Tucker Carlson: America’s Worst Mayor

I spoke with Jack Ryan this morning.

He is alive and well. I was starting to get worried about my old friend in light of the bleak news coming out of Chicago. The city is on a roller coaster ride under Lori Lightfoot and shootings and murders are way up since the death of George Floyd (Rest in Power) even by Chicago standards.

WGN 9:

“CHICAGO —While many look to Lori Lightfoot amid a rise in Chicago gun violence, the mayor is instead pointing the finger at a problem she says only the feds can fix.

As violent crime continues to rise in cities across America, several mayors say illegal guns are the big problem. CPD Superintendent David Brown on Tuesday said officers had recovered 5,200 illegal guns this year alone.

Now there’s push for a federal strategy.

Lightfoot invited reporters to an event about urban development and climate change, but it was overshadowed by the city’s persistent violence after eight people were shot at a home in Englewood. …”

It is not her fault that violent crime has gotten so bad.

In the past, it was established that systematic racism began with the Pilgrims.

Chicago Times:

“The Harris Poll and the MacArthur Foundation recently surveyed almost 1,000 Chicagoans to better understand our city’s biggest challenges, particularly regarding public safety. The response from residents portrays a city with fraught — even contradictory — feelings toward a police force that it at once supports and wants reformed. The survey reveals a tale of two cities, with respondents’ experiences shaping their attitudes about solutions.

Of the survey respondents, 50% agreed that gun violence is the city’s biggest problem. Property taxes was the second most cited problem, and even then, only 10% of residents selected it. A greater consensus is clear: Fully 96% of respondents say that gun violence must be reduced, an unheard-of level of agreement in opinion polling. And 75% believe that gun violence is worse in Chicago than in other major U.S. cities.

The city’s violent crime statistics validate their concerns. As of last week, murders in the city are up 5% and shootings are up 17% compared with this date a year ago. …

These attitudes and experiences explain why Chicago residents approve of the police overall while also favoring reform (75%). They know the city needs a police force — most Chicago residents oppose the “defund the police” movement (58%) — but they believe cops can improve, especially vis-a-vis people of color, with better training and more available alternatives to police response, such as neighborhood patrols and dispatching social workers to handle certain situations. Majorities of Chicagoans believe that de-escalation training (53%) and racial equity training (51%) would be the best ways to start. A force that looks more like the city it serves could help alleviate the trust gap.

On the “defund” movement specifically — which refers to efforts to reduce police department budgets and redistribute those funds toward essential and underfunded social services, such as housing, education, employment, mental health care and youth services — most Chicagoans see it as neither desirable nor practical, fearing that it would lead to both a decrease in police presence (78%) and an increase in crime in their neighborhoods (65%). And what’s more, they feel it wouldn’t help repair police-resident relations (62%). …”

It has been roughly a year since progressive activists marched through Chicago last summer and demanded the decolonization of Zhigaagoong, the abolition of Columbus Day, the rematriation of Indigenous Peoples lands, “Defund the Police” and the liberation of criminals from prison.

As “white supremacy” comes to an end, Jack will be resuming his blogging here on “Left Behind in Chicago.” After all, there is plenty to talk about in light of all the progress toward “racial justice” that has been made in recent months. Chicago is experimenting with the explicit Afrocentric Marxism that had until recently been confined to African states like Zimbabwe. After toppling the statue of Christopher Columbus and announcing that henceforth she would only give interviews to People of Color, Lightfoot will be hosting the first annual Juneteenth flag raising ceremony on Monday. Chicago City Hall will be decorated with Pan African Flags while the Juneteenth flag will continue to fly in Daley Plaza through the week.

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  1. “Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot has requested federal help to fight an explosion in violent crime”:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again : because The United States’ Government is attempting to govern this country as an occupied land, and the culture it sets forth, and exploits to do that, this country will more and more resemble what they’ve got going on in Afghanistan – United States’ Government-occupied cities, with vast tracts or Rural and small towns in between that are controlled by the Confederate Natives.

    If you don’t want to live this way, then the only logical alternative is segregation, or, in more common political terms : states’ rights, secession, and new confederacies.

  2. Trying to get Blacks to stop being violent and act like civilized humans is like trying to teach a dog to type. So much of White society’s intellectual and monetary capital have been squandered on Blacks for the last 60 years and the Blacks’ problems only get worse. Blacks are perpetual children – like jews – never evolving past the most primal human desires.

    • “So much of White society’s intellectual and monetary capital have been squandered on Blacks”

      Truer words !

      Imagine if that capital had been used to care for and educate poor WHITES.

    • The whole equality thing is a joke. We’ve spent trillions on them. Money and education don’t help them. They are some failed evolutionary dead-end, that somehow survived, and if whites hadn’t kept going into Africa, and giving them food, medicine, and water, they’d probably only exist as a very small group.

  3. Lori (Black-lezzie-communist) Lichtfuss

    is a GREAT mayor. Under its regime,

    ‘groids are killing each other evermore frequently.

  4. WHITES have pandered to blacks, for centuries.

    First, teaching them not to eat each other.
    Second, teaching them basic hygiene
    Third, showing them food requires work.
    Fourth, giving them jobs and education.
    Fifth, giving free food, housing, medical care.
    And the results are ?

    WHITES sure are stupid.

    • @Arrian…

      “WHITES have pandered to blacks, for centuries.”

      You clearly did not grow up in The Olde South, or you would never make such a statement.

      When I was a boy, Negroes workt entirely on our terms, and those terms were almost always not much money.

      Some Negroes escapet that, by owning stores, or they could go North and serve the Yankees, but, the overwhelming majority of Negroes, in those days, workt for a very small fare.

      • “When I was a boy, Negroes workt entirely on our terms”

        Were they naked and starving, as they would be in afreeka ?
        They were pandered to.

    • @Arrian I agree. The Civil Rights Movement started in 1954. So anyone born in the heart of Boomerism was a child then. The Supreme Court’s 1954 Brown vs Board of Education made racial segregation illegal. By 1960, most Northern cities were full of Negroes then.
      The earliest forced school bussing was in 1968 in Virginia.

      So there were plenty of corrupt whites long ago. There wasn’t the internet or media to reveal them.

  5. She is the worst Affirmative action Mayor of America right now but won’t be the last. You can count on that.

  6. Nope, Dear Arrian, the Negroes in the Jim Crow Era were very definitely NOT pandered to, not by any stretch of the imagination, which is what you are using, because you did not live through those times.

    Negroes workt hard in The Jim Crow Era, and for not much money.

    Moreover, they lived with restrictions that are the polar opposite of pandering.

    Whites in those days were totally unlike The Whites you have come to know, and the society of those days, as well.

    In any case, thank you for your thoughts.

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