Tucker Carlson: This Is America, Not a Third World Hellhole

I think the Tucker Carlson monologues have gotten better.

There isn’t much difference now between what I am writing about on any given day on this website and what airs on national television to the largest cable news audience in the country. I think it is a good thing that we are so close to being on the same wavelength now. It makes our job easier.

Last night, Tucker featured that “Latinx” couple who were dragged out of their cars in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago and executed by black gangbangers on Juneteenth. She recently declared that “systemic racism” is a public health emergency there. Apparently, there were shootings elsewhere on Juneteenth, not just in Oakland and Chicago. There were also shootings in Raleigh and in South Carolina.

Note: Sen. John Cornyn is taking credit for Africanizing America. It was his Juneteenth bill that unanimously passed the Republican Senate.

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  1. “There isn’t much difference now between what I am writing about on any given day on this website and what airs on national television to the largest cable news audience in the country.”

    Exactly, that is why he is such a problem. He will steal your audience and lead them up the dead end path of colorblind kosher conservatism. His neocon writers probably lurk here and steal your content. He really is a snake.

    • Tucker Carlson is pushing numbersusaism=WE ARE ALL AMERICANS….including the Hindus who are enthusiastically voting the Native White Working Class into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of post-White America…

      • I really hate the whole “We are all Americans!” thing. It hasn’t worked. It’s what is destroying this country, and yet, there’s so many people who stand solidly behind this idea.

    • “Exactly, that is why he is such a problem. He will steal your audience and lead them up the dead end path of colorblind kosher conservatism. His neocon writers probably lurk here and steal your content. He really is a snake.”

      So let me get this straight, if by next month, Tucker starts suggesting that synagogue vandalism may be perpetrated by Jews or if he starts pointing out specific Jewish activists on a regular basis, will you complain that he isn’t gassing them on live TV, so therefore he’s still too kosher?

      Why does it matter if someone “steals” content from Hunter or anyone else? Are we claiming copyright privileges on dissident ideas and suing mainstream outlets when they start using our talking points?

      Isn’t the message what’s important and not the messenger?

      • The danger lies in good messaging being used to prop up enemy institutions (Fox News). Maybe Tucker says something on message but it’s followed by a segment on how Zionists committing genocide are the real victims. If he was doing something dangerous to the system the show would be cancelled.

        • “If he was doing something dangerous to the system the show would be cancelled.”

          So you’re saying that a show that tiptoes the line of dangerous is bad, and a show that is cancelled and not getting any message out at all is good?

          Guess what the alternative for 95% of people is to Fox News and Newsmax? I’ll give you a hint, they aren’t going to be looking for a blog called Occidental Dissent, not in mass numbers, and if OD got too popular, it would get the Daily Stormer treatment.

          So instead of bitching about Tucker who is barely safe enough for the mainstream, consider the alternative of absolutely NOTHING but full time MSNBC and CNN 24/7 blasting their propaganda into every impressionable young person in America.

          • When Radio Free Europe was putting out anti-communist propaganda in the Eastern Bloc we might from a narrow perspective have agreed with with the basic message, but the CIA wasn’t working for the best interest of those countries. It’s an appropriate analogy considering Tucker comes from a CIA family. Hunter is right to point out it’s a positive development that they *have to* alter their message to appeal to disaffected whites but we are still dealing with system media and whatever credits they rack up here will absolutely be cashed in on the next big zionist op.

  2. How do they know that the executioners of the Puerto Rican couple were “gang members”? Seems like atrocity mitigation here.

  3. Focus on race and racial crimes is a clever distraction from CLASS and the crimes of capitalism. You have reached a dead end. The U.S. is a business arrangement (as Calvin Coolidge said “the business of America is business”) not an ethnicity, and the land would need to be divided into many parts and the population thoroughly rearranged to create ethno-states, and they would still be artificial creations, not naturally, historically evolved nations. Meanwhile, it gets worse, as millions more refugees of imperialism flee to the U.S. from their pillaged homelands. As the Scripture says “The love of money is the root of all this evil.”

    • It is not…And the logic of your argument leads to arguing that Native White Americans should accept the H1B…L1B Visa Hindu Scab Labor Program..,

      • The latest crop of Hindu women are horrible. They didn’t let (((western media))) into India for the most part until about 20 years ago. The results are sadly predictable.

    • @Anomymous…

      It is true that The United States is a corporation, though it uset to be a White Nationalist Corporation.

      Now it is an anti-White corporation, and, that so, I do not think it vain or misguided to focus on that, along with the economick crimes.

      Seeing that the two aspects are prominent and interactive, it would not do to concentrate solely on just one or the other.

    • Yes, the U.S. is a business arrangement, but the founding stock has been thrown under the bus by the new owners. They are fools who seemingly believe they can keep it running without Whites. I suppose there will still be profits to be had, but it will be a really shitty place to live for most people. Race cannot be ignored.

      • @Diversity…

        “They are fools who seemingly believe they can keep it running without Whites.”

        Yes, it certainly seems as if they are blithely intent on killing the goose that laid the golden egg, which leads me to believe that they, The Globalist Elite who own this country’s structures, that they can prosper without either this country being successful, or, even, this country as an entity entire.

  4. “Sen. John Cornyn is taking credit for Africanizing America”

    This is the correct language to use. We don’t want our living spaces to become “africanized”. Time for everyone to stop the boomer bullshit of apologizing for being “racist” or not wanting your city to turn into Lagos, Nigeria.

  5. Tucker Carlson

    Here is what the Democratic Party means by WHITE SUPREMACY:

    Native Born White Working Class American resistance to being voted into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America by post-1965 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and their US Born Nonwhite Children. The US Military now considers White Working Class Resistance to post-1965 Race-Replacement Immigration Policy to be the number one terrorist threat to America.

    So the only issue is this Tucker:Where do you stand on post-1965 Race-Replacement NONWHITE LEGAL Immigrant Policy….

    The goal and open intent of post-1965 Legal Immigration Policy is to import nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS so that nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and their US born nonwhite geneline can vote Whitey into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America. White Working Class Resistance to this is called WHITE SUPREMACY by the Democratic Party….This is just another way of saying that they want The Native White Working Class Exterminated…

  6. “This Is America, Not a Third World Hellhole ”

    No, this is NOT America, and, yes, is quickly becoming a 3rd World hellhole, and, just as the convict who cannot seem to bring himself to admit his guilt, those who keep pillaging the country continue to point the finger at those who don’t.

  7. Yes, after every election, the GOP resets their rhetoric to include racial resentments. They have done this since the 80’s, maybe sooner. In the end though, Tucker will just say as he did in 2020, “Love them or hate them, the GOP is our only hope.”


    • @Travis…

      I agree, Sir – not only is the GOP NOT our only hope, it’s NO hope at all, whatsoever…

  8. The Puerto Ricans are terrible shots. The police regularly find a hundred or more shell casings at the scene of a Puerto Rican shoot out, and no one is injured. Seriously!

    A good example would be a couple of summers ago in Indiana when a White woman got killed, when her Puerto Rican boyfriend decided to shoot it out with a bunch of Blacks. Remember tht one?

      • A lot of PRs are half niggra anyway.

        We’re seeing the nascent forming of a caste system, varna.

      • Indeed. One look at Roberto Clemente and/or Rosie Perez can only lead to the conclusion of negroid genes in the Puerto Rican gene pool.

        A lot of Puerto Ricans are a mixture of Spainard, Tiano Carribbean Indian, and negro.

  9. Lol @ the “twerking teens.”

    I think it’s Thomas Jefferson who said “..their griefs are transient” or something like that when talking about our dusky compatriots.

    Lol. Maybe anarcho-tyranny will many more light-hearted moments.

  10. “I think the Tucker Carlson monologues have gotten better.”

    He’s only one, we should have dozens.
    If reality an sense prevailed, Tucker would be the most liberal of all commentators.
    The (( media ))) is a distorted reflection of reality, so distorted that it’s always toxic to consume.
    Any progress is good progress, take all that we can get.

  11. Tucker is helping to lay the ground work for the future of White Populism. He is taking on a role that was once held by the Maha Rushie (pbuh):

    “He prepared people,” Duke said of Limbaugh. “And everybody has a role to play in this effort… He can take them about half the way, and I can take them almost all the way.” — The Rise of David Duke pg. 251.

    A Pro-White Renaissance beckons!

  12. Purgeteenth will be tough to live down. Having a holiday for blacks near summer solstice is fucking insane hubris. Who will admit to sponsoring this shit?

      • Won’t last. It’s a National invitation to Purge style violence at Solstice.

    • June 19th: Rosenberg Execution Day(RED), an alternative holiday for those of us who loved the better America, now defunct.

      (Julius and Ethel Rosenberg turned into brisket, June 19th 1953.)

      • What a bloodthirsty fascistic sentiment!

        “The Rosenbergs are still the only Americans ever put to death in peacetime for espionage, and Ethel is the only American woman killed by the US government for a crime other than murder”: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jun/19/rosenbergs-executed-for-spying-1953-can-sons-reveal-truth

        It is extremely unlikely that either one did the “crime” that they were accused of. If they had really done what they were accused of, they would have done the world a service by helping to end the U.S.’s monopoly of nuclear weapons. But the U.S. soon lost its monopoly of nuclear weapons anyway.

        • @Anonymous,

          Your comment about the Rosenbergs could be used for fertilizer because it’s so full of shit.

          Quick American history lesson for you that might have not been included in your Howard Zinn “A People’s History of the United States.”
          Mary Elizabeth Jenkins Serratt was executed by the US government on July 7, 1865 for her role in the conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. The War between the States had been over for three months.

          • It is a quotation of the Guardian article cited. The Guardian appears to be correct, though because Mary Serratt was executed for murder. Read the quote again. Your reading comprehension is poor.

          • Mrs. Serratt did not commit a murder. The conspirators merely met and planned the assassinations of Lincoln and several of his cabinet secretaries at her boarding house.

        • @Anonymous,

          By defending jewish traitors Ethyl and Julius Rosenberg, your mask slipped.

          So are you Unit 8200, Hasbara shill, or ethnocentric Ashkenazi/Sephardic/Mizahi jew still living in the diaspora?

          • I’m not supporting or identifying with them personally, but their alleged treason was supposed to be helping Russia acquire the bomb. Instead of reacting to the name “Rosenberg” as you have been programmed to do, think about this: If Russia, and later China, had NOT acquired the bomb, the U.S. Empire might soon have achieved total world domination. Instead the world became “multipolar” and U.S. imperialism was restrained somewhat for several decades when the U.S. economy was still by far the strongest in the world. The Rosenbergs, who were framed by J. Edgar Hoover and executed, did not provide bomb plans to Russia. But if they had done so would that not have been a service to humanity? Think and escape your programming.

          • “Mrs. Serratt did not commit a murder”:

            You are correct, and the Guardian is technically wrong. Serratt was executed for allegedly involvement in a conspiracy to commit murder, not murder itself.

            “The surname Rosenberg is just fine when the forename is Alfred”:

            That would be the Nazi Alfred Rosenberg, son of a wealthy shoe merchant “but no drop of Jewish blood has been discovered,” rabid anti-communist, hater of Christianity and supporter of Armenian genocide by the Turks. I suppose that Rosenberg is just fine as long as “no drop of Jewish blood has beem discovered.”

  13. Tucker will only go so far and that is understandable since he is employed by FOX and reads what they put on the teleprompter. That is the problem because money comes before the truth to all of these media personalities. He does go further than most but not much.

  14. You wanna change things in America? We do that by having common sense…Make America White Christian Again. You do that with White Nationalism. Deo Vindice !

    • Christians are behind the importation of nonwhites into the US. Christians are behind the whole race-mixing fiasco. Love everyone. Love everybody. Give your money to everyone else. Invite them in. Ignore their violence. They are all God’s children. Bring busses and vans to the border to bring them into the US for free food and all of the free medical care they want, because that’s what God wants.

      Whites…were always best as pagans. Christians were best when they didn’t graft onto the Judeo-Christian thing.

      • Kyke, Christ was the king of the Jews and his teachings were meant to be accepted by the Jews. It is the Jews WHO NEED to love everybody. It is the Jews who need to give their money. It is the Jews who need to invite them in. And it is the Jews whose only salvation will be through Christ. And it is you and who are to see to it that the Jews accept Christ and his teachings one way or another.

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