Merrick Garland Promises Gun Regulation Bill In The Making


He didn’t bring up his investigation of the Minneapolis Police Department or the Louisville Police Department. Could it be that cops are quitting their jobs or doing the absolute minimum out of fear of being crucified by the Department of Social Justice over allegations of “white supremacy”?

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  1. Many thanks to Attorney-General Garland for his efforts to put forth the kind of national political environment that will increasingly foster a now burgeoning sovereign states’ movement.

    • Well, gov Abbott of tx, just signed constitutional carry, open carry, gun amnesty, legalizing suppressors and more. Now, 21 states have constitutional carry.

      • Not only that, Dear Arrian, but, Governor Desantis just promiset to send Texas reinforcements to protect their border.

        Things like this have not occurred in a very very long time and it, increasingly muscular state governments that do not defer to Washington, bodes very well for a reconfederatization of this land, and, from there, a new diversity which will provide safe-spaces for European blood, economy, and culture.

  2. In a perfect world, Merrick would be wearing a yellow cloth Star of David with “Jude” on it and assembling automatic rifles for the Third Reich’s military for 14 hours a day.

    • No, in a perfect world he’d be slop for the hog pen, ultimately pig-shit. We can all thank the Gay Old Pedos for rubber-stamping his appointment, just as they’re about to do with the ATF criminal.

    • This Shlomo’s grandparents were in the USSR. Probably torturing and executing Christians. Bring us you poor huddled genocidal monsters, yearning to breath free…

  3. I am telling you, Biden and Garland, their nefarious plan is to have an FBI agent pose as a white supremacist attack Harris. Where is Harris going to be on the Fourth of July? In a red state?

    • My shitlib little sister has a Ruth Bader Ginsburg figurine. Her 8 year old daughter uses it as a Skeksis when she plays Dark Crystal.

      • @Kolya…

        In our little town there is only one Woke preacher, something which is the cause for why his congregation, formerly rather large before he came, has all but abandoned him.

        And, even though he says he is anti-abortion, or, rather, pro-life, when he pushes his baby stroller by our house, one of his little girls wears a t-shirt with the face of Justice Ginsburg emblazoned upon it.

        When I addresst this matter of inconsistency, the preacher said to me, ‘this is all a very very complex issue’.

  4. Laws written for the federal territories and federal “states” (ie. federal territory Guam, federal state Puerto Rico, and the municipal enclave of D.C. all under federal jurisdiction do not apply in the several sovereign Republic’s who are NOT UNDER FEDERAL JURISDICTION EXCEPT FOR THOSE ARTICLE DELEGATED BY THE CONSTITUTION, ALL OTHER RIGHTS BELOG TO THE SOVEREIGN’S THE SEVERAL REPUBLIC’S OF AMERICA of whom each have their own constitutions and the federal government, the “United States” (IN CONGRESS ASSEMBLED) acts as agent for the Sovereign’s in foreign affairs and for certain delegated intra Republic affairs of the confederation of the Sovereign Republic’s (Articles of Confederation) now federalized as a union styled the “United States of America” with the “United States” (congress assembled) acting as their sovereign’s agent as described above. At no time did any of the sovereign Republic’s transfer wholesale their sovereignty or any right not strictly delegated to their agent the “United States” (enclaved inD.C.)!!!

    • That is like saying the Queen of England is the sovereign of the US because the War for Independence was invalid.

      The original Republic was overthrown in 1865. The Second Republic was overthrown on December 7, 1941. The Third Republic was overthrown on September 11, 2001.

      As George W. Bush told us, the Constitution is just a piece of paper. It was a good idea and all, but words on paper don’t call anything into being.

      The US states are absolutely NOT sovereign and haven’t been for a long, long time. Can a state close its border? Can it declare legal tender? Can it declare war on another state?

      No, thus, they are not sovereign.

  5. Calling Garfinkel:

    Wasn’t Biden’s son Hunter in posession of a gun while under a disability, for domestic violence? Nothing happened to him even though there was proof he had a gun in his posession.

    Didn’t Saint Hunter Biden lie on his firearm purchase form which in itself is a felony.

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