Proud Boys and Antifa Brawl In Oregon City

Where is Civil War 2 most likely to break out?

That’s an easy one. If it ever happens in our lifetimes, it will clearly begin out on the West Coast in Portland as Oregon disintegrates due to the poor governance of shitlib urbanites. Alabama and Mississippi are quiet by comparison. We watch all the chaos that unfolds in Blue States on television.

Note: These little skirmishes are like the thunder and lightning before the approaching storm arrives.

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  1. Portland had the distinction of being the whitest city in the US in a state that legally prohibited blacks well into the 20th century. I think our kosher overlords are using Portland as a test case for destruction much like Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  2. The proud Boys are a bunch of fat faggots.

    Though they did manage to somehow take control of the Nevada GOP so maybe their not all idiots.

    • Piss off.

      Proud Boyd had courage to contest the street with the worst Antifa, Communist, BLM scum.

      I haven’t seen any suit and ties Conservatives do that in my entire lifetime.

      It takes courage and a set of ba*** to contest the street against the worst Antifa cult marxist scum and the same old same old NRA GUNS GUNS GUNS types are always AWOL when it comes to contesting the street fight our enemies with fists and boots.

      The current bad ass White guy Heavy Weight champion of the world is a White Irish Gypsy King Tyson Furry.

      In contrast we haven’t had an undisputed White American heavy weight boxing champion since ~ 1957 with Rocky Marciano and he was pretty Fresh off the boat Italian American.

      Face it, White Americans haven’t been raised to physically fight with courage, without guns my entire lifetime. This is another reason too many White Americans always go for ZOG Neo Conservative wars -= makes em feel like they are actually fighting men.


      • 888 didn’t read shit

        Proud Boys are LARPing faggots and Gavin McInnes stuck a dildo up his ass on TV. Lololololololololol

        • Jimmy Dean is not wrong. A gathering of Afrotino and gay men who love the Republican party has nothing to do with us

      • Street fighting is not wise. Antifa gets less than a slap on the wrist. Patriots, on the other hand, get held without bail, without being told the charges against them, without contact with their attorney or family, pending a rigged trial and draconian sentencing.

        Instead, use tactics that realistically take into account the fact that the entire system is stacked against us.

        Employ economic and social warfare. Boycott woke capital, especially Hollywood. Shun Antifa/BLM-supporting former friends and former family.

        Always vote in both primary and general elections, for the candidate who is best on immigration.

        Take good care of yourself. Keep yourself strong physically, financially, socially and spiritually for the long haul. Their strategy is to wear down and break down every individual dissident. They want us on the road to prison, psych ward and suicide. Deny them the pleasure.

        Respectfully disagree with fellow dissidents if necessary, but never tear them down as human beings. No petty malice or spiteful infighting! Don’t do the enemy’s dirty work for him.

        Take advantage of any promising opportunities for lawsuits.

        Honestly, this is the only topic that interests me. What tactics should be employed to weaken the Jewish-supremacist ruling class, to hasten the day when real Americans can take back their country. Everything else is bullshit.

        • @BTI…

          I do not know who you are, but, you, Sir, a brilliant.

          Yep, you’ve got it figured out.

          Now all we have to do is figure out how to get you on the 6 o’clock news…

      • @jaye ryan The country is falling apart, and whites are being replaced, and you’re concerned about boxing.

  3. Just this morning someone dear to me said that he did not think that Rural and Smalltown Oregonians would allow Portland, to permanently go to the dogs.

    I disagreed, my thinking being that it’s too hard to save a group of people from themselves, just as it is almost impossible to derail a loved one who is elf-destructive.

    If there is some future, other than that of being ghost towns, for these huge metropolises in Blue States, then I do not see it.

    • Elf destructive people shouldn’t be derailed. Let them destroy those weirdos, who never lifted a finger when the orcs destroyed my shire.

  4. They are all White, killing each other. Am I the only one noticing this?

    When we cheer a side to kill our young White men, are we any better than the blacks?

    This world is upside down.

  5. Take me down to an Oregon city, where the grass is pink and the girls got bitties, now, oh won’t you please take me home!

  6. It would be nice if those rioters stopped fighting each other and attacked the pigs and politicians instead.

  7. This is very interesting. I’m a former Oregon native, and Oregon City is a sleepy, working class suburb on the very southern edge of the PDX metro area. Not at all where you would expect this sort of thing. Of course, I’m assuming both groups are mostly from other OR cities, but it would be reasonable to assume there are proud boys living in Oregon City.

    • “Former Oregon native”? That’s impossible. “Native” means where you were born. I understand that you would want to disassociate yourself from those horrible people, but if you were born there, you are a native, like it or not.

      • Sorry, I do mean I was born there, but moved. It’s too bad, because outside of the tri-county Portland metro area, most people in OR are actually very normal, and it’s a beautiful state.

  8. What is more interesting than evaluating what one may think the character of the two adversaries is, or any particular locality, in this case Portland, is what such events auger for the nation.

    The violent polarization of the society, and then the breakdown of law, facilitated, and or brought about by, the local, state, and national governments that seek to exploit that polarization to particular ends is someone that, to my mind, is quite unusual in the history of this country, particularly in how this activity is sustained and widespread, as opposed to just being local and very short term.

    • @Ricky…

      As I frequently read comments here to my family, Sir, my wife would like you to know that she is right fond of yours, and, in particular, loves your questions…

  9. “These little skirmishes are like the thunder and lightning before the approaching storm arrives.”

    Brilliant pithy analysis, as per usual…

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