for the bank said that their extremist political views had nothing to do with the closure of their accounts. “Wells Fargo does not consider political views or affiliations in making account decisions,” Wells Fargo spokesperson Beth Richek told Right Wing Watch via email Wednesday. She added …

Right Wing Watch asked what reasons the bank might have to close any account, but a spokesperson said the bank had nothing else to add on the matter. …”

I saw this claim on Twitter the other day.

At the time, I had no reason to doubt that it was true, but I wanted to wait until more information came out to write about it. Wells Fargo has confirmed to Right Wing Watch that Lauren Witzke’s bank account was closed. It had nothing to do with her politics though. You can take their word for it. Pete D’Abrosca simultaneously had three of his bank accounts closed by Wells Fargo.

Note: In the aftermath of the “insurrection,” President Donald Trump was deplatformed by Deutsche Bank, Signature Bank and Professional Bank. Bloomberg News agitated for more of Trump’s bank accounts to be closed. Trump was also banned from everything from Facebook to Pinterest.

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  1. As someone on Breitfart pointed out “you can sue someone for not baking a cake (and win) but a bank or payment processor can drop you for any reason at any time.” I think we were warned about this in the 1930’s.

  2. CEO of Wells Fargo
    Charles Scharf was born to a Jewish family. Scharf received a B.A. from The Johns Hopkins University and an M.B.A. from New York University.
    Jew confirmed.

  3. I keep thinking I should get into crypto every time I see one of these stories. I want to cancel my bank, before they cancel me.

  4. > the woke progressive mobs

    It’s not woke progressive mobs doing this. This is being done by corporate managers at the highest levels.

    It’s groups like the ADL who organize these actions, and the ADL is not “just” a Jewish organization, it is a espionage operation with direct ties to the foreign state of Israel.

    One would think that CEO’s at major banking institutions would have no interest in such things. But you know what – it may not even be their choice.

    So you’re a CEO of a major bank, all the money in the world. What could possibly take you down?

    Well, what have we learned about Jeffrey Epstein and Ghsialine Maxwell the last couple of years? Remember – it’s a current issue – Maxwell is in jail awaiting trial this very day. Every single day more names are being named.

    So who is CEO of Wells Fargo?

    Charles W. Scharf


    • I’m going to take a shot in the dark but his photograph and him being chairman of the New York ballet leads me to believe they got him for man, boy love. If he has ties to personal ties to Epstein then I’ll just say minors in general but I’m leaning toward boys.

      • Daniel- I knew a ‘man’ when I was a college sophomore at a church, who only told us he was ‘gay’ when he announced that he had [sic] ‘married’ another faggot, back in the 1980’s; and he and his anal boytoy were moving to SF, and he was ‘so excited’ to work for the Well of Fargone, because they were GLAAD he was a sodomite. Never heard from him, nor did our mutual acquaintances after he left. The perv probably died of Aids. Good.

        Nothing new under the sun… God destroyed Sodom for far less than this.
        America- ‘whom shall you serve’ Josh. 24:15

    • @Banned Hipster…

      “It’s not woke progressive mobs doing this. This is being done by corporate managers at the highest levels. ”

      I totally agree, though, in my view, I would add…

      ‘”It’s not woke progressive mobs doing this. This is being done by corporate managers at the highest levels, who have been given the task by The United States’ Government to skirt a person’s 1st amendment Rights, so that they do not have to be seen as doing it themselves.”

      In this country there is no separation between the private and publick sector, or, at least, not when it comes to oppressing you and yours…

    • @Dart…

      The United States’ Government is not only unconstitutional, Sir, it is, without a doubt, the most formidable opponent that document has ever had…

  5. The next steps of the cancel culture are legion: utilities? TV subscription? Ultimately death squads and Gulags? Yeah…it’s all paranoid fantasies until it happens. The European populist right is forced to do their banking with Russian institutions.

    • The IRS has banking so locked down it is very hard to open a foreign bank account as a US citizen now. Basically, the paperwork is not worth it for them. I hadn’t thought of Russian banks. Probably why our overlords are threatening to kick them off of SWIFT. As long as there is Judenfietsen in circulation they can buy or short sell anything to boost or crash the market. Bitcoin might avoid some banking fees but is still effectively controlled by the money masters.

    • @Friedrich…

      “The European populist right is forced to do their banking with Russian institutions.”

      Excellent observation, and so it is that the very Jew England Yankee United States’ Government, which avows it wishes to strengthen and perpetuate this union, all the while marginalizing Russia, not only does neither, it does the very opposite thing.

      Nearly full-fledged megalomaniacks, they cannot seem to get out of their own way…

  6. I find this hard to believe. There are too many Federal and State agencies that would fine or sanction a bank for this type of behavior.

    Torba made a number of claims, but, when I sent him the contact information of a number of Federal and State banking regulators he never replied. Then a few weeks later “Handy Andy” claimed he was setting up his own payment processor. LOL. Remember when Andy was selling stock in GAB?

    I got a hunch this Witke chick has had some problems, not connected to her politics. LOL.

    • “There are too many Federal and State agencies that would fine or sanction a bank for this type of behavior.”

      On what basis? Asking sincerely and not rhetorically. What is the law here?

      IS there any law or regulation that says that a bank cannot arbitrary close someone’s account because they don’t like that person’s politics? Or for that matter simply on a whim?

      • If a bank reserves the “right” to close a customer’s account at any time for any or no reason shouldn’t that be included in the fine print section of the application form?

  7. “Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot has requested federal help to fight an explosion in violent crime”:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again : because The United States’ Government is attempting to govern this country as an occupied land, and the culture it sets forth, and exploits to do that, this country will more and more resemble what they’ve got going on in Afghanistan – United States’ Government-occupied cities, with vast tracts or Rural and small towns in between that are controlled by the Confederate Natives.

    If you don’t want to live this way, then the only logical alternative is segregation, or, in more common political terms : states’ rights, secession, and new confederacies.

  8. In the short term I recommend using local credit unions.

    I am on the West coast and may try to transfer some zogbux to the Russian Far East if this keeps up.

  9. I seriously doubt either Deutsche Bank or the Florida bank refused to service Trump as a person Possibly, they had enough of his corporate business practices, but, that doesn’t equate with his personal banking.

    This Witzke chick? Did she bounce one too many checks?

    • She does have something of a checkered past, Olde Dutch. But still, I never heard of any financial institution leaving one of its customers stranded hundreds of miles from home with no money. They put her in an extremely vulnerable and possibly dangerous situation. I know Wells Fargo is one of those asshole “woke” companies that actively promotes a radically left-wing cultural Marxist agenda.

  10. She’s not the 1st to have her bank account closed and she won’t be the last. Are you enjoying your rights and freedoms?

  11. Wells Fargo is doing you a favor Lauren, your money is much much safer in a Chinese Bank.

  12. What was that I read in the latter days about people not being able to buy or sale unless they had the mark of the Beast?

  13. OCC released its Fair Access Rule as a final rule on January 14 2021. This from a holdover acting Comptroller of the Currency on his last day. From OCC, “The rule codifies more than a decade of OCC guidance stating that banks should conduct risk assessment of individual customers, rather than make broad-based decisions affecting whole categories or classes of customers, when provisioning access to services, capital, and credit.” The rule would have taken effect in April 2021.
    Fourteen days later, OCC “announced it has paused publication of its rule.” So it was a nice try from a Trump holdover; too little, too late.
    Would the OCC rule have prevented the denial of banking services to individuals such as Lauren Witzke? Maybe. More likely, banks will look now to the federal definition of “domestic extremist”. Anyone who presents a risk of being labeled as such could plausibly be denied services.

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