Brian Stelter: Why Isn’t FOX News Fact-Checking Tucker Carlson’s January 6th Claim?

It is Sunday.

You know what that means. It is time to catch up on Reliable Sources.

In this episode, Brian Stelter gossiped again and basically waved his hands and did an “I can’t even” about Tucker Carlson’s claim that the FBI had undercover agents and informants present during the Capitol Siege. At no point did Stelter bother to challenge, refute this claim or present new evidence. Instead, he brought on another “expert” to try to stigmatize anyone who asks that question as CRAZY and a CONSPIRACY THEORIST even though we already know that the head of the Proud Boys was an FBI informant and that the FBI had infiltrated other groups like the Threepers.

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      • Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, you be ques-shun-nin’ why we be gibbin’s $$$ to Massa Jeebus’ elder brothas an’ sistas … Lord have mercy, bit your tongue, on such crazy anti-chris-shun-ness!!!

        (PS, pardon my poor attempt at “black speech”,,, I am not a native speaker)

  1. I was wrong. I was quite sure at the time that the Deep State would never do anything as humiliating to their rule as January 6th was. These people are not clever they just steam roll their mistakes with media and narrative control. Now challenging a massively fraudulent election is Treason. Treason against them I suppose. Whites don’t even have a single country to be treasonous against unless you designate slave revolts as Treason.

  2. Let the bastard offspring of Mr. Sardonicus and Jason Alexander “fact check” homosexual simian Don Lemon’s claim that a rogue black hole swallowed Maylasia Airliner MH370.

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