Puerto Rican Mother Who Was Shot On Juneteenth Dies

In a city that has a pathological obsession with blaming all of its problems on “systemic racism” and “white supremacy,” this gruesome homicide on Juneteenth was a reminder of a bitter truth. A country which is being Africanized by woke progressives as a racial uplift charity for blacks isn’t just a country that is going to hell for the White working class. It is a country that is going to hell for everyone else, too.

Chicago Sun Times:

“A mother of two died Tuesday after being shot over the weekend in a brazen attack during the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Humboldt Park that left her boyfriend dead.

Yasmin Perez, 23, and her boyfriend, 24-year-old Gyovanni Arzuaga, were driving in the 3200 block of West Division Saturday night when they were involved in a minor crash and were ambushed, according to Chicago police.

Several people beat Perez and then shot her, according to Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan. When Arzuaga came to her aid, he was shot by a second person “almost execution style,” Deenihan said.

Video shows the couple lying in the street next to their car as the attackers ran off. …”

Welcome to our new progressive era.

“White supremacy” has nothing to do with this spike in violent crime in these big cities. It is blacks and their shitlib allies who are driving it. They are the ones who live there and who control these cities. We don’t live there. The vast majority of us watch the chaos that goes on there on television.

In California, a Hispanic woman was beaten on a bus in Los Angeles by a black woman who thought she was Asian. The idea that “white supremacists” are behind the spike in anti-Asian hate crimes is a running joke. In virtually all of these cases, it young black men who are criminals who have been either 1.) let out of jail due to bail reform, emptied out of the prisons over COVID or criminal justice reform or 2.) emboldened by the War on the Police who taking advantage of the retreat of the police.

When the police retreat in these big cities like Chicago and New York City due to Black Lives Matter and the “Defund the Police” movement, who do you think ends up paying the price? It is people like all of these elderly Asian women. It is people like this Puerto Rican couple who were murdered by black gangbangers in Chicago on Juneteenth. It takes an incredible level of self deception to believe that it is groups like the Klan who are killing all of these people in our big cities in 2021.

The corporate media is lying as usual about what is going on. They have always protected and coddled blacks for social justice reasons. Everyone knows the truth though. The Klan used to keep this element in check, but it is a few thousand people these days scattered across rural America. The police have traditionally kept this element in check in big cities like Chicago and Portland, but they are giving up because they are under relentless attack by Joe Biden and Merrick Garland.

It is sad that crimes like this are happening all the time now. We have nothing to do with this though. We warned that it would happen and now our prediction has come true.

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  1. Too bad for the Ricans, the mother, and also the dead guy with the gang tattoos. If they had stayed on their island, they would still be alive.

    • I’m thinking Puerto Rico might be a good retreat. Don’t need a visa. You could form white enclaves pretty easily. I don’t mind speaking Spanish.

      • The land titles (escrituras) and plat maps (catastros) are so fucked up in PR (since Spanish colonial times) and the place is so full of squatters that a solid piece of real estate with a very defensible title is going to cost quite a bit.

      • Plus a large percentage of Puerto Ricans are on welfare, when that system implodes it’s going to be chaos.

    • Yep, that ink is quite evocative of Latin Kings. Look for heavy retribution activity against the niggras all summer long.

  2. Chicongo or Chicano, ill in oys is in for an even bloodier year than usual.

    Historically, in the USA , Puerto Ricans and Mexicans view each other as competitors and rivals, but this incident could very well unite them against their mutual enemy the feral, low impulse control, humanzees,

  3. Spread this far and wide. Even Brietfart is giving this backpage status. I think they know how bad this is for their narrative. This was not a “gang” event it was straight up ethnic murder.

  4. This is so heart-breaking. Juneteenth: what a disgusting holiday. It was always going to be nothing but an invitation for blacks to go wild.

    Any comment yet from Senator John Cornyn? He was so proud of being a co-sponsor for the bill making Juneteenth, (aka Take your pavement ape to work day) a holiday.

    Republicans are nothing but liberals going the speed limit.

    • Cuckservative, John Cornyn, is a virtue-signaling moron who will NEVER get a single Black OR Puerto Rican vote,

      I might add that “Juneteenth” was pretty much a non-holiday that Black government employees in Texas would have to use either annual or comp leave to enjoy. It didn’t become a formal holiday until after all this BLMania.

      What I don’t know is why something only related to Texas slaves ended up being a federal holiday! Isn’t Emancipation Day (which is already a holiday in Washington DC) on April 16? Why not make it a national federal holiday?

      That Blacks rumbled with Puerto Ricans on what was always official Puerto Rican Pride Day is something that should have been foreseen by anyone with a large Puerto Rican population. I’m surprised that no one from New York or Illinois (Democrat enclaves) brought this issue up, but
      if Republicans are right and the Democrats R The REAL Racists, maybe they kept their mouths shut about the possibility of dueling pride movements ending in bloodshed in hopes that it would happen.

      Even though what happened to this Puerto Rican couple was an unintended consequence of Cornyn’s nonsense, he still has blood on his hands.

      The elect (can’t think of these idiots as the elite) may be trying to ignite a race war, but I honestly believe that it’s going to be Brown versus Black … In fact, I’m convinced it’s inevitable with Juneteenth falling on the same pride event as the Puerto Ricans. And no way, no how are any “Latinx” going to be guilt-tripped into take TNB.

  5. When two light skinned Puerto Ricans have a Black child, it is considered good luck, and the child is called a “neggarito”. When I first heard about this practice I though it was a joke. But, it’s a fact.

    • “When two light skinned Puerto Ricans have a Black child, it is considered good luck”
      With thinking like that, voodoo rituals aren’t far away.

      Their kids partially show their inner genetic makeup.
      If anyone has an urge to link up with a ‘WHITE’ from some mixed society, check out the parents, grandparents and siblings. That will often reveal racial mixing, if any.

      • A great observation,my ex worker,was a lily white girl by appearance,however most of her grand parents where native,and her father was black,her mother white.Same with my ex employer.

    • I’ve never heard that one before, but PR folklore isn’t my strong suite. The spelling is “negrito” though (“negrita” if its a little girl) and it functionally translates to “niglet” .

      • It’s a colloquialism, like “jibaro”, and doesn’t have a specific gender. BTW, a jibaro is a hillbilly, or someone who is disconnected from reality.

  6. The trailer alone of ‘Africa Addio’ should be required viewing for everyone, to educate them on what happens to a country when blacks take over. Of course we all know this is deliberate and done at the behest of those perfidious people. Once they have destroyed us, they will make aliyah to their precious Israel making them the new superpower in the world. Next they will grease the skids with their trading partner, China.

    • You need to make sure to get the original (Africa Addio) Shlomo got the rights and re-released a highly edited version that seems intended to replace the original. I think this tactic has been used in the past.

  7. Technically, this does have something to do with White supremacy. The supremacy of the White credentialed PMC, who are the only people that believe any of this garbage is a good idea. Unfortunately, that’s the one class that “anti-racism” doesn’t seem to apply to.

  8. Sorry – but I give Zero Fucks about the many different varieties of Untermensch that pollute the Whites’ system – and, no – Puerto Ricans and Mexicans are not based because they hate Blacks. You’re either a White Nationalist/Supremacist or you are a race cuck/traitor.

    • @ C D,

      Do not not understand that the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Not literally, but strategically. Having three jewish golems engaged in racial warfare with two potentially against the third is a win.

      I might be wasting my time explaining this to you, but when blacks are on the defensive, as they already are in neighborhoods that are changing from black to Mexican, and now the Puerto Ricans wanting blood in retaliation for their two martyrs that benefits Whites at least in the short term.

      Who commits the most interracial crimes against Whites? Blacks. Now they have to defend themselves from the latino gangbangers, and that means less attacks on Whites.

      • November,

        Well you did give it a good try in your explanation. The USA looks like it is blacks against everyone. I have mentioned this before but when we hired workers to fix one of our houses they mentioned that they refuse to go in any cities/areas with large numbers of blacks. This attitude is quite common.

        In Texas Latins are around 40% of the population and blacks 12-13% so we have the numbers for victory. I wonder what the average anglo in Texas thinks about what is about to happen? Outside of some of my classmates I have little contact with anglos. And my anglo girl friends do not like to discuss such matters.

        • @Cristina,

          Nice of you to chime in.

          Some people look a gift horse in the mouth. One would think that if groups that range from malevolently hostile to passive-aggressively indifferent to your own group now are in conflict with one another that that should be welcomed in this multicultural and multiracial maelstrom.

          That you as a high school student can see how this is a net positive situation for pro-Whites and even normie Whites, in as the POC unity and collaboration against Whites is showing cracks, and how unnatural these non-white races acting in unison really is.

          As you alluded to, mestizos have no love for blacks in culture or behavior, and they are driving blacks out of neighborhoods that were 95% black 30 years ago with extreme prejudice.

          It’s a damned shame that the Catholic church dropped the ball on being vehemently against homosexuality in all of its abominations. And yes, I understand.that Christianity has been infiltrated by heretics and crypto-jews.

          Anyway, be well, and be kind to the scorpions.

          • November,

            In the nursing rehab place in Texas where my grandmother was recovering from her fall she mentioned that most of the black aides had an attitude. Several were fired and they brought in orientals and Mexicans who were very nice.

            In the slightly more than 2 years I have been here as active/semi-active I have learned that some occidental dissenters cannot think or act strategically. Clymenstrata is an exception as well. She wrote that Mexicans will take the southwest whether OD’s and mainstream whites like it or not and that whites should plan accordingly.

            I have not killed a scorpion in over a year. My favorite animals are the canines.

          • @Cristina,

            As you obviously know w, canines are my favorite animal by a large margin. Humans probably don’t make my top ten. Haha.

            Indeed. In nursing or rehabilitation centers/homes, women from the Philippines are the best that you can expect, unless you are wealthy enough to afford a private live in nurse or CNA (certified nursing assistant).

            From experience, I found that you will get preferential treatment when you bring donuts or other treats for the staff. It’s like tipping the servers well at your favorite restaurants.

            Too bad you are not on Telegram. There are private encrypted chats where (most?) prying eyes cannot see.

        • “And my anglo girl friends do not like to discuss such matters.”– Of course they don’t like to discuss such matters. They are from elite milquetoast White families who want to give them a “good, proper bilingual multicultural educational experience” without out subjecting them to the real danger of the Real Deal. The little waifs probably don’t even know what the Real Deal is.

          • Flax,

            You have written the truth. In the fall of 2020 they were a little more open to certain societal dangers because of the shocking events of the summer. It is usually disappointing however to discuss real matters with them.

            White men on the other hand in Texas seem solid. I recently out of the blue talked to a plumber and a white male secretary at a rehab center if he had heard any good Biden jokes lately and they laughed looked around and then told me what anyone on this website would agree with.

    • @ c d Agree. The praising of “hispanics” for defending their hoods is stupid. No one bothers them. If whites did the same thing, to protect themselves and their property, they’d be hauled off to jail. So I don’t give them any credit. They are just allowed to get away with things because they aren’t white.

      • @Pilot and @cd – I agree. It is the never-ending folly of Whites to think poc will be allies when Whites have ZERO power and can easily just be pushed aside. The “enemy of your enemy” can be your enemy too.

        • Also, if this had been a White couple it no one mainstream would have mentioned it — and White families have been executed in similar style.

          • November,

            Per your advice on donuts for the staff at the nursing/therapy center my father gives money to certain aides. That also works. When she leaves we will have a therapist and health professional come to the house and stay until my grandmother is completely operational again.

  9. “they will grease the skids with their trading partner, China.”

    Blacks and POC are too dull to see, once we are gone, the Chinese will replace them.
    The POC will be crammed into camps and natural pathogen s will do the final work.

  10. The trailer alone of ‘Africa Addio’

    That is mild, compared to the 1961 Congo uprising,
    Where the hotel meat lockers had the butchered bodies of WHITE ppl for cannibalism.
    Some women were raped to death, some raped 130 times in a day, spent the rest of their life in back psyche wards of Belgium.
    Difficult to find that stuff, nowadays, aside from some whitewashed history.

  11. I thought that the Blacks MIGHT (with a lot of DOUBT) MIGHT behave themselves maybe the first year. It would have been a big surprise but I was sure it wouldn’t last very long and they would make up for it the 2nd year with a real high body count. Some org needs to take the case of our crooked Yankee Empire justice system/executive branch of government before the world court and have these anti-White thugs/sjws thrown out of office and some interim governing body put in place until everything can be straightened out. And all those responsible for implementing this annual gang shootout showdown Morgue-Teenth need to be thrown in prison for being accessories to mass murder. You can start with Biden on down to the lowest person involved.

    PS: Ban or at least move this shootout holiday to some time in the dead of winter. I have always thought that it was a blessing that at least MLK day was in January where Blacks couldn’t do as much harm as would be the case in the warmer times of the year.

    May God Save the South!

  12. I am very very sorry to hear of this tragedy and will pray for Miss Jasmine’s family.

    It’s a terrible thing to lose a child, much less a wife you adore.

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