Would You Like Some Wokeness With Your Coke?

I send my very best to OD readers and my friend Hunter Wallace.

I haven’t published anything here on Occidental Dissent since before I left for Africa a year ago. I was supposed to see four countries in southern Africa, but got stuck there for five months on COVID lockdown on the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa. I had a great time in Africa and met so many nice people.

White South Africans – a nice mix of Dutch Afrikaners and British South Africans were some of the best, nicest people that I’ve ever met. The exchange rate is awesome and you get more bang for your buck than anywhere I’ve ever been in the Disunited States of America. The women of South Africa look as pretty as Swedes, but they are friendly, especially when you make the effort to learn their language and black Africans working honest jobs in South Africa are so much nicer than the African-Americans in Chicago who are destroying my native city and home.

I’m mostly out of Chicago these days though I still keep track of local issues like the murder and mayhem there that has gotten so much attention lately.

This Week (6/13 – 6/19)

Shot & Killed: 18
Shot & Wounded: 94
Total Shot: 112
Total Homicides: 18

So much progress, you know.

I’m still active on a couple of causes – working to stop the slaughter of 90% of Idaho’s beautiful grey wolves by typical, selfish, cowardly ranchers who love low-wage illegal alien workers, but can’t appreciate nature’s most beautiful animals like the grey wolves who are sacred to American Indian tribes as they were once sacred to the Romans (Romulus and Remus suckled by sacred wolf) and our Germanic and Norse ancestors.

I’m also opposing Woke Capital such as the worst corporations like Coca-Cola funding and supporting the worst Black Lives Matter causes. English liberal/leftist Coke CEO James Quincey led the Woke Capital blackmail to move the MLB All-Star game out of the state of Georgia. Georgia conservatives and defied their corporate overlords by daring to pass sensible laws against massive Black Lives Matter voter fraud.

Here’s my friend’s Farstar’s latest comic opposing Woke Coke. It is nice to see so many people from different backgrounds coming out against the toxic sugar soda drink, toxic woke politics of Coca-Cola. Soccer’s top player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, dissed Woke Coke this week.

Good for him.


  1. Fuck ranchers. I’m with you on that one. The afrikaaner dialect grows on you. Native Dutch seems faggy after you hear afrikaanse.

    • Friesland in the North Netherlands speaks a dialect of Swedish (or vice-versa). The Dutch are very close to Swedish as is North Germany.

  2. It’s good to know that SA isn’t a total hell-hole, at least not yet. Is the racial violence really as bad as we have been told or is it just happening in isolated areas?

    • I think the urbanites are in denial but I’m not super tuned in. I should start listening to their radio. They have a similar ethnic mix to Michigan. Shame Southwest Africa was already abandoned to the natives. That could have been another Southern California.

      • “Shame Southwest Africa was already abandoned to the natives. That could have been another Southern California.”

        Without Mexicans or a border.

    • Yes, tell us more, about SA. Any video ?

      Do you happen to know or contact Jan lamprecht, historyreviewed.com ?

  3. It’s too bad about the wolves – they are beautiful and intelligent animals. Is there a particular group you recommend donating money to in order to help their cause, JR?

    • @ C D,

      I was a member of Defenders of Wildlife for nearly 20 years, and they reimbursed ranchers for livestock lost to predation from wolves that were reintroduced in the Northern Rockie Mountain states from 1987-2010. From then on, ranchers were compensated well above market value for their lost livestock killed by both wolves and grizzly bears by the states conservation funds and hunting licenses.


      • I’ll wager that ranchers lose a lot more of their livestock to disease, accidents and exposure than they do to wolf attacks. Wolves are amazing animals and a vital part of the ecosystem.

      • Hey that’s great November. Good for you and good for Defenders of Wildlife.

        That’t they type of very practical, very positive actions that have been done and should done.

        True conservation, true environmentalism has always been a great issue for our people. It breaks my heart to see stupid, selfish Right Wingers giving up environmentalism, anti cruelty to beautiful animals to the worst anti White Lib Leftists, Hollywood elites, globalists etc.

        AH was a vegetarian, dog lover, he was also an artist, opposed global finance and headed a socialist workers party. I guess that must make him a terrible “Liberal Leftist” in the eyes of these cowardly, selfish Idaho ranchers who are probably still binge watching “Red Dawn” and Rambo III where Amurikun Patriotard Johnny Rambo goes off to Afghanistan to join the Muslim Jihadists to fight the “Evil Russians who are White racists or something”. Then there are those horrible Tom Clancy books like “The Hunt for Red October” where my name sake Jack Ryan fights the evil racist NAZI Russians.

        In other really bad Idaho patriotard news, the son of Cowboy race traitor Cliven Bundy is apparently running for Governor of Idaho – he’s aparently backing the BLM effort to abolish the police, abolish all environmental laws against slaughtering beautiful Idaho Grey wolves in the most cruel and cowardly ways.

        Anybody remember Reagan’s Secretary of the Interior James Watts – one of these die hard Westerners that thought we didn’t need any environmentalist laws because Jesus was supposedly coming very soon so everybody should just make as much $ money through mining and franking oil?

        This idiot James Watts also pronounced that the Beach Boys would not be allowed to give free concerts on the Washington Mall because the Beach Boys rock and roll music was the supposedly the music of Satan, so James Watts tried to substitute Wayne Newton a real Conservative GOP.

        Fortunately Nancy Reagan set this idiot straight gave him a public foot in mouth award and pronounced that both Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan liked the Beach Boys.

        Anyway – nice to post a blog to OD and hear from a few good OD readers. I hope to see some of you in person this year. There is of course work to be done, causes to support. And not everything is bad, gloom and doom.

        Most everything in Chicago and our cities is really really bad, falling down, civilization collapsing. But there are still beautiful parts of Chicago. I hope to be traveling a lot in the USA this year, maybe abroad. I have a friend who says European women in Columbia are very friendly to guys like him and me.

      • November

        Defenders of Wildlife sounds great.

        Are they still in operation?

        I can’t seem to find anyone in or near Idaho that is doing anything practical to stop the slaughter of 90% of Idaho’s beautiful Grey Wolves.

  4. White Nationalists have a soft spot for preserving wolves, then? Or is it the symbolism of violent supremacy? As in: Letting wolves kill and eat helpless sheep and lambs as much as they want.

    • Marxist-Leninist anonymous, you’re back, eh?

      Actually, it’s called predator-prey relationships, natural selection, survival of the fittest, you know, the biological aspect carbon based life follows, but the denatured left denies.

      See, when the population of POC are elevated beyond survival of the fittest and natural selection due to the pathological altruism of Europeans.

      For example, infant mortality and earlier deaths overall have decreased due to the medical breakthroughs, innovations, treatments, and sharing that wealth of knowledge with the very same ungrateful non-white races (yeah, they aren’t social constructs) that are howling for our destruction as a race. That should be evidence enough of their maladaptive lack of foresight in the loss of the proverbial “Golden Goose.”

      Personally, I would experience schadenfreude just below the extinction of world jewry to witness the feral, simian troglodytes returning to harsh Darwinian conditions without out assistance (think of Haiti without humanitarian aid from NGOs and the UN).

      • “think of Haiti without humanitarian aid from NGOs and the UN”:

        You believe that propaganda. Think of what would happen to the Neoliberal Haitian regimes without Western “aid.”

        • Read accurate history of Haiti. Jean-Bertrand Aristide, democratically-elected President of Haiti, removed from office by U.S. coup, for wanting to raise sweatshop wages about ten cents an hour and other “dangerous” socialist ideas.

    • anonymous
      JUNE 20, 2021 AT 11:20 PM
      White Nationalists have a soft spot for preserving wolves, then? Or is it the symbolism of violent supremacy? As in: Letting wolves kill and eat helpless sheep and lambs as much as they want.

      I respond:

      Call us whatever names you want. But the answer is “Yes” we are idealists that appreciate the most beautiful animals like the Grey Wolves, the African and Asian elephants and the African Lions. The Female African lions are probably the most beautiful, noble animals in all of nature.

      I believe the same way the whites, highest caste ancient Aryan Hindus believed:

      A good animal is much better than mobs of bad humans.

      One beautiful African lioness being killed or tortured is much greater crime than hundreds of thousands of the worst Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe, drug dealer, addicts in SA townships dying.

      I note that the European savior AH was:

      A vegetarian
      A dog lover
      An Artist
      Led a socialist workers’ party that opposed international high finance

      So I guess that sort of makes him one of those “Green, eco warrior, socialist, Liberal Leftists”.

      In these areas AH – “Dad” was right.

      I hope that answers your question.

      • “Led a socialist workers’ party”:

        No. Hitler was an ANTI-socialist, anti-communist crusader, PREVENTING the immanent rise of socialism/peoples’ democracy in Germany and attempting to destroy it once and for all in Russia. He also sent military assistance to the Chinese “nationalist” capitalist regime to hunt down and destroy Chinese communists.

        Admiration of wolves and other top carnivores killing prey is typical, and translates into human applications.

        • please Piss off. Go have a woke Coke and a smile and….

          Rotted teeth

          Than go watch some god awful Hollywood Woke movie like the feminist remake of Ghostbusters.

          Nobody else is watching their shi*

          We’re on the side of real “workers”, we’re pro nature, real conservationists.

          You and yours…


        • @Anonymous,

          What you cannot understand is that top predators serve a purpose on this planet, unlike marxists whether they be stalinists or trotskyites.

  5. Ranchers are too cheap, to breed and maintain ferociously protective dogs, like the Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

    How do ranchers think peopl protected flocks, for 1000s of years ?

    • Border Collies and other shepherd dogs are proof that intelligence is inherited. The best traits were bred, and that is why those dogs are the most intelligent of all species of canines. Really makes a good argument for the White race.

      • Pilot,

        My family owns Shetland sheep dogs. Very beautiful and intelligent. When inside the home one goes from room to room checking on us and likes us all together. How he rounds up sheep and keeps them together is amazing. My family still leases some land in California where a good dog makes the life of a shepherd easy.

  6. (1) Actually we don’t drink Coke (or alcohol) and watch Hollywood movies (or sports).

    (2) Nazis, Neo-Nazis, the far right, et al are not really on the side of workers any more than the fake labor unions are. You extreme right reactionaries serve the system by confusing, dis-informing and dividing workers, making them angry and directing their anger against their own interest.

    (3) The far right is not consistently or inherently environmentalist/conservationist. Nor is the synthetic, pseudo-“left.” The whole system or “culture” of greed and inequality is inherently militaristic. Imperialism – the military, and War, hot, cold and “hybrid” war – is by far the worst destroyer of the natural environment!

    For example: The far right Jair Bolsonaro regime you admire is one of the worst destroyers of the natural environment and the indigenous peoples who belong to it.

    • Furthermore, WN is a false concept and unnatural, because “White Americans” are not a nation, have little or nothing in common. There can be no ethnostate without an ethnicity.

      • @Jaye Ryan,

        Good on you.

        You can share that link with other blogs or people you know irl that would like to add their endorsement of wolf protection via the Endangered Species Act.

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