Prosecutors Drop Hundreds of Looting Charges In New York City Amid Crime Surge

Do you remember all the people who rioted and looted stores and who terrorized their fellow citizens in New York City last summer in honor of George Floyd? I’ve never been there, but I watched it on television and wrote about it here. It looked from my perspective like there was a draconian lockdown followed by absolute chaos. It turns out that those people are going to get away with breaking the law.

New York Post:

“Hundreds of alleged looters and rioters busted last year in protests over George Floyd’s murder by police have had their charges dropped, according to NYPD data — figures ripped as “disgusting” by a local business owner.

In The Bronx — which saw fires in the street and mass looting in June 2020 — more than 60 percent of arrestees have had charges dropped, according to the investigation by NBC New York.

Seventy-three of the 118 people arrested in the borough had their cases shelved altogether, another 19 were convicted on lesser counts like trespassing, which carries no jail time, the report said. …

In Manhattan — where looters ran rampant across Soho and Midtown— 222 of those arrested had their cases completely dropped, while 73 got lesser counts.

Of the 485 people busted in the borough, 128 have open criminal court cases, while 40 juvenile defendants had their cases moved to family court, NBC found. …”

I figured at the time that they were going to get away with it.

New York City cops were out there hugging the rioters and looters. They were kneeling before them. Bill de Blasio made good on “Defund the Police. As soon as it got dark, the anarchist mobs would come back out and try to kill the cops. There were a bunch of videos of this which I linked to here last summer which have all been censored by Twitter. They are coddled by “journalists” and progressive prosecutors.

“White supremacy” had nothing to do with the riots in New York City or the spike in anti-Asian hate crimes. We’ve done nothing but watch New York City go to shit over the past year from the tranquil, pleasant and “backward” countryside. Some huge number of people who lived there have left and don’t intend on ever coming back. Can you blame them for wanting to get out of that shithole?

Note: The law is only a weapon which these people intend to use against you.

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  1. In San Francisco they just passed a law that says you can steal up to $900 worth of goods and you won’t be prosecuted. They did the same thing in Seattle. I wonder if they did the same in Portland, or is that coming soon? Breaking down law and order to take over cities, is a strategy they are following.

  2. This might be sensationalist reporting. Apparently cases are reassigned during the summer. If they are not then this is very real.

  3. Pension pigs think they can let these things pass in an attempt to save themselves. It never works out in the end.

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