Secular Talk: Biden Is Tracking “Anti-Capitalist Extremists”

Big update.

Yesterday, we noted that Joe Biden was standing like a stone wall on refusing to forgive student loan debt. Today, we learned that the Bernie Bros are also being put under surveillance by the federal government for “anti-capitalist extremism.” The definition of “domestic extremism” is any perspective that threatens the interests of the discredited political establishment no matter how widespread and common such beliefs and grievances are in the American population.

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  1. Do you see, how wise leader The Donald is. Force the enemy into infighting and keep own supporters away.

    Patience and modesty is definitely not the brats strongest character traits so that this conflict goes hot very soon. My bet is on the brats. They are young, strong and with nothing to lose so they want to fight.

    But The Swamp is very rich, very powerful and very experienced. Not an easy target. S there will be a fierce infighting and our best hope is that The Donald plan is working and both sides destroy each other.

    • @Juri…

      Though I am not sure if President Trump has, as you say, ‘a plan’, I find your comment very interesting, indeed…

  2. A good example of investors getting fucked over, while the BOD and top officers make out, is General Electric’s proposed 1 for 8 reverse stock split. Will it increase the stock price/shareholder value from $13 to $104 dollars a share? I seriously doubt it.

    All it does is make money for the BOD and the high level executives of GE.

    I plan on asking the SEC to take a hard, cold look at this deal. Another one that left a bad taste was a 1 for 4 reverse split that mobile crane mfg. Manitowak (MTW) made that has seen no increase in shareholder value, and at best it was a wash.

  3. lol – “anti-capitalist extremism” – the Dow dropped a few percentage points last week and Cornpop Joe called in the Plunge Protection Team this morning to get them to pump a bunch of jewbux into the markets – talk about “anti-capitalist extremism”

    • Communism: When Jewish gangsters take over your government, then your economy.

      Capitalism: When Jewish gangsters take over your economy, then your government.

      Fascism: What Jewish gangsters scream when you hinder their takeover operations.

  4. Capitalism = when Jews control the issuance and control of currency and all other forms of exchange are forbidden.

  5. The Anti-American behavior of the very entity that is supposed to be the guarantor of it, The United States’ Government, is not a good indicator of it’s long term prospects.

    Going after folks on The Left and The Right, leaves only those in The Centre to support it, and, as everyone knows, The Centre in this country is an ever waning group, both in number and enthusiasm.

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