The Bulwark: Dems Can’t Run Against The Big Lie In 2022

No one cares about the “Big Lie” and focusing on the Capitol Siege and pushing that narrative ad nauseam is just annoying people. This is old news from January.

The Bulwark:

“Here’s a scenario to ponder: It’s October 2022 and a Democratic congressional candidate is running ads showing the Republican candidate questioning whether Joe Biden actually won the 2020 election. The Republican candidate, meanwhile, is running ads talking about the problems happening on Biden’s and the Democrats’ watch: inflation, unemployment, crime, the southern border, etc.

In that context, would Trump-to-Biden swing voters choose the Democrat or the Republican candidate?

I asked this question of 13 such swing voters on June 8 in two online focus groups. Two were Democrats; six were Republicans; five were independents. All were from among the most competitive 2020 swing states.

Ten of the 13 basically said they’d vote for the Republican candidate in that scenario …”

A year and a half from now, no one is going to care. We know this because no one is even tuning into CNN and MSNBC to watch the hysteria now. The same is true of COVID. This is especially true as all of these other growing problems – illegal immigration, crime, inflation – stack up.

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  1. There’s nothing for them to run against. Half the population or more knows the election was corrupt and has no faith in the elections.

    They aren’t gonna change that. Them going the whole hog trying to gaslight people into accepting them as legitimate is gonna have the opposite effect if anything.

    Us jumping on the bandwagon to tamp down the narrative that the election was stolen gains us nothing. Rather we should be focusing on the election being stolen from the White working class (Trump has already conceded so fuck him anyway), so its our issue to run with.

    White disenfranchisement is real. Its our issue.

    We gotta quit letting the hatred of Donald Trump decide which White interests we advocate for.

  2. Even my more “normie” friends don’t watch CNN, MSNBC, NBC or the rest. Who actually watches that trash?

    • Sigh. I hate to say it, but my generation. Boomers. Idiots. THANK GOD younger folks are leaving the Zionist lie behind, if polls are correct. The last forty years is ALL Israel’s fault- from 1967 to 2007. From then on, it’s Jews AND Niggers’ fault (O’bummer, etc.)

  3. “Dems can’t run against the….”

    Who cares which party wins and which one loses. The two “competing” (taking turns) parties are the two wings of the same capitalist Beast.

  4. What will be Trump’s 2024 Foreign Policy?

    Answer:‘Vladimir Putin is terrified of me…I make Vladimir shit in his pants!!”

    What will be Trump’s 2024 Economic Policy?

    Answer:”‘I’m gonna create so many high paying jobs…that there will be a labor shortage and I’ll have import millions of China’s and India’s Youth to do these jobs…”

  5. Heh, I’m not even paying much attention to Trump, the past election, etc the media is simply talking to an audience that is falling asleep in their chairs, or leaving the theater. The constant attempts to avoid talking about things that matter to people is amazing to see. ” Look, squirrel!” Tuning out the mainstream media is going on all over the US

  6. If Desantis runs for national office it’s going to be a big deal. He’s the only politician I can think of whom I would consider voting for.

    • De Santis may very well be the phony alternative offered to us in 2024 in place of Trump. Neither party gives a rat’s ass about us as Whites under siege by the Anti-White system of which each party is a part.

  7. My main issue is tamping down on critical race theory.

    Republicans are coming around on that and I plan to support them in 2022.

    (Anytime I am istening to a right leaning podcast and they talk about these stupid audits or Wuhan lab leak theories I just hit skip. Don’t care. Interestingly a number of Classical Liberals cover CRT more! Folks like Bari Weiss, Matt Taibbi, etc ,)

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