Sir John A. MacDonald Has Been Cancelled In Canada


These little monsters only want to get rid of the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments which are uniquely racist. Meanwhile in Canada, Sir John A. MacDonald and Winston Churchill monuments are under attack. The country itself is illegitimate because of “racism” and “settler colonialism.”

Toronto Sun:

“KINGSTON — Sir John A. Macdonald stood proudly in Canada’s original capital for 126 years.

The statue had been in City Park downtown since it was erected in 1895 to commemorate Canada’s first prime minister who served from 1867 until 1873 and again from 1878 until 1891.

It is not there anymore.

Not because protesters ripped it down like the recent trend. This was taken down by a city crew after city council voted to move on from this statue. Just like that 154 years of Canadian history found itself on the other end of a removal crane with ropes and cables that many commented looked like a noose.

In no time the father of Confederation was gone. …”

Woke progressivism isn’t merely an American problem.

The same class of people exist in all Western countries. They create the same problems driven by the same ideology everywhere you look. The same class of people also oppose them in all Western countries. In Canada, they are so woke under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that monuments of John A. MacDonald are being toppled now, which in this country be like toppling George Washington. Winston Churchill was FDR’s counterpart. Michael Lind has pointed out that FDR will inevitably be cancelled too.

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  1. Canaduh is illegitimate because of banker supremacy. I’m more than happy seeing statues of the Rothschild’s toadies come down. Don’t stop there Canaduhians! You never had your own country it was all a lie. Do you think a sovereign democracy would ever elect an assclown like Trudeau?

    • @KT88 – Absolutely ignorant, juvenile and asinine. You hate Jews more than you care about White people or Western Civilization. You stand for absolutely nothing but your deracinated and petty self-indulgences.

  2. “noose has been installed around SirJohn A MacDonald’s neck”

    There’s a deeply malevolent symbolism in that action, for a certain tribe.

    • Meanwhile Blackrock moved $trillions of extracted judenfietsen from the US economy to start the first (((foreign))) owned investment capital group in China.

  3. “Blackrock moved $trillions ”

    Just as they have moved our industrial base, over the past 3 decades.

    Thanks, Henry K

  4. But it will be quite ok for the Hindus…Sihks…Muslims to take over Canada the Nation created by White Men…It has nothing to do with the Siberian Migrants to Canada…

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