Winston Churchill Monument Vandalized In Downtown Edmonton

We’ve heard a lot about the rise of “illiberalism” and “authoritarianism” from our friends on the Left. I’m curious though … who has been vandalizing the Winston Churchill monuments?

Global News:

“The statue of Sir Winston Churchill in downtown Edmonton has been vandalized with red paint.

The paint covering the statue in Churchill Square was discovered Thursday morning. It’s not known when the statue was defaced.

Churchill was Britain’s prime minister from 1940-45 and again from 1951-55.

Churchill’s views on race were controversial and complex, and some of his statements would certainly be deemed racist in 2021 — but he remains a widely respected national hero who led the country to victory during the Second World War.

The Churchill statue in Halifax has come under scrutiny, and the world famous statue in England’s Parliament Square has been defaced numerous times.

In 2020, protesters sprayed “was a racist” on the plinth of the Sir Winston Churchill statue in London. …”

What do you think?

Should Winston Churchill be cancelled?

I don’t think this was anyone on our side who did this.

It goes without saying that I don’t care for Winston Churchill. He is a curious target for Antifa though. We’ve been told by the Lincoln Project that these people are just like World War II veterans.

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  1. Churchill was a POS. He’s partially to blame for England’s decline. “If Hitler invaded hell, I would side with the devil”-Winston Churchill.

  2. Just another case of libtards attacking anything White. They have no idea he destroyed nationalism across the entire west, if so they would praise him.

  3. I fully support this particular cancellation. I’d be there myself throwing red paint at this asshole.

  4. Churchill wuz

    A Zionist Lickspittle/bootlicker

    That would be a mind weapon defacement. “Churchill was a Racist” even if true simply honors the guy too much.

  5. Fuck the drunken art forger who was bought by the kikes & the Czechs. Still, the niggers & commie race traitors are attacking his statues just because he’s a white leader from the past as an indirect attack on today’s Whites via our collective history. So they should be prosecuted, but of course won’t be.

  6. Winnie inflicted a lot more damage on the white race than he did on the colored races. And not just during WWII either.

  7. I agree with the shitlibs on this one, though obviously for different reasons. Winston Traitor Burn in hell.

  8. When it comes to sheer destruction Churchill has no peers. Not Lenin, Stalin or Mao has done so much to destroy the West including the British Empire than Churchill. He’s the worst person to come out of the 20th century.

  9. He ended up destroying his precious Empire and probably will end up destroying his people. Melt it down.

  10. Churchill was an arrogant, alcoholic, psychopath who destroyed the British empire and much of Europe, killing millions of whites.

  11. Had I been in Edmonton, I would have flung dog shit at the statue of the Murderer of Western Civilization.

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