This Is Portland

Portland can be summed up in a single word.

When I look at Portland, I see a place where modernism has run wild and has become culturally dominant. Traditional values have receded. The values of the avant-garde have become hegemonic.

The phrase “you can be yourself here” gives the game away. What does that mean? It means “Become Who You Are.” It means left-libertarianism. It means cultural liberation and cultural egalitarianism. It means social liberalism. It is all ultimately based on an overly romanticized ideal of the interior self and self-expression which is constrained by outside forces like, say, law enforcement.

Portland has a major anarchist problem because it has a much bigger modernism problem. Anarchists have always flourished in these bohemian urban enclaves. Civilization is collapsing in Portland because these degenerate values are too widespread and entrenched now and too many people who share this misguided worldview have accumulated there. The most basic tasks of civilization are neglected there because even the most minimum level of order required for a civilization to function feels oppressive.

There is too much individualism, too much cultural liberty, too little respect for authority, too few people with traditional values to provide order and stability. Those who remain there are getting out.

Note: This is Portland.

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  1. Best discription off what happens in these places. Basically, nobody can say no. And so, everything falls apart

    • Reminds me of tge Dr. Suess book, “Thidwick, the Big-Hearted Moose”. Wasn’t Dr. Suess cancelled last year?

      • Yes the blue clues and libtards cancelled Dr.seuss for being misinterpretated as racist to Poc ally’s or some stupid bullshit Its fricking retarded

        Also they cancelled Ronald Dahl perhaps maybe the best childrens literary storyteller ever because he didn’t agree with endless wars for Israel and Zionism on one of his last interviews

  2. Wow, nice start to the morning Hunter. I wish I could write this eloquently.

    “There is too much individualism, too much cultural liberty, too little respect for authority, too few people with traditional values to provide order and stability. Those who remain there are getting out.”

    The libertarian “do you want if it doesn’t hurt anyone” idea is a complete lie and fraud. There are often complex and unforeseen consequences to actions. How would you know that whatever newfangled thing you’re doing right now isn’t hurting anyone? Society needs customs, morals, and traditions. It needs continuity, not constantly changing bullshit. The societies that survive the longest are the ones that don’t constantly change for change’s sake.

  3. There’s nothing like an ad featuring a bunch of freaks, sexual degenerates and brown-skinned Untermensch that will draw the demographic Holy Grail of tourists – middle- and upper middle-class White families – to a place.

  4. With a dedicated band of violent lunaticks, and a shackled police force, who, other than lunaticks, would wish to live in such a place?

    Oh, and, if you move there, you can celebrate your investment by breathing your own carbon monoxide inside a mask all day, this as you anticipate the latest medical-environmental wave of repression the transgender town council is to adopt.

  5. Portland was flooded with high quality Mexican meth about 15 years ago. This is after about 10 years of “doctors” prescribing Adderall for large amounts of boys. There is nothing going on here that hasn’t been in planning for some time.

  6. Funny how they don’t feature the Homeless Campsites in that Portland Promo…they are the only tourists that Garbage City will attract.

  7. The absolute state of Portland is another consequence of America’s internal migration crisis. While we see images of a hellscape, in Brooklyn there are jews and degenerates who are packing their bags and booking a flight. Portland was once a white working class city. While it’s obvious to see the consequences of the immigration of racial aliens, the consequences of internal migration are less discussed despite being capable of permanently altering the character of a place in just as short a period of time.

    • , too much cultural liberty,

      I dunno, they would crush any of our cultural concepts, in an instant.

  8. The above pic should read, if your son or daughter looks like this, they have severe mental issues.

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