Axios: The Democrats Wake Up Call

COVID is fading.

Violent crime is soaring.

Black Lives Matter is declining.

Joe Biden’s agenda is stalling in the Senate.

As Merrick Garland attacks the police, support for police is rebounding.

The summer is always crime season and we had no doubt based on the trends we were seeing through the fall, winter and spring where this was going in these big cities.


“Democrats, in private and public, are warning that rising crime — and the old and new progressive calls to defund the police — represent the single biggest threat to their electoral chances in 2022.

Why it matters: There has been a big spike in big-city crime, a dynamic increasingly captured in local coverage and nationally on CNN and Fox News. …

The big picture: Homicide rates in large cities — many of them run by Democrats — were “up more than 30 percent on average last year, and up another 24 percent for the beginning of this year,” foreshadowing a violent summer, the N.Y. Times reported June 1. …

WashPost front page on Wednesday, top of column 1, “Cities at a loss as murder rates soar“: “The killings rolled over the country like a fast-moving storm. From Savannah to Austin, from Chicago to Cleveland.” …”

Violent crime was the issue that tipped the DLWC vote toward Trump in 2020. The Democrats were perceived as the party of violence, chaos and urban disorder. The people who live in these big cities aren’t stupid and know that this spike in violent crime is mostly affecting them. It is not the “white supremacists” who are torching Vietnamese restaurants in Tampa or executing Puerto Ricans on Juneteenth in Chicago or beating up all the elderly Asian women in New York and San Francisco.

The top story in The Washington Post is that homicide is soaring in big cities controlled by Democrats and no one knows what to do given that their goal is to undermine the police. Mayor Lori Lightfoot broke the glass and responded by declaring systematic racism is a public health emergency.


“For now, the White House’s main response is to focus on the weapons doing most of the killing.

Homicides in the first quarter of 2021 were 24 percent higher than during the same period in 2020, and 49 percent higher than in the first quarter of 2019. And according to the Gun Violence Archive, guns are driving much of that spike.

“It is staggering. It is sobering,” Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco acknowledged Tuesday in a town hall with police chiefs. “It is something that DOJ is committed to do all we can to reverse what are profoundly troubling trends and a really bad trajectory that we’re on.” …”

Recent polling has shown that the overwhelming majority of Republican and Independent voters blame the “racial justice” movement for the rise in violent crime.

Washington Post:

“The killings rolled over the country like a fast-moving storm. From Savannah to Austin, from Chicago to Cleveland. In six hours one night this month, four mass-shooting attacks. And in their wake, a sober recognition from city leaders that they don’t have many options left for curbing a surge in homicides that is traumatizing communities nationwide.

“We have done almost all we can do,” said Van Johnson, the mayor of Savannah, Ga.

The tools for fighting back are “limited” without state and federal help, said Austin Mayor Steve Adler (D).“It’s going to get worse,” Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson (D) said.

As the homicide rate climbed through a year of pandemic-imposed shutdowns and civil unrest, officials held firm to their belief that the rise was driven by that exceptional set of circumstances. As life returned to normal, the theory went, the killings would slow. …”

What do you do?

You start by blaming a vague conspiracy theory. The reason this is happening has to be the fault of White people. It is the fault of the police. It is the fault of everyone but the violent criminals who live in these cities, the corporate media which has glorified them and the woke progressive gentry class who live in these metropolitan areas and have coddled them. It’s not their fault!

Joe Biden is going to blame “gun violence” in a press conference this afternoon. After decades of declining violent crime and the legalization of “assault weapons,” guns have suddenly become more lethal in big cities which are controlled by Democrats. It has nothing to do with bail reform or emptying prisons of violent felons during COVID or the well known Ferguson Effect being extended nationwide.

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  1. Law and order were issues that Governor George Wallace spoke of a lot, as did President Nixon.

    At that time, large cities, such as New York City, were falling apart, this owing to a large influx of drugs, and drug-baset crime.

    Hard to believe, but, according to the ole-timers I talkt with from New York City, a coon’s age ago, people did not lock their doors before the late 1950s in Gotham.

    To get this plague in line I am in favour of Islamick style punishments, or a resinstatement of our old punishments, such as the stock and publick floggings and hangings.

    One terrible terrible failure of The Modern Jew England Yankee United States System is that would-be criminals never tangilbly see what the wages of sin are until it is too late for their victims.

    Fear works, that we know from centuries in The South, and we know it from thousands of years of Humanity – fear works.

  2. “””…..and no one knows what to do…”””

    I know. Just pay them off. Of course it will be a little bit expensive, transfer all Wall Street and corporate wealth to brats but tens of trillions is small money to build just communism based society.

    Another thing is to fight back. But without MAGA Army this is sophisticated. Foreign mercenaries are unreliable. 90 years old billionaires and 50+ yo CEOs and high Government employees are out of effective small unit tactic age.

    So now what ? The Swamp does not want to give up their wealth and power and get killed for general precautions as often happens in left power struggle. But chances to fight back without army are bleak. The Swamp is well entrapped like Lenin old Bolsheviks before 1937.

    Trump works exactly like Stalin.

    • Americans are not Russians and have previous when it comes to flipping off the government. There are small steps all of us can take:

      1) Withdraw support from woke companies and governments by boycotting them and their products. Turn off the TV.

      2) Contribute, even in a small manner, what you can afford to activists who are putting themselves out there.

      3) Stop attacking people who are enemies of our enemy – e.g. Nick Fuentes, Christopher Rufo, Glenn Greenwald. They’re helping our cause, even if they’re not 100% pure Aryan crystalline phenotype.

      4) Find ways to undermine the regime, however small. Use your imagination. I’ll say no more on that score.

  3. What are the violent crime rates outside the cities doing?

    I haven’t looked, but I’m pretty sure out here in Whiteganistan (rural Appalachia) that violent crime rates are flat or falling.

    Doesn’t sound like a problem Whitey caused.

  4. ““We have done almost all we can do,” said Van Johnson, the mayor of Savannah, Ga.”

    Immediately bring back cumpilsory Christian prayer in school.

    This crap was not happening back in the 1950s when America was still a Christian nation.

    • You think the problems we are having, are due to a lack of prayer? Really? You want to force kids to pray, while they are lectured on how evil whites are, and how they shouldn’t exist. The problems we have, are due to the anti-white government agendas and your Chosen peeps leading the way.

  5. Joe has got a plan. Harris is going to be target by a FBI employed “white supremacist”.

    Joe gets his gun bill, Garland gets his crackdown on whites and Harris gets an early grave. You watch.

    Joe can’t stand having her around, the Irish are all like that. They are all for black rights, but can’t stand to be near a one of them.

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