Sodomy Street Introduces Family With Two Gay Dads for Pride Month

It was revealed a few years ago that Bert and Ernie are a gay couple.

Note: Earlier this year, there was a Sesame Street episode on race realism.

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    • @Ricky…

      Yes, I’m bored with outrage and all out of energy for it.

      Yes, Sir, I am resigned to waiting until sanity comes back into fashion, or, if it begins to overcome Dixie, and my fellow Southerners keep searching for their balls, it’s Hungary here my family comes.

  1. Is Sesame Street going to have an episode where all these degenerates get herpes, syphilis and AIDS and no one lives happily ever after?

    • @12AX7…

      No, Sir, they will never EVER show the wages of sin, and that includes all the deadly and disfiguring oral and anal cancers that come with the male homosexual lifestyle…

  2. The car crash with the queers was a chuckle though. When I saw the driver I immediately realised it was an old homo who shouldn’t have a driving licence. All the politicians tried to call it terrorism. How close are most liberals to snapping and deliberately mowing down a crowd with their cars? Such projection. Poor old James Fields, everyone knows he just panicked.

  3. Re: Bert and Ernie

    Just think about this for a moment. Sesame Street has been around since the 60s on PUBLIC television. Bert and Ernie, as far as I remember, have been mainstay characters on that children’s show since very early on.

    We aren’t talking about the 80s, or even 90s. We’re going all the way back to the 60s, on public (tax funded) television, before the “gay acceptance” movement had really gained any steam or traction other than decriminalization of sodomy. As early as the 1960s, programming designed for TODDLERS and pre-K children was already being manipulated (and they admit this) to include elements that would have (no doubt whatsoever) been rejected by parents IF THEY HAD OPENLY portrayed the characters as gay back then. There can be no doubt whatsoever, not one second of doubt, that activists were introducing gay muppet characters to small children in a subversive way, in order to create a level of comfort with children with the idea of grown men living together without wives (ie alternative family arrangements).

    The concept or a “long march through the institutions” doesn’t just mean slowly taking control of things. It also includes planting seeds here and there in the social landscape that have long-term benefits for activists.

    Undoubtedly, activists in the 1960s knew that it would be impossible to convince the great preponderance of parents and adults that they should accept homosexuality as normal. They knew that this would require generational activism, so it is clear that the script writers of Sesame Street carefully crafted the Bert and Ernie characters to fill that role and they were prepared to engage in this long-term strategy for decades as the push for gay acceptance was slowly rolled out.

    The greatest failure of the “conservative” right-wing has been an inability to think long-term and strategically, but most importantly, a failure to see all the seeds being planted all around them and to come together en masse to dig those seeds out. Instead, we’ve had people in our midst who are terrified of appearing paranoid or backwards thinking, who are just as quick to marginalize the conspiracy theorists amongst them as anyone else.

    I’m starting to think that the collapse of society always goes this way. The same exact pattern. Perhaps it is unavoidable.

    • Having same sex room mates was very normal for single men and women the the 60’s and early 70’s. I don’t think Jim Henson intended Burt and Ernie to be gay either they were coopted.

      • Jim Henson didn’t write Sesame Street, and he wasn’t directly responsible for the creation of production of the show.

        This jewess was:

        It doesn’t matter that same sex roommates were not uncommon in the 60s. It’s a children’s show and we’re talking about a day and age when censors were still uncomfortable with bedroom scenes involving husbands and wives, and only a few years prior were not even putting them in the same bed together on TV. Generally speaking, male roommates don’t share an actual bedroom together, they usually rent apartments with private rooms (you know, just in case a girlfriend decides to stay the night for privacy).

        Obviously a children’s show isn’t going to go into those levels of detail about living arrangements between different people, but even in the 70s when I was a kid, people always gossiped about grown men living together and remaining bachelors (beyond college age years). This is why even in pop culture people always joked about the innuendo that Bert and Ernie were closet gay.

        If you don’t think that the jews behind Sesame Street were perfectly willing to engage in politically subversive themes in children’s programming in the 1960s, I have ocean front property in AZ to sell you

        • It was pretty normal for brothers to share a bedroom back in that era when families had 4-5 children and the average home only had 3 bedrooms. Ernie and Bert were relatable as siblings to the children who watched the show. None of them lisped or queered it up. Nobody at the time would take a “gay” reading of the characters.

    • “Conservatives” were so preoccupied with the Cold War that they ignored all the evil going on under their noses or actually helped it along. Like “civil rights”.

  4. Let’s all try to work a bit harder to find some positive news – somewhere anywhere.

    All this negativity is causing our people to lose hope and give up.

    One good thing is that the current undisputed heavy weight boxing champion Tyson Fury is a bad as* White guy.

    I just watched for the first time the walk in to Fury vs Wilder II. I had no idea how openly Black racist, anti White Wilder was including a Black Nationalist rap talker leading him in with photos of Black nationalists all on the side.

    Wilder had some ridiculous Darth Vadar type costume coming in and after he got his ass severely beaten by Tyson Fury he made all kinds of excuses.

    I hoping for the best in Fury vs Wilder #3 but am more than a bit scared. Blacks will certainly riot and beat random Whites if Wilder does pull an upset.

    Pretty much the entire boxing community is predicting a Fury win, but Wilder does probably have the hardest one right hand punch knock out.

    • No thanks. I turn to this blog for news and commentary. I turn to late nineteenth century literature and old black-and-white movies for positive entertainment.

  5. Funny thing is most of the “gay parenting” I’ve encountered are lesbians. Most men don’t want this kind of burden, when I hear about gay men with kids it’s usually from a past marriage when they were on the downlow trying to cure themselves.

  6. I’m an agnostic or skeptical Christian at best but there are two verses in the Bible I’m in complete agreement with: “Woe to you who teach a child to sin” and “Woe to them who call good evil and evil good”. Father John can correct me if I don’t have them quite right.

    • @More of The Same…

      Yes, there is a distinction between Sinners and The Authors of Sin, and the distinction is grave.

  7. Almost one hundred years ago, Russia introduced the Soviet family, one genetic male and one genetic female, banned abortion, and made divorce very difficult to obtain. It also began awarding payments to large families with five or more children and charged a tax to pay for it to single adults and childless married couples. The White Slavic population grew rapidly.

    Slightly off topic: Will the U.S. leave Afghanistan morally corrupted enough to fail to achieve true independence? It appears that the U.S. will need to stay a little longer until the job is done:

    • The United States’ Government has no intention, ever, to leave the CIA poppy-boondoggle and platinum mines of Afghanistan.

      No, they will only go when they collapse here.

      Afghanistan is to The United States as Poland once was for The Soviet Union.

      • Of course I agree. When or if the official U.S. military forces leave, the Empire will have thousands of “contractors,” and spies and other hired connections stationed there. The natural resources and strategic position of Afghanistan make it an absolute must-have. The allure of the U.S. Dollar even makes possible the re-taking of Vietnam, which is also infected with the love of money and losing its socialism little by little.

  8. Let’s be plain : Sesame Street was way Left, when it began in the early 1970s, and nothing has changed.

    The whole show is dedicated to creating generations of White Children who will be the antithesis of most everything European society accumulated and came to embody over millenia.

    • When Semite Street debuted in late 1969 I heard there was one Southern PBS affiliate which briefly refused to air it because it depicted racial integration. There’s always been something very jewish and New York about that program. I think it’s produced by WNET channel 13.

      • @Spahn…

        Yes, Sesame Street is a creation that, to my mind, could only be a product of the synthesis of thought that comes from a Gentile-Jewish venture that is based on Secular Jewish American Thought.

        In light of your comment about one Southerner PBS protesting against it, I suppose that, in looking back, it is surprising that there were not more PBS affiliates, of that time, who did not reject it.

        That said, PBS and NPR have always been a hideout, in The South, for committed Leftists.

        Of course, nowadays, they no longer need a hideout, so let’s call it ‘an enclave’.

  9. Semitic Street makes a fortune in merchandise sales, licensing, movies, etc. So why is the taxpayer continuing to fund the production of it on PBS? This scam has been going on for over 50 years.

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