Andrew Yang Concedes Defeat In New York Mayoral Race

I haven’t paid much attention to the New York mayoral race.

I’ve vaguely followed it though. I understand that Andrew Yang was leading in the polls in April, said a bunch of cringe things to pander to voters on Israel and policing and was outflanked by Eric Adams, a black guy who is a former cop, who is running a tough on crime campaign.


“Andrew Yang said he would drop out of the New York City mayoral race on Tuesday night, following a remarkable fall from his early lead in opinion polls to a middle-of-the-pack candidate.

“I’m conceding this race,” he said at his campaign’s party. “I’m a numbers guy. I’m someone who traffics in what happens in the numbers, and I am not going to be New York City mayor.”

With almost three-fourths of the precincts reporting Tuesday, Yang garnered roughly 12% of first round of votes. Brooklyn Borough President and former New York police captain Eric Adams had about 31% of the vote, followed by civil rights lawyer Maya Wiley and former city Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia with about 21% each. …”

Tucker Carlson covered the inflection point in the race in early May.

This reminds me of Yang’s presidential campaign. He attracted a lot of attention, buzz and support early on in the Democratic primary. Then he faded on the Democratic primary stage in June 2019. He repeatedly put his foot in his foot in his mouth trying to pander to Democratic voters.

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  1. Ethnic White’s? Jews and Italians. LOL. Well, I guess they are marginally White. I wonder how he did on the upper eastside?

    • @Krusty Wanker,

      Have you saved up enough shekels from being a gimp in gay porn to pay for your transition surgery yet?

    • Jews and Catholic Italians are in opposing parties; overwhelmingly Democratic Jews voted 84% for Biden. New York has the most corrupt closed primary system in the country, so mostly registered Republican Italians could not vote in the Democrat primary. Also not many Italians left in traditionally “Italian” parts of ‘diverse’ modern Brooklyn.

      As far as “ethnic whites” go, Jews and Italians are on opposite sides of the political spectrum—on the issue of immigration, for example, despite both being typically associated with the Ellis Island era. Per General Social Survey data, every European-descent ethnic group supports decreasing immigration to the U.S. by overwhelming margins—except Jews, who support increasing immigration by double-digits (+14.4%), vs. Italians edge out Germans as the most immigration-restrictionist (-38.1%) ethnicity. So one group has assimilated into America, while the other ‘tribe’ is still pushing open borders to the Third World in America (and all the West–but not Israel) as ‘tikkun olam’…

      Immigration Enthusiasm among European-descent US residents by ethnicity (% increase – % decrease):
      *Jewish +14.4%?
      *Scandinavian -30.9%
      *Polish -31.3%?
      *British -33.0%
      *Irish -33.1%?
      *German -36.1%
      *Italian -38.1%

  2. Although I am not following this closely, it seems to me that the man who solved the street issue before in New York City, Curtis Sliwa, ought be given the office to do it again.

    New York City has gone right back to the 1970s, when, thanks to the Leftist policies of Mayor Lindsay, and some others, it was a speckled cesspool of crime, uncollected trash, and painful disorder.

    It seems that we do not learn from history – no, we do not.

      • Thank you for your thougths, My Vermont Friend.

        Lamentably, I did not see that film.

        All the best to you and yours!

    • The “street issue” of skyrocketing crime in 1970s-80s was entirely a result of radical demographic changes—which were slightly starting to reverse due to Rudy Giuliani Law & Order policies in NYC 1994-2019 which transformed Brooklyn into a “gentrification” magnet for White (and Asian) yuppies and hipsters from all over the country—pricing out Blacks and Hispanics.

      So for context: today’s Mr. “Tough on Crime” Democrat choice Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams launched his mayoral campaign on MLK Day 2020 with a rather ironic (anti-white) anti-“gentrification” speech: “Go back to Iowa. You go back to Ohio. New York City belongs to the people that were here and made New York City what it is.”

      Of course Adams is correct in a sense that mid-20th century Negro “Great Migrations” to 99% White Northern cities made modern Brooklyn/NYC what it is…

      Brooklyn, NYC Demographics by Year:
      *1860 Census: 98.4% White (262,348); 1.6% Black (4,313)
      *1870 Census: 98.8% White (391,142); 1.2% Black (4,944)
      *1880 Census: 98.6% White (558,427); 1.4% Black (8,095)
      *1890 Census: 98.6% White (795,397); 1.3% Black (10,287); 0.1% Asian (600)
      *1900 Census: 98.3% White (1,146,909); 1.6% Black (18,367); 0.1% Asian (1,300)
      *1910 Census: 98.5% White (1,610,487); 1.4% Black (22,708); 0.1% Asian (1,010)
      *1920 Census: 98.3% White (1,984,953); 1.6% Black (31,912); 0.1% Asian (1,459)
      *1930 Census: 97.2% White (2,488,815); 2.7% Black (68,921); 0.1% Asian (2,539)
      *1940 Census: 95.9% White (2,587,951); 4.0% Black (107,263); 0.1% Asian (2,608)
      *1950 Census: 92.2% White (2,525,118); 7.6% Black (208,478); 0.1% Asian (2,514)
      *1960 Census: 85.5% White (2,245,859); 14.1% Black (371,405); 0.2% Asian (6,540)
      *1970 Census: 73.2% White (1,905,788); 25.2% Black (656,194); 0.6% Asian (16,138)
      *1980 Census: 56.7% White (1,265,769); 32.4% Black (723,748); 2.1% Asian (46,217)
      *1990 Census: 46.9% White (1,079,762); 38.0% Black (873,620); 4.8% Asian (111,148)
      *2000 Census: 41.2% White (1,015,728); 36.4% Black (896,350); 7.6% Asian (187,283)
      *2010 Census: 42.8% White (1,072,041); 34.3% Black (860,083); 10.5% Asian (263,519)
      *2019 Census ACS: 43.7% White (1,132,426); 32.2% Black (833,683); 11.9% Asian (308,313)

  3. If any Democrat had to defeat Trump, I wish it was Yang because the 1,000 dollars a month would actually help White Communities. I’m a bit disappointed he didn’t win in New York because we could see how the 1,000 a month actually works.

      • @November…

        My wife and I agreed, and were prepared to vote for her in the NC Primary, though, by the time it got here, voting for her was a futile gesture and so we voted for someone else.

    • “1,000 dollars a month would actually help White Communities. I”

      Don’t fool yourself !

      Such a scheme would just vanish, in cost escalations, water into sand.
      (You’re making the very naive assumption, that everyone would get 1000 and prices would remain the same.)

  4. To think, Andrew Yang was once the front runner.

    I think his problem turned out to be that he ran a national campaign in a local entity. Even in what is said to be the world’s most cosmopolitan city, the local issues still matter the most. Crime wound up being the issue, and that was far more in the wheelhouse of an ex-cop than a tech entrepreneur.

  5. Yang lost before he even started by daring to question infant penis mutilation that the Moloch worshippers are so fond of. They never forget.

  6. If he [Yang] would appeal to Whites and Asians, he could be considered a ‘moderate conservative’ but his own bowdlerized Calvinism, and his presumption that he is a ‘minority’ are what is sabotaging him, at every turn. It would appear Asians are NOT as smart as they presume themselves to be…..

    • Orientals have the ability to copy or mimic what they learn from others and efficiently mass produce it. So they are intelligent in the same way that electronic computational machines are.

  7. A few things did Andrew Yang in. First, he comes across as dull and can be pushed around. Second, he doesn’t understand that race rules with blacks. So right off the bat most blacks just see ” some Asian dude.”

    Yang could only win with a heavy White and Asian coalition while plucking off percentages of others. Whites in big cities are too moronic and constantly split their votes among all candidates while blacks just look for other blacks. Hispanics don’t consider Yang one of them, either. It all adds up to a weak showing.

    A guy like Yang and others would be far smarter running on the Republican line in the future because ” rank choice voting” is swamped with too many Democrats running for a given position. Thus the black politicians in the Democratic primary will be more likely to win since they vote as a racist bloc.

    New Yorkers are too diverse and pitiful to vote for logic. Republican Curtis Sliwa would be a very good mayor but I don’t see how he is going to beat a black Democrat in a 7 to 1 Democratic city.

    Whites are too few, too split and too crazy in big cities. They are so busy pandering to non Whites that they play right into the hands of blacks.

    After Eric Adams most likely becomes mayor, the only one I can see breathing down his neck in the future would be Aoc…if she wanted it.

    But Yang is too stiff. While smart with an interesting idea with the 1 k per month or whatever, he would be better suited running as a Republican for a mayoral or Senate gig. His best shot, though, would be to replace a retiring Congress person in his district- if it ever happens-as a Democrat. There are plenty of bland Congress people elected again and again.

  8. I found out Adams was gay a couple weeks ago when there was a scandal about him living in Fort Lee, NJ with his “partner” (actually he’s not, but he is always referred to as having a partner, not a girlfriend, so I would imagine many news readers think he’s gay). Then there was his claim a cop tried to kill him in 1996 for being a “reformer.” His administration will be marked by his and his large entourage’s cars being parked as close to City Hall as possible, blocking sidewalks and crosswalks, killing grass and making ruts in City Hall Park, and damaging the building’s exterior. That’s what NYC cops and ex-cops do:

  9. Curtis Sliwa would have made a good mayor but apparently his campaign is considered a long shot. I believe he has very strong support among the ultra orthodox jews in Brooklyn.

    • @Spahn…

      Interesting to hear, but, it will certainly take much more than The Lubavitcher Hasidim to make Sliwa mayor – much more.

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