George Floyd Idol Unveiled In Brooklyn On Juneteenth

In the 19th century, Democrats used to claim that their “Black Republican” opponents at the North were determined to degrade Whites and Africanize America. They weren’t merely interested in civil and political equality and wanted to go beyond that. Instead, blacks were being put up on a pedestal to be worshipped as religious icons by self-flagellating Yankees descended from Quakers and Puritans. This was a popular stereotype of the East that was widely held by Southerners and Irish Catholic immigrants.

Note: In the 20th century, the Yankees had more success in educating the descendants of European immigrants in their public schools.

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    • We need to point out who the slavers actually were whenever possible.

      Believe me, they don’t care and /or don’t want to know.

  1. LOL!!
    His bust looks like something you would see in an anthropology exhibit on early man. LOL!!

  2. Blacks seem these days to pick the worst people to idolize. Never anybody saintly. Always a messed up useless person. They are their own worst enemies. How long till the first murder at the shrine

  3. When I see this bust all I can think of is an exhibit on pre-human hominids that you might see at the Museum of Natural History.

  4. pretty good likeness of that blubber-lipped, criminal tree-ape. Presumably not made in China.

  5. So, the truth about the Republicans and the Northern religious fanatics was known of old.

  6. They rip down statues of prominent and worthy White men and put up busts and statues of a negro drug addict criminal. This nation is imploding under its own stupidity.

  7. It’s funny they made the statue white. They couldn’t even give Saint Floyd a black statue. Had to whitewash him. That just proves how deep systemic racism goes.

  8. Wow, that statue looks like something in the “Early Hominids” section of a museum. The Elephant in the Living Room. You quite literary can see the more primitive Homo Erectus features still visible in African Blacks and Australoids. I am dead serious in saying they are something akin to Equatorial Neanderthals, a surviving population of a more primitive variety of hominids that has a significant number of their ranks who just can’t fit into modern civilizations in a productive manor. Exactly what we see in the violence and disfunction in the ghettos.

    • Even a chimp and a bonobo are different species, yet, you can barely tell them apart. The whole “we are one race” is rather odd, because a white always reproduces white offspring, and same with blacks, so the genetics are deciding.

      There were so many different failed hominins in Africa. So many prehuman strains, and they died out, or did they? Allegedly, blacks have a “ghost gene” from either Homo erectus or Homo habilis. It wouldn’t be such a far leap to think that one of these primitive strains survived.

      I think scientists DO know, and the cat hasn’t been let out of the bag yet, because they KNOW it would lead to a lot of reactions.

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