The State of the Movement

Greg Johnson has written an article about this on Counter-Currents. He is talking about the state of the White Nationalist movement under Joe Biden.

I would draw a distinction between White Nationalism and White Populism. The former is centered on the idea of creating a White ethnostate. The latter is a much broader group of disaffected White working class and White middle class Americans who feel under siege for being White, who have nativist politics and who are getting more defensive and anxious about their place in America. These are the people who Charles Murray is worried about embracing White identity politics.

I’ve been watching these two groups for several years now. Around the time of Charlottesville, the “Alt-Right” or “White Nationalists” were around 5% to 10% of the American population and larger percentage of the White population. In spite of the fallout from that event, this baseline number hasn’t changed in recent years. The number of people who identified as “Alt-Right” or “White Nationalists” didn’t change. Support for Confederate monuments in Virginia remained unchanged. Donald Trump’s approval rating at the time didn’t really change either. He was already losing momentum in the polls due to Ryancare. The corporate media coverage of the event dramatically overstated the impact of Charlottesville. The country was deeply polarized in 2017 and has only became much more polarized in 2021.

There was a recent poll in Oregon which illustrated this dynamic and how “the movement” has changed since 2017. 11% of Oregonians now say that they support White Nationalism which is sharply up from 6% in previous surveys. Meanwhile, 39% of Oregonians believe that “White people in America face unfair discrimination and unfair treatment because of their race” and 41% believe “America must protect and preserve its White European heritage.” So, you have two groups of people who can be classified as pro-White in Oregon with White Nationalists being around 11% and the broader group of potential sympathizers being around 40%. This is also in one of the most shitlib parts of the country. In the 2020 election, Donald Trump won 40.37% of the vote in Oregon. The poll showed that the people who are most sympathetic to White Nationalism lived outside of Portland and the Willamette Valley.

I can point you to other recent polls. The shocking YouGov poll which came out in January showed that 87% of Trump voters were concerned about the growth of anti-White discrimination and that 80% rejected White privilege theory. The same poll found that 64% of Trump voters believe that their race or ethnicity is extremely, very or some what important to their identity while only 17% said it was not at all important. 76% of Trump voters perceive Antifa as an extremely high threat compared to 18% who said the same about White Nationalists. 30% of Trump voters said in that poll that White Nationalists weren’t a threat at all. Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg has also found in recent surveys that Trump voters are incensed and anxious about anti-whiteness and cancel culture.

The Republican Party is currently split 85/15 between Trump supporters and Never Trumpers. The issue that divides them is social liberalism. The Never Trumpers are the suburban moderates who have cosmopolitan, modernist and antiracist values. The GOP establishment wing has shrunk inside the party into a disaffected rump. The other 85% of the party are reacting against America’s anti-Christian culture and the growth of anti-whiteness. White Populism is now utterly dominant inside the base of the Republican Party and the trend has dramatically accelerated since the George Floyd riots which has hardened racial attitudes among White working class and White middle class voters.

Since Donald Trump lost the 2020 election (to use a geological metaphor), we have seen an expansion of both the core (support for explicit White Nationalism) and the mantle (support for White Populism where White racial consciousness is regenerating) and the crust (surface level expressions of this like the sudden rebellion against CRT, the term “anti-white” suddenly becoming mainstream, talk of demographic replacement, etc.). This is why you are seeing such a hysterical reaction by the Biden administration because the growth of White identity politics is a runaway train now inside the Republican base.

It is true that censorship and deplatforming has taken a huge toll on the Alt-Right. The social media platforms are so heavily censored now one might log into Twitter and come away with the impression that all of those people who made so much noise during the 2016 election have disappeared. They haven’t disappeared though. This is just an illusion created by censorship. Underneath the placid surface that our elites have created from themselves once they started receiving negative feedback, the trend has only continued to gain momentum. The same is true of the uniformity of the corporate media. It caters to the professional class. It doesn’t represent the views of large swathes of the country which is why we are in the midst of an explosion of populism. The last four years have been terrible for organizations, which can be sued and disrupted, and social media entrepreneurs who rely on social media platforms and payment processors to spread their message and fund their work. It is much harder for people like us to network and raise money, but what we represent is unquestionably still gaining traction.

This is why we are currently in such a weird moment. You have lots of people who were big names in the Alt-Right and who were very active a few years ago who have either gone silent or have become demoralized. At the same time, you have normies who are angry enough to storm the Capitol because their “redpilling” began like a year or two ago. You can also turn on FOX News and see content which would have been unthinkable a year ago and which sounds remarkably close to our messaging. The gap between the “mainstream Right” and the “Dissident Right” has dramatically narrowed simply because the Republican base is on fire with Joe Biden in the White House berating them for their systematic racism and “white supremacy.” The same thing happened under Obama to a lesser degree.

The definition of “racism” itself was changed last year. The Left officially abandoned liberalism and colorblindness in favor of woke progressivism. It is now a self-evident truth in the Democratic Party that all White people are born racists and guilty of racism and suffer from White privilege and White fragility and that the system itself is also racist. It must be torn down root and branch because there is nothing good about this evil country. Individual intent doesn’t matter because we are all “racists” no matter what we do or how hard we try. Robin DiAngelo says that White progressives are the worst racists of all. It was in that moment during the chaos last June that it dawned on me that we would ultimately prevail. There is simply no space anymore for any “respectable” conservative opposition to woke progressivism that isn’t “racist” by definition. Joe Biden recently said that Georgia has become a “Jim Eagle” state.

I’ve never been more active than I have been in 2021. I’m confident and optimistic. It doesn’t matter that we are being censored on Twitter which is a glorified chat room. Most people in this country aren’t even on Twitter. The draconian censorship is a symptom of utter desperation. “The movement” is poorly funded and “post-organizational” and censored and the target of state repression, but is triumphing nevertheless. It is not due to what I am saying on this website. It is has much more to do with what Joe Biden is saying and CNN and MSNBC are saying on television. The Left is now explicitly anti-White. If the frog was once slow boiling in a pot in the 2000s and 2010s, it is now boiling over in the 2020s.

In light of all this, I see it as our job to create a message which resonates and gains traction with this huge and growing group of racially anxious Whites. Obviously, these people aren’t as radical as us, but they are warming up and moving in our direction. The likes of Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi have only done us a favor. It is easier than ever before to reach these people because anti-whiteness is everywhere these days and because we share the same enemies and have similar values and interests while the “journalists” who suffer from “trauma” and the so-called “watchdog organizations” have less credibility than ever before.

There are other encouraging trends going on as well. Donald Trump isn’t around to divide and demoralize us anymore. The accelerationist mass shooters seem to have disappeared on their own. Some of the most toxic people from the Alt-Right years (i.e., MILO and Andrew Anglin) have lost influence. Everything that could possibly go wrong under Joe Biden appears to be going wrong (crime, immigration, political correctness, inflation, etc.) which is setting the stage for the next big upswing.

Maybe I am cautiously optimistic before the FBI busts down my door and hauls me to the gulag for “hate speech,” but I am encouraged by trends and underlying fundamentals.

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  1. “Diversity” has created a monster, mostly thru blacks, that’s out of control. Even brain dead “colorblind” Whites can’t help bur notice even as they continue to deny the evidence of their senses.

    • That is the plan. Most whites are too busy idolizing nonwhite football stars and yelling, “my team!”, while drinking beer.

  2. A lefty BLM supporting fambly friend of mine that I thought was hopeless had a major breakdown recently. Now he keeps saying things like “they are going to kill us” and “they want to kill my children!”. If this guy is coming around I suspect more whites are doing this both in Europe and N. America.

  3. The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    The passage of the 1965 Nonwhite LEGAL Immigrant Increase Act


  4. And this sums it all up:



    Both years….the same special interest….(((…)))

    The Lincoln Project=Homosexual Pederasty…consistent with Ronald Reagan’s Homosexual Pederast Whitehouse…

  5. Hunter,

    You’re completely right, and that is why it is more important than ever now to call out and isolate subversive elements seeking to hijack the alternative narrative provided to this disaffected population by core figures. “Radical Feminism” is absolutely a Zionist psychological operation. Beware.

    • Most women are so brainwashed as to be disposable. You don’t want them raising children. They no longer have a valuable function in society. It is going to take several generations to undo the damage if we even survive.

      • I was not referring to feminism as such, though I agree with you on the issue, but rather a small yet poisonous twitter clique that coalesced around Richard Spencer lately, with his patronage mind you. I won’t mention anything further as there’s been massive drama lately.

        The movement? It’s like Hunter is the last guy standing. Everyone and everything else has disintegrated. Be careful what you say and who you trust, we are in the End Times. Certainly don’t do anything stupid.

        • Re: “The movement? It’s like Hunter is the last guy standing. Everyone and everything else has disintegrated”:

          How many anonymous commenters are on this thread? Two or three?

      • @KT88 – You have “men” like yourself to thank for women being so willing to turn on you.

        • and like that, the “Radical Feminists” are even stalking this website. Apparently they’re stalking just about every remaining holdout of non-conformist thinking.

          You know, there really is a positive side to everything. Watching you hypocrites crash and burn all the same with the rest of us is going to bring a smile to my face.

    • Re: “You’re completely right”:

      anonymous, it’s unclear (at least to me) whether this state-of-the-movement post means that populist moderacy is giving way now to explicit White Nationalism on Occidental Dissent. Evidently the movement being referred to is not populism but White Nationalism itself.

      Re: “these people aren’t as radical as us, but they are warming up and moving in our direction”:

      Is Occidental Dissent radical now, or is it still moderate? However, White Nationalism is not really radical, cannot be radical. It is classist and reactionary, very conservative, very protective of private property and capitalism in general.

      Ethno-national socialism / communism with ethnic characteristics is something entirely different from “WN.”

      • I have a text book from the beginning of the 20th century “White Nationalism” is nothing radical really ,there insane ideas might have worked as long as anti-racism was a 2 way street but our enemies just cant help themselves ,type White baby on Twitter ?

    • Radical Feminism” is absolutely a Zionist psychological operation. Beware

      Its a bit more complicated than that.

      The Women Question has always been an issue in the Movement, long before most of us got involved. It was an issue back in the Stormfront/VNN days of the 90s and 00s, and it was an issue in the early 2010s on the emerging Alternative Right websites. Hunter wrote an excellent article about the matter in July 2013.

      Then starting in 2014, this issue festered into a full-fledged cancer, driven both by the Misogynists and the RadFems in a symbiotic toxic whirlwind. In my opinion, it began with the Misogynists like Anglin and Weev, who started promoting legalized rape and “White Sharia” on the Daily Stormer. A bunch of troll accounts ran with that and started bullying women out of the movement just because they are women.

      By the summer 2015, a lady named Sinead McCarthy, who used to be active on Youtube and who is married to street activist Kyle Hunt, started identifying as a feminist and encouraged other White women in the movement to bail. In many ways, she was ahead of the curve. For better and for worse.

      I say for the better because White women of good moral character should never be subjected to that kind of hate. I never thought it was necessary to “troll” the likes of Lauren Southern, Tara McCarthy, or other names I don’t even remember. It was necessary for there to be a coalition of White women who pushed back against that.

      Unfortunately, the coalition that actually ended up pushing back ended up being RadFems who would have hated White men regardless of how they talked or what they said about White women. The Radfems found their way to the Movement because most of them are TERFs (look it up) who were purged in 2018 and 2019 from mainstream liberalism. They were 100% on board with the anti-white agenda until they realized they didn’t have a home on the Left anymore. These are women who will use the cover of Anglin/Weev tier hatred to justify their agenda, but in truth, these gals live their entire lives around “what can men do for me?”

      Its not an infiltration so much as it is a clash between two toxic factions who despise the opposite sex. These people need to be allowed to eat each other and cancel each other out. Eventually, they’ll both marginalize themselves into irrelevancy.

  6. Mixing ethnic nationalism with populism and socialism has been a winning concoction all over the world for a reason.

    • Conservative boomers and autistic libertarians are absolutely terrified of socialism. They have tried to turn it into a “dirty” word. But younger, more open-minded people know better.
      Perhaps we shall soon have political parties which represent the interests of white working and middle class Americans?

      • It would be interesting watching our overlords swat them down but I think it’s just going to collapse. Do they really think they are going to air lift the 8 or so million Jews to Israel or vice-versa when Israel collapses?

      • Cucksertives love “Socialism” for Globalist corporations and every group except White working class they enjoy a ton a socialism for themselfs while calling us “losers” despite Trumps many faults he was a Atomic bomb on the decayed Republican party ?

    • “Mixing ethnic nationalism with populism and socialism has been a winning concoction”:

      GENUINE ethno-socialism (not populism) is the natural human condition, in and of itself, not a strategy or contrived “concoction” (like populism) designed to reach some other goal such as strengthening or re-building White Nationalism / Western capitalist imperialism.

      An interesting find:

  7. Rick Wilson leads a cabal of Homosexual Pederasts known as the Lincoln Project….And these are the Never Tumpers..

    • @Banned Hipster I agree. There is no movement. The media allows certain things, such as Tucker Carlson, so they can point and say, “See? Look! There are WHITE SUPREMACISTS and they are out there and dangerous.” They have to make the threat “real”…
      It’s all scripted. No one is doing anything, and everyone is just waiting for someone else to do something.

  8. We should just assume that Never Trumpers are homosexual Pederasts…just like their pinup boy Abe Lincoln….

  9. That snake-haired jewess Robin DiAngelo is right about her assessment of white liberals and how dishonestly racist they are. But if the “woke” Left is alarmed by the alleged rise in white racial consciousness they have no one but themselves to blame. If they didn’t insist on constantly provoking and insulting whites they could have had their majority minority dystopia in a few more decades without having to worry about any significant white resistance.

    • Obama accelerated their timeline. The election of Obama forced the woke liberals to push harder towards the goals of the Civil Rights movement, towards getting equality.

  10. It was in that moment during the chaos last June that it dawned on me that we would ultimately prevail. There is simply no space anymore for any “respectable” conservative opposition to woke progressivism that isn’t “racist” by definition.

    You mentioned Charles Murray and his new book at the beginning. I hope I can get around to reading it before the end of this month, because my July, August and September are going to be as busy as hell in every which way you can think. If I can’t, then it won’t be until things calm down in October.

    But I know that in Murray’s own pre-release publicity, he said that he wants Facing Reality to be (pph) “a clarion call to center-leftists and center-rightists of good will. I immediately reacted to that, thinking to myself: What, all five of them? (And, even when they did matter and have power and influence, they threw Murray under the bus when things got too hot.)

    The only two ascendant political sectors in the United States, and, honestly, here in Germany, and in much of the Western world, are wokeness slash greens on the left, and the identitarian right.

  11. Thanks, Hunter. That’s encouraging! I hope you are right. I would also say to beware of those who would distract us by “China, China, China”. Neither China, nor Russia, nor Iran is our enemy.

  12. “30% of Trump voters said in that poll that White Nationalists weren’t a threat at all. ”

    To paraphrase Ilan Omar: In Oklahoma City somebody did something and that was literally last century!

    Whereas in today’s world I have to worry about getting singled out for ‘White privilege’ at job trainings or spurious false accusations of phantom ‘racism’ from some ‘precious minority’!

    Clearly WNs are not something I am going to worry about!

  13. 1. The Movement would have been much more successful had it not been full of Americans. Who beg money for their propaganda leaflets. (Selling books is retarded, unless one is in it for money.) Imagine an Iraqi terrorist selling bombs to his targets!

    2. Christianity’s foundation is the hatred of oneself. No wonder Americans are so familiar with collective masochism and cuckoldry. The original sin is 1.5 millennia old, and a veneration of Adolf Hitler is the ultimate idolatry.

    3. Still, I will not deny that Christian traditionalists are the only potentially racist force currently. Aryan people have proven to be cucks outside the pre-1945 Germany, so the potentially militant Jesus-worshippers are indeed the lesser of the evils.

    4. The frog boiling speed is an excellent refutation of those who believe in Jewish omnipotence. The ZOG is American, and all Americans are comically stupid – that must be your solace. As Christians say, “evil is self-defeating”.

    5. I’m curious as to the end-goal of White Nationalism. One way could certainly be a salvation of Europe by weakening the USA into Brazil 2.0.

  14. There is no movement Nothing. The various so called alternative sites are all caught up in faggotry. Glen Greenfag is their hero, and here this post of yours begins quoting the faggot Greg Johnson, as if he were someone decent, wise, and worth listening to rather than just being the filthy assed faggot he is.

    Show me a “movement”. There is nothing.

    I don’t think there will be a movement ever again, not in this country. These internet sites have probably less than a year left. ZOG has promised the next big thing will be an internet shutdown.

    Rural Alabama is a good place to be in the post internet world. I pity Andrew Faglin up there hanging around Columbus. He will wind up in the pot as dinner when the joggers there run out of food.

    There was once the beginnings of a movement. But it died in the swamp of Trump. There is no movement. Nothing

    • Haha, Greg Johnson has actually blocked and denounced me on Twitter.

      I just saw the title of the article and thought that I would write my take. I try to write about more than just the news on the weekends. Also does it matter if Glenn Greenwald is a faggot in Brazil if he is attacking our enemies on large platforms? Especially at a time when Joe Biden is gearing up for a “Domestic War on Terror” against the “far right”? We need more people who are willing to work.

  15. If there is a “movement’ It better start showing its teeth instead of always folding at the 1st sign of trouble and being called out by the jewish adl and their proxies.

    • The movement should be preparing for collapse. No reason to participate politically in this system.

  16. First step: Turn off the Tal-mud-vision. Second step: “deplatform” the social media by non-participation while urging others to do the same. Start painting social media users as idiot ignoramuses and dumb-cucks they have always been. I never could understand how white people could be so gullible and stupid as to willingly provide detailed information about their lives to the data miners, free of charge no less. At the very least, one should make the Jew mamzers pay dearly for it.

    Nothing scares the Jew more than, silent tight-lipped, white men. It freaks them out when they don’t know what we are thinking. Jews rely on our participation. They don’t really care about what we say as long as we keep talking about our views and attitudes so they can use the information against us.

    Like this:

    Same goes for public gatherings. White people should avoid social events like the plague they are on our race. One should note how these events are invariably staged by Jews either overtly or covertly. A classic example of this was the recent idiotic Trump support rally that enabled the Jews to stage the assault on Congress to give white Trump supporters a black eye. At the same time, that event inflamed the idiot Trump supporters over the shooting of a patriotic plant with an added bonus of a subliminal jab at firearm ownership.

    While you might not be able to beat the Jews at their game, you sure don’t have to be a willing player. White men should literally become a “silent majority,” disappearing from all public events and other gatherings not privately orchestrated outside the media spotlight. Serious repercussions should ensue when plants are discovered at those events, like taking them out and beating them to within an inch of their life so others fully understand the risks involved in such actions.

    Tactics of this nature work wonders for groups like the Hell’s Angels and Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, not to mention the Jews’ own mafia gangsters. White men need to get serious; really, really serious – deadly serious.
    What scares Jews most

  17. and Tucker is ready with his dustpan to scoop up every sucker he can with racial resentments. Nothing new for the GOP. They will say anything we want to hear, but in the end we get nothing.


  18. You are better off siding with the Muslims than you are with the queers. The only reason queers are on the right is their fear of Muslims and Muslim ways coming into force. You are never going to find a queer on the right who has a good thing to say about Islam, not one, why do you suppose that is?

    Are they serving the Jews by staking out a position on the right?

    Jews have only two trust allies, the Irish and the queers. And a whole lot of enemies.

    • Fook off, Browno! Sendin’ the fookin’ Short Strand boys round now ta bomb yer hoose!

  19. White Nationalism vs. White Populism.

    HW I’d like to know your thoughts, in a juxtaposition of the two.

    I don’t see these as exclusive or dichotomous.

    Whiteganistan is the goal. White Populism is how we can get it done in praxis. Strategy and tactics

    Maybe other folks don’t see it that way.

  20. I understand that it’s semantics, but I would call it more of a struggle (Kampf) than any formal movement. That’s just my two cents.

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