Donald Trump Admits He Lost The 2020 Election To Sean Hannity

Oh …

So, what was the point of Stop the Steal then?

Why did you raise hundreds of millions of dollars from your supporters? Why did you leave the Capitol Stormers all hanging out to dry while you pardoned a bunch of black rappers?

Andrew Anglin is taking the news pretty hard.

“He needs to resign and go away. We do not need anything he has. He did a great and wonderful thing in 2016, and we all respect and love him for that, but this is over and we simply do not need anymore of this coward bullshit and traitor back-stabbing.

With every day he is out there doing this bizarro schtick, he is further corrupting the memory of the good Trump.

I gave up mostly everything I had in life to support Donald Trump, and even when he refused to do anything to help me and the others that were banned, I continued to support him. I continued to support no matter what retarded thing he did in the White House. But what he’s done after the fact, stabbing everyone in the back like this, refusing to say Ashli Babbitt’s name, calling his most diehard supporters “violent terrorists,” shilling the vaccine, promoting all of these horrible candidates and policies, supporting the Jews, attempting to sink Bitcoin and now – and now – falsely claiming that he lost the 2020 election – this is too much.

It’s too far.

He has to go. …”

Please note … it took him until June 19, 2021 to figure this out.

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  1. “He needs to resign and go away. We do not need anything he has. He did a great and wonderful thing in 2016, and we all respect and love him for that, but this is over and we simply do not need anymore of this coward bullshit and traitor back-stabbing.” – Me, in 2017

    • I got off the Trump Train for good in March of that year. I suspected Trump would be a major disappointment, I just didn’t think it would happen as quickly and dramatically as it did.

      Anglin and his autistic simps are bad news. I want absolutely nothing to do with them or The Daily Sperger.

    • Me in 2015:
      Why are you supporting this Zionst billionaire from Jew York? You say you oppose Jews, yet look at all the Jews he surrounds himself with.

      He is secretly on our side. Turst the plan, goy.
      He is secretly on our side. Turst the plan, goy.
      He is secretly on our side. Turst the plan, goy.
      He is secretly on our side. Turst the plan, goy.
      He is secretly on our side. Turst the plan, goy.

      Me in 2017:
      I walk away from WN forever, because you can’t fix stupid.

      • @Jess…

        I said the same thing throughout 2015 as you did.

        Though I positively appraised his articulative skills and political cunning, I told folks here, and elsewhere, as well that Candidate Trump was a dog-eat-dog Manhattenite city slicker and the most Jewified Gentile Man I had ever seen.

        People did not want to hear that, and, when my preference for The Republican Nomination Senator Cruz (spare me the insults – I know he is not angelick) I joined my people in supporting Trump.

        At that time Candidate Trump was saying all the right things – minus the segregation speak, he was eerily like a George Wallace returned from the grave.

        One thing I have said all along though, and I still say it today : nothing
        President Trump could have done, or not done, that would have derailed the destiny of this nation – it will be reorganized along Confederate lines and, along the way, the current United States’ Government will come crashing down.

        Of course, they could prevent that destiny by adopting sane and restorative measures, but, given that they have lost the skill to govern, (habits of corruption, lawlessness, and tyranny) they will be unable to do such a thing.

        President Trump, no matter how heroick he was, or was not, could not change the basick nature of the beast.

        It is what it is, and so it will remain, until it buries itself in the bog and is lost to time.

  2. Anglin is even more pathetic than the die-hard Trump cultists. The cultists are just normies who don’t get it, but Anglin actually understands how much of a fat loser Trump is and still has to try to find ways to defend him. Like the delusion that there was ever a “good Trump.”

    • Of course he does. He is getting paid by some Zionist Jew to shill for Trump. He is the very definition of a race traitor.

      • “He is getting paid by some Zionist Jew to shill for Trump. He is the very definition of a race traitor.”

        Prove it, vulgarian.

        Just because HW is mad Anglin had more readers, and was more prescient over the longer haul these last five years in his insights, (without even having to resort to endless charts and graphs, about a common cold that turned out to be a plandemic) doesn’t mean HW’s bias…. is correct.
        Oh, yes. HW uncovered a lot of stuff about AA, but that was years ago, and many of AA’s readers already knew about that….. and now, his [Anglin’s columns] are more and more overtly Christian, while HW still does not say anything about his own fideism as it pertains to the history research he continues to give us; which indicates that he doesn’t HAVE any… conviction about the difference Christianity should make in a person’s life. By their fruits, as it were.

        If AA is ‘using’ religion, that, too will come out to the light of day. but what he is saying sounds far more genuine, because AA is at least TALKING about that stuff. That HW has also censored my posts when I point out this glaring disconnect from someone in a ‘confessional church’ (as he probably will do to this one) is either corroboration of my earlier premise, or just sheer disconnect….

        • That’s hilarious.

          I promote people on this website every day who have far more followers than Anglin – Tucker Carlson, Jimmy Dore, Secular Talk, Breaking Points, etc – because they do good work which is why I watch their shows and share their content.

          In Anglin’s case, it is violent incel rage, jackass internet troll culture, crackpot clickbait. For years, it was a vulgar form of Neo-Nazism before it was American Nationalism. Last year, he was saying that millions of people were going to starve to death due to lockdowns, COVID was just the flu and that the military was going to force people to get vaccinated. Anglin was one of the people around Trump who created the impression that he was a retard which contributed to his defeat in the election. He also capped it off with Stop the Steal AFTER YEARS of condemning “goon marches.”

  3. On Nov 3 2020….The Native White Working Class Vote was nullified by nonwhite LEGAL Immigrants+the nonwhite US born children of nonwhite LEGAL Immigrants……and this is a direct consequence of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act…

    The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    The passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act


    Trump did nothing for the Native Born White American Working Class…

  4. Election fraud occurred in 2020. It’s likely Trump won. However, anyone who stuck with Trump after January, after Trump shafted his supporters AND decided to stick with the GOP instead of splitting off, is delusional.

  5. Conservatives of every stripe always manage to sound like the weakest and most pitiful faggots in existence.

    • Everybody has everything on him. That is why he grifted us for 5 years. My husband warned me and I did not listen. My boys figured things out in 2017, in the streets.

      How do we get our money back from this fraud? I donated thousands to Trump & went to every rally down here and flew to a few rallies up North. If JB wasn’t the man he is, he would have walked out.

      Am I pissed? Yah.

      • Cool it, Dear Vickey.

        Your money was well spent on Trump.


        Because his presence at the top of The Body Politick of this nation shook it to it’s core and accelerated, by years, perhaps decades, the arrival of what must come – the rearisal of Sovereign States and a Confederate America.

        Take the long view, not the short and don’t blame yourself or lament what you did out of good conscience.

        • That was the goal. To reveal, to force out, who real conservatives are…also, to do what that ally in the Middle East wants. It’s all planned, all scripted. Everything is going according to their plan.

          BTW, there’s no “K” at the end of “Politic”.

    • That’s my guess. I no longer take anything at face value, even Trump’s claim that he lost.

  6. There is a difference between voting for a politician and shilling for a politician. I don’t know why this is so hard for people to understand.

    I find it perfectly defensible for people to have voted for Trump in the GOP primaries and the general election. What was not defensible is shilling, lying about Trump, pretending the color of his ties were a super-duper secret signal to the “loyalists” in the military, QAnon nonsense, calling him the God-Emperor and downplaying his close business, personal and family ties to the Likud party of Israel.

    “Least worst” voting, and even party-line voting work. Blacks have the power they do because they vote as a block for the Democrats. So do Quebecers, the Quebec Block in Canada gives them oversized power.

    Whites should aspire to being a Swing Block vote. That way both parties have to cater to us.

    When you have limited power, you have to use your power in a precise way.

    All the laughable shills telling us we shouldn’t talk about Israeli control of the US government, or that we have to support Israel so the Jews will go there (they never will and nothing you say will ever have that effect) are just that – laughable shills.

    Screaming online about the Israel lobby had an effect – even Tucker Carlson had to call out the ADL’s double standards, and the recent PR disaster over Gaza has further exposed Jewish double standards. That is how to use our limited power effectively.

    For domestic politics, going after Critical Race Theory – anti-whiteness – is clearly a winning issue. Stopping immigration is the other side of that.

    But if you find yourself making excuses for a politician, you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere. They are all bastards, you just vote for our bastard, or the closest to our bastard.

    Again, I don’t see why this is so hard for people to understand. It seems quite obvious to me.

  7. Con man Zion Don even lost his most beloved jewish vote by a a landslide. Biden received 71% of the yid vote, while the self proclaimed king of Israel garnered a paltry 21%. Lmao.

    • Well, the Democrat Party may not rein in their “Anti-Semites” when they bash Israel in their speeches, but I’m sure that they still discreetly funnel money to Israel and implement every policy the Jews want. It is better for the Jews that way because it provides plausible deniability to any Jewish conspiracy or supremacy theories out there and gives them the opportunity to engage in their favorite past-time, kvetching about what victims they are.

      Trump along with other obsequious Republican toadies give the game away, leaving NO doubt about who controls the West and is responsible for the hot smelly mess it is right now. That’s why he was removed. It was not good for the Jews when he was in the White House.

    • The die-hard Trump shills are pointing to those figures as some kind of evidence that Trump is based and against the Jewish agenda.

  8. Though there is plenty of downside in a possible Trump Presidency in 2024, there is also a lot of upside, this being that I doubt states run by places like Seattle, Portland, and Sacramento, will stay in the union if he gets back in.

    The downside of another Trump Presidency is that my fellow Southerners will think the country rescued and go back to sleep again.

    As to President Trump saying he lost, I do not agree.

    No, it is abundantly clear that a vast conspiracy took place – from the CIA-orchestrated riots throughout our cities, the release of a bio-weapon, not to mention the vast collusion of the media and local and state political officials to make sure that an accurate accounting could never take place.

    I agree with a whole host of former intelligence officials, starting with General McKenierney, that the presidential election of 2020 was not on the level.

    I say that for the first time in my life, as someone who has always taken being on the losing side graciously.

    • I don’t have a crystal ball but I don’t see Drump ever running for office again, Colonel. Millions of disillusioned white males like me will not vote for him. And I doubt he could secure the financial support for another campaign.

      • @Spahn…

        Thank you, Sir, for your thoughts.

        I suppose up yonder, in such a big Northeastern city in which you find yourself, the talk is different.

        In The Southland, Trump remains a very very popular figure.

        As to his ability to run again, I do not know.

        If I were he, I would not wish to take the abuse again, but, there again, I would not have wanted to run in the first time.

        To wish to be president you have to be extremely driven by ambition, and though I certainly do not lack ambition, of various sorts, mine is nothing compared to his.

        I reckon we’ll just have to see.

        Next stop a Republican stomp in the 2022 midterms, and, after that, will come another two years of typical do-nothing Republicanism.

        By 2023 I expect most of the country to be howling loudly from the horrifick inflation and that, I do b’lieve, will usher in the reorganization of this country.

        A sustained bad economy will be the last straw for a country that has, in all other respects, grown tired of itself.

        Be well, My Friend!

    • The was no electoral fraud, at least no more than usual. Why would there need to be when both candidates are 100% subservient to the ZOG?

      No what happened was that Trump told his own supporters to vote in person. He told them to do this over and over again. Meanwhile leftists (being the Karens that they are) voted by mail in huge numbers. The result was a surge in Trump votes at the start of the night and then a complete reversal as the mailed in votes were counted later on.

      Now for a very low IQ person who is emotionally invested in a Zognald victory the temptation to call this completely normal occurrence ‘fraud’ was simply too great.

  9. I’m staying as a Republican because they mostly oppose critical race theory training sessions.

    Trump opposed them to so in 2024 I would vote for him based on that.

    People who are concerned with civil liberties should take a look at any primary run by Sen. Rand Paul.

    I really do not like CRT (which is just dressed up anti-White racism). Am basically a single issue voter on that now as America becomes increasingly anti-White.

  10. I agree with Todd–someone has something on him and has threatened to go public. Trump’s no saint, even if the 2020 election was rigged–which it was.

  11. This reminds me of how great President Jefferson Davis really was. He went through a lot and while others were cucking out to the Yankee Empire, he never did. He may have not been the greatest Confederate in popularity but he was faithful to the cause to the end.

    It would seem as if Trump is terminally ill to ever concede anything to his bitter enemies who want to destroy him.

  12. Trump does need to go away. I’d rather have another Biden term, which will accelerate the end and bring about the will to secede (functionally or otherwise), rather than another four years of do-nothing Trump, while progressives build their forces in the background. Say what you will, but Anglin is absolutely right. The memory of Trump (if inaccurate, but still) is all that is left, and the man should respect that and go away quietly.

      • I don’t believe in *violent* accelerationism.

        It is a proven failure, however, whenever Democrats are in power in Washington more people pay attention to politics and seem to shift more in our direction. Smart accelerationism is grasping this distinction

    • Both parties are causing “acceleration”. That is….burying Whites faster and faster.

  13. It must be the most profitable thing for a rich white man to do…become anti-white and reap the rewards.

  14. i wouldn’t be surprised if Trump won the popular vote … the REAL popular vote.

    However, I think he lost crucial electoral reports because he followed the advice of Jared Kushner (who told him to ignore the White working class that brought him to the White House because he already “had the trailer park vote locked in”) and followed any recommendations by True Conservatives Inc. in the Republican Party to aggressively court the Non-White vote.

    The White working class (which he desperately needed to retake the Blue Wall countries) stayed home.

    So, yeah, there was massive cheating, but if Trump had just ignored any charges of racism and did handstands to keep the White working class vote in his pocket, he would have also captured the Non-White working class and any suburbanite Whites who were race realists.

    It’s the electora votes more than the popular votes that determine who gets the presidency. Trump forgot the necesssity of remembering that even though the Democrats and their Republican establishent allies were engaged in open ballot fraud.

    I honestly think they knew what a disaster Biden was and were pretty sure that Trump would win, so they perpetrated the fraud to kneecap Trump’s second term in office just like they had the first. I’m sure they were as shocked as Trump when Biden actually won the electoral votes in the Blue Wall states.

    Those Blue Wall states were Trump’s to lose and he did, thanks to Kushner.

  15. This seems all part of Trump’s standard MO: Enkindle your follower’s trust only to let them down and out to dry. Even after this final blow I suspect many of them will remain in denial. It’s hard to admit you got conned.

  16. What a colossal pile of dog shit Dump is. Liar. Kike-whore. Fraud. Coward. Betrayer. Literally the ONLY good thing he did was violate the (((OneParty))) taboo of talking about open borders & the destruction of the working class with globalism. And talk was all he did.

    • Tricked us into voting for him the first time, with “The Wall”. Never deported them, let more in than even Obama. All of the Hondurans he said weren’t allowed in…they all got in. So did all of those Central Americans.
      Yes, it was all talk. The “Law and Order President”, while cities burned, businesses destroyed, looted, and robbed.
      He could have done something while he was in office, but he didn’t. Then he slithered away, after his “lawyers” claimed to be able to do something about the election. Then the talk stopped. Now he is going on about the vaccine. HIS vaccine. OMG

      • Played with himself on Twatter for 4 years, until they finally Cancelled his orange ass. He could have gone a long way toward breaking those Silicon Valley cunts, but instead he welcomed them into the White House because he admired them as fellow Big Wheels, his kinda people – while they hated his fucking guts & successfully shitcanned him. Just like their allies the kikes he so lovingly fellated did.

  17. The Election was stolen. 100% without a doubt.

    But, Trump exiting the political stage is vital.

    He’s a complete fraud, failure, and false hope.

    Let him go grift up Patriotard Boomer dollars with Bill O’Reilly who did the same thing for years.

    You can hate Trump, realize his truly vile nature and still oppose Election fraud.

    This is not hard, Wigtards.

  18. Those of you stoooopud ZOGling whiggers who stupidly voted for a pussy-grabber really got nothing but a pussy.

    I know that I whupped you MAGAtards up on and before the Glorious and Sorta Pathetic “Insurrection Day” of January 6th, but in reality I was just using you Trumptards like I do everyone except muh hottt-twatt daughter and her jew husband. I insist on loyalty but give nothing back because like Bubba Caligula, Crooked Hillary, Obongo, and George Dumbya Boosh I’m just a selfish idiotic {{{Boomer}}} even worse than a (((jew))). A {{{Boomer}}} is a Rev. 2:9 Proselytite twice the Child of Hell because we are (((jew))) between the ears if not (((jew))) between the legs.

    Pity pore Assley what’s her name, killed by Judas Pence’s nigger pig, who put Assley What’s Her Name in her grave. Or the pore Trumptards who cum-cum cum-cum to the District of Corruption to Stop the Steal who were set up by FiBbIe ZOG-piglice and then jailed and tortured by DC piglice in jail. Yes, I offered to lead and then run off to the TRUMP-FuerherBunker with gold-plated toilet and white silk carpets. I pardoned a bunch of niggers and a very few of the Trumptards who did muh dirty work, but the rest of you MAGA-Trump-tards can just get humped by the Deep State.

    Look, you knew that I was a {{{Boomer}}} piece of shit and some of you got fooled twice and yes, I fucked you and don’t really care. So what?

    So why not “admit” that I lost so that I don’t go to prison where there are no jew whores and I have to eat slop and shit on a stainless steel toilet and wipe muh fat selfish {{{Boomer}}} ass with John Wayne toilet paper that is rough and tough and won’t take no shit off of no one? Hell, a roll of brown prison toilet paper is of far more use to the average whigger in Flyover Cuntree than I was.

    So fuck you, fuck you, fuck you very much muh Faithfool MAGA-Trumptards both in 2016 and 2020.

    You best work on saving yourselfs and not rely on con-men like myself to save your worthless stupid whigger asses is my only advice to you.

    Jail Victory !!!

    ZOG-Emperor Donald Drumpff

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