For The Democrats Act Goes Down In the Senate

The Republican Senate made themselves useful for once although their motive here was partisanship and self-preservation. Still, they did a good thing by blocking the For the Democrats Act.

USA Today:

“WASHINGTON – The Senate failed to advance a sweeping voting rights bill Tuesday, stalling the Democratic legislation aimed at countering recent restrictive state measures pursued in Republican-led states.

The Senate failed to advance the For the People Act to the floor for a debate. In a vote of 50-50, it fell short of the 60 needed to overcome a GOP filibuster. All Democratic Senators voted to begin debate, and the Republicans unanimously voted to block it.

The For the People Act is largely hailed by Democrats as being necessary because Republican-led states have introduced a slew of new voting restrictions that civil rights groups fear could suppress the vote for marginalized groups and make it harder to vote overall. …”

The January 6th commission also went down in flames.

The rest of Joe Biden’s agenda is also going to meet a similar fate.

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  1. Happy to see the Dems fail on a bill which would have effectively turned the USA into a one party state.

  2. I just heard that Curtis Sliwa defeated Ching Chong Chinaman to become the Republicans’ nominee for mayor of New York. I hope he wins!

    • @Spahn…

      I agree with you – Sliwa is a gutsy man, filled full of no-nonsense Polish blood that would be a vast vast improvement of Mayor DeBlasio.

  3. If you think that The Republicans are bad, all you have to do is have a gander at the Democrats.

    Truly shameless is what they are – truly shameless.

  4. “The rest of Joe Biden’s agenda is also going to meet a similar fate.”

    The Democrats did not receive a mandate from the last election. Though judging by how they act on the Electronic jew (television) they seem to think they can now ram through everything to their hearts desire.

    The girl, Alexandria Occasional Cortex, is the worst with this attitude.

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