Jack Rosen: We Need to Stop Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Online Extremism Before It Gets Violent

Jack Rosen is the president of the American Jewish Congress.


“The American political system is under attack from far-right extremists and white supremacists. This battle for the democracy and diversity that define America has already spilled into violence and insurrection. It begins not in the streets but in the shadows of online chat rooms and social networking sites that spread lies and disinformation, foment anger and hatred, and coordinate dangerous action.

How our country deals with this challenge will have a direct impact on our political process, as divisive politicians like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) are actively leveraging these networks to build their political power.

It’s worth remembering that the FBI says that domestic extremism represents a worse terrorist threat to Americans than ISIS and Al Qaeda, which is why the Biden Administration’s decision to join the “Christchurch call” to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online is a good first step. Among the first targets should be the far-right social networking site called “Gab.” …

There are two options for dealing with online platforms that promote hate—and potential violence—in our political system. The first is to ban them. There are precedents in law where exceptions to the First Amendment regarding hate speech exist. These standards could be applied to political campaigns as well, making it clear that hate speech in support of political candidates will not be tolerated and that, by extension, funds raised by politicians on hate-based platforms like Gab will not be permitted. …”

As you have probably noticed, I don’t write about every little Marjorie Taylor Greene controversy because it is a waste of time. It would be like hanging on every word uttered by AOC who has otherwise accomplished nothing in Washington in spite of her social media celebrity status. Greene recently apologized to the Jews though for comparing vaccine passports to the Holocaust.

The Jewish position, however, is that her apology is not accepted. They want the Biden administration to censor Gab and the rest of the internet. They are saying that “the Constitution is not a suicide pact for American democracy” which means that no one should have the right to criticize Jews online or raise money or support political candidates or participate in “American democracy.” Jews have the prerogative to criticize White people from literally every corporate media platform in existence, but Gab and other websites should not exist because responding to them is “anti-Semitism.”

Anyway, this won’t come as a surprise to anyone here. We all know how Organized Jewry operates whether it is the AJC, ADL or the SPLC. Most White people are unaware of Jewish privilege though. This is an opportunity for you to point to this article and share it with your normie friends who do not believe that Jews are behind social media censorship.

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  1. Because Miss Marjorie won’t talk about ‘The Jewish Question’, and because she bends the knee to Israel, she cannot please The Far Right, and, because, on all other issues, she advances The White Southern Populist Line, she’ll never stop being a target for Yankee Jewry Inc.

    Personally, I think she is very helpful.


    Because she has moved, and continues to move, The Overton Window, on many many issues.

    She’s sassy, and we have not had sassy Southern Politicians since Jesse Helms left the senate, and that is a very long time.

    We need George Wallaces, Lester Maddoxes, Asa Carters, and Negro leaders, like Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, and Lt. governor Mark Robinson of my state, to verbally confront the Jew England Yankee United States’ Government System, and to do it on a regular basis – the style of it does not matter.

    They, they who run and support the Jew England Yankee System, need to get used to being uncomfortable, because that is what we are going to do, from here on out.

    As Dr. Hill, of The League of The South, long ago was in the habit of saying : ‘We won’t be quiet just so that you can be comfortable.’

    I agree with that, wholeheartedly, and Miss Marjorie is the best example of this, on the national level, that we’ve had in a very very long time.

    You go get ’em, Girl!!!

    • If you are not talking about the FED and Jewish financial and media control you might as well be cheering an (((NFL))) team. Go Red Team! Yay! We’re number one!

      • @KT-88…

        My commnent, Kind Sir, has zero to do with Democrat, Republican, Red, Blue, or any other inanities to which you correctly refer.

        No, Sir – I am talking about The Body Politick, and the ideas which are being discusst that will move people’s head into a different realm.

        Breaking the lines that have long been establisht, and, unfortunatley, enforcet, is a major part of that, and, though The Left has long been able to do that, The Right not so much.

        To that end, moving the minds of those who are still intimidated by the constraints of political correctness, Miss Marjorie has been, and, indeed, will continue to be, of great benefit.

    • God,yes!; MTG most certainly has MY vote!,I mean,just by DEMANDING those “lounge lizards” & “candy-cane-special-interests-whores” who DENIGRATE the HALLOWED halls of our Capital building get off their OVER-PAMPERED,fat,useless,asses,AND!,started working AGAIN!,for the average American taxpayers,IS!,extremely REFRESHING!: man!,I sincerely hope she’s on the Republican Presidential ticket come 2024,don’t YOU?

  2. Has those two hypocrite jews said anything about Soros funding and supporting violent blm and antifa? Of course, they never attack their own. It’s always do what we say, not as we do.

    • No matter how much that broad grovels for forgiveness the jews will not relent until she has been thoroughly humiliated.

      • @Spahn…

        That’s true. I told my wife, as I read this tonight : ‘I hope Miss Marjorie understands that there will be no mollifying those who are opposed to her, unless she is prepared to either shut up, entirely, or become a mouthpiece for them.

        Fortunately, I see no signs that she is going to do that.

        She made a small gesture of mollification, probably at the behest of The Republican Leadership, e. i. Minority head Congressman McCarthy.

        In a few days, if no tomorrow, Miss Marjorie will be right back upon her saddle, and wielding her six-shooter in blessedly careless ways…

  3. “exceptions to the First Amendment regarding hate speech exist.”

    Uh, NO !

    There is no such thing as ‘hate speech’.
    (The mask is slipping, we’re starting to see the true contempt jews have for our rights)

    • @Arrian…

      Quite correct, Sir.

      And if we did not know this well, ourselves, we only have to refer to Justice Clarence Thomas, who once said : ‘The 1st Amendment exists to protect ‘Hate-Speech …

      Or, in another time, said : ‘There is no such thing as ‘Hate-Speech’.

  4. I just looked at the AJC’s page on Twitter and it’s the most obnoxious, hate-crazed hysteria I’ve ever seen. I’m assuming it’s not a parody account but it might as well be! It’s almost as if those hostile alien bloodsuckers are deliberately trying to provoke another pogrom.

  5. I suspect Greene has had some extramarital affairs that the jews are threatening to expose in order to discredit her in the eyes of her conservative Christian supporters. “OMG, you would really use all of that against me?”

    • I don’t know why any man would touch her, but I guess there are always desperate dogs with zero standards out there.

    • Maybe, Dear Spahn, though I think it is just more GOP leadership pressure on her, which, just as she has done before, she will briefly acquiesce, and then a few days later pull our her six-shooter again…

  6. Trying to claim you don’t control the media and Washington while controlling the media and Washington, doesn’t help your arguments very much. Many more normies are noticing this. Tuckers rant about the ADL was seen by a lot of people. Every time the Jewish political community gets pushy like this, more people notice. They would be better off keeping their stupid mouths shut. But I guess they just can’t, I guess.

  7. May just have to start a Gab account to spite this jude. (I happen to prefer Telegram and I have joined MTG channel on their even.)

  8. There is no greater hatred in this world than the Jew hatred for the innocent Christ, you remember that the next time one of these kykes start popping off about hate and through it back in his face.

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