Brian Stelter Has Lost Nearly Three Fourths of His Audience Since January

We’ve been at war with Brian Stelter and Don Lemon for several months now. Even with all the censorship, they are still losing badly. The internet is nearly unanimous in hating them.

FOX News:

“CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter has failed to attract one million viewers for 11-straight weeks and averaged only 752,000 on Sunday for its smallest audience of 2021. 

Stelter, who claims to cover the media industry but often ignores stories that would tarnish the reputation of a fellow liberal, lost five percent of his viewers compared to the previous week. The struggling show has now finished with less than 800,000 viewers on three different occasions in 2021. …”


“Brian Stelter, a left-wing conspiracy theorist and a proven liar at far-left CNN, has lost nearly three-quarters of his audience since January.

“The latest episode of Stelter’s show failed to attract 1 million viewers for the 11th week in a row,” reports the Daily Wire. “A mere 752,000 total viewers tuned in … on Sunday. That’s down from a peak of 2.7 million viewers following the January 6 Capitol riot.”

And that’s a 72 percent collapse.


Fox News adds that Stelter’s weekly CNNLOL program, an hour-long slog pedantically devoted to tearing down Fox News, “has now finished with less than 800,000 viewers on three different occasions in 2021.”


In worse news for CNNLOL and Brian “Tater” Stelter, ” Fox News’ MediaBuzz, which is Stelter’s direct timeslot competition, averaged 1.1 million viewers to beat the struggling CNN show by a whopping 41 percent.”


Fox adds that 12 of its Sunday programs beat Stelter’s basement-rated Reliable Sources — a hilarious name for a program hosted by a serial liar who regularly features Dan Rather. …”

BTW, the show that Brian Stelter did with Charlie Sykes gossiping about Tucker Carlson amassed 597 views on YouTube even with me plugging it here. Joe Rogan has even joined the pile on and publicly said on his show that Stelter sucks and his show is unwatchable garbage.

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  1. “Brian Stelter Has Lost Nearly Three Fourths of His Audience Since January”

    I am surprised that he had an audience of which to lose three quarters.

    After all, he is a Corporate/Globalist CIA mouthpiece, which means that that which he posits, has very little appeal to anyone Right or Left.

    • The only thing anyone needs to know is that he is a Jew promoting THE Jewish Agenda,
      leading the willful and blind and weaponizing half the population against the other.

      No Jew can be trusted even if we can agree with them on half the issues.

      You seem to live on here ?

  2. I caught a few minutes of CNN the other day and they were still going on about Jan 6 and calling for Trump supporters to be gulaged. They really don’t have anything else now that Trump is gone and vaccines have rolled out. The return to promoting bug eating and pod homes doesn’t bring in the viewers the same way resisting looming “fascism” did, I guess.

  3. Meanwhile Owen Benjamin makes fun of Joe Rogan’s diminutive stature (Rogan claims he’s 5’7″). Rogan should go after Stelter for being a fat jewish sissy who probably has to pay shiksa prostitutes to cater to his infantilism fetishes.

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