Gen. Mark Milley Wants To Understand “White Rage”

Personally, I would like to know why these insubordinate generals have kept us mired in Afghanistan for twenty years and why we squandered $740.5 billion on the Pentagon this year and why the military is focused on recruiting “trans girls” and women with two mothers to “shatter gender stereotypes” and renaming Fort Benning and Fort Bragg.


“Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said during a hearing before the House Committee on Armed Services on Wednesday that is important for members of the military to understand critical race theory.

Why it matters: Milley advocated for the teaching of the theory after several House Republicans questioned whether the Department of Defense is teaching courses involving it at military academies.W

What they’re saying: “I do think it’s important, actually, for those of us in uniform to be open-minded and be widely read,” Milley said. …”


“The military’s top officer on Wednesday pushed back against GOP lawmakers who said the Pentagon’s efforts to combat racism and promote diversity have made the armed forces too “woke.”

Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley gave a fiery defense of open-mindedness in the ranks during a House Armed Services hearing, saying he’s offended at the accusation that those efforts have undercut the military’s mission and cohesiveness. …”

The same military which wants 1.) our money and to command 2.) our respect, support and loyalty ALSO wants to purge service members who are classified by Joe Biden’s new commissars as “domestic extremists” and demonize White people on the basis of their race.

Note: As White Southerners should know from past experience, it is more likely that our own military will be deployed against us than any foreign army.

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  1. Funny, Milley served under Trump and now is serving under Biden and his stances have changed from one to the other. In short, he is a politician looking to stay relevant and retain his rank and voice in the woke military. Let the non-Whites serve these ZOG traitors.

    • ” a politician looking to stay relevant and retain his rank ”

      Nope, his rank is secure.

      He’s kissing ass so he will get tax free retirement status and a fat position on the boards of directors at general dynamics, Lockheed and other ‘consulting” positions.

    • “In short, he is a politician looking to stay relevant and retain his rank”

      Why did this image IMMEDIATELY COME TO MIND? Because it’s apt.

    • @John…

      Yes, Dear John, General Milley is a professional officer, which means that he is profoundly political.

      At this point I have the impression that an awfully high percentage of professional military officers hold a higher degree of loyalty to those who run the government than they do either their people or The Constitution.

    • They ask if maybe Christ was a black man… Rarely do they ask if Judas was just a rage filled Black. When Webber and Rice wrote this song they illustrated the rift between the spiritual black and the spiritual white. Here’s a dramatisation of the argument with Judas when a woman annoints Jesus feet. A white man appreciating a beautiful gesture and a black flying into a jealous fit of rapey murderous rage.

      • Capt’n. Yes, I see how you could view it that way. But stop for a second and think. This film was made in 1973- everyone still thought of Jesus as White, and the Apostles as White, and Mary Magdalene as White, and Judas (if he were different at all) of being the archetypical JEW.

        Therefore, this is a MASSIVE slap to WHITE Culture, to American Culture, to Christian Culture, even before the whole ‘Jesus People’ thing had taken off. This was pure Frankfurt School Propaganda.

        The film was made by Jews. The Score was made by Jews. The Producers were JEWS.
        Do I begin to shed some light on why this is yet another form of Mind F**k of the White American populace, by the Christ-killers? (and that the non-whites were merely ANIMALS of the Jews, to use to destroy the White Elect?)

        • The dynamic is a fascinating one. The dispute over the balm and perfume is very much like that between whites and BLM. The film shows the Sanhedrin as very Jewish and Herod as a vaudeville sort of Jew. The casting of Judas as black here is salient.

        • @Fr.John+ A (very) jewish librarian, with whom I instigated occasional provocations, once told me with glowing enthusiasm that she considers the Broadway (anti-White) sensation “Hamilton” to be the “Jesus Christ Superstar of the current day.”

  2. Without white Southern boys ZOG’s mercenary force would be useless. Yet ZOG is doing everything it can to vilify and marginalize them.

    • @Spahn…

      How right you are, Dear Spahn, and very kind of you to acknowledge it.

      To put it plain, I am surprised that they even let White Southern Boys in the US military anymore, because it does not take a great mind to know that, if there is a problem, where the vast majority of these White Southern Boys will be….

  3. Barry Soetoro and the Clinton mafia purged the military of all decent general officers years ago. They were replaced with jews, queers, token minorities and pinkos.

  4. Notice,
    Ms houlahan, yielding her time, to the rehearsed sermon, by the general.

    Oh, Houlahan, just as Irish as a shamrock and shalaylee…………..
    ……………….. her father is a polish jw.

  5. “What’s wrong with Tranny Drone Strikes on stick in the mud Fundamentalist Christians in Idaho?” Gen Milley Vanilli

  6. Why are Native Americans not mentioned in CRT to the polarization of Sub Saharan African Slaves vs White Control of land and Government of the New World of North America/South America.

    Debate CRT intellectually on a natural power intelligence of race, ethnicity, and social money class.

    Fight fire with fire!

    Stay clam and debate with out rage!

    Don’t end up in cuffs screaming injustice at police,

    Never let your guard down!


  7. @Spahnranch1970

    The reason why they are focusing on White Southern boys is to demoralise them before the upcoming confrontation with China/Russia.

    The outcome of the 3rd world war was decided long ago by the banksteins. The West is slated to lose.

    • It’s got so withing to do with Crimea. I agree. There are no coincidences.

      • “…to do with Crimea”:

        Speaking of Crimea, yesterday U.S. puppet Britain violated Russian territorial waters off the coast of Crimea, with big ship guns loaded, ready to fire, and U.S. spy planes flying overhead recording the action.

        • RN would technically say they were in Ukrainian waters. Must have been discussed at G7 exactly how to start it up.

    • @English…

      Perhaps there is a coming conflict with China, but, every sign I see from President Biden is that he is at great pains to reduce the hostilities with Russia.

      Our president has made many many concession to President Putin over the last couple of months – things that you would have thought President Trump would have done, but, actually did nothing of the kind, this because he was too intimidated by the ‘Russia-Collusion vise he felt he had been placet into.

      Whatever President Biden’s motivations are, I am very grateful for his actions to deescalate with Russia.

  8. It’s all about post-military career $$$$$$$$$$$$

    If General Milley wants to understand Native White Working Class Rage…it’s about not wanting to be voted into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America by the millions of potential LEGAL immigrants living in China at the moment who General Milley wants to allow into America LEGALLY…

    It’s all about General Milley’s post-military career big fat ass $$$$$$$$$$$$$….

    The US Military will be destroyed in a war with Iran…and Russia…..

    Mark Milley is a toady for corporate power…

  9. He’s just another 4-star whore. Col. David Hackworth, one of America’s most decorated soldiers, had utter contempt for what he called “Pentagon ticket-punching dancers & prancers”

    • The Irish are the henchmen of the Jews? As opposed to notoriously antisemitic ‘WASP’ demographic of Bush Crime Family—tracing back to Puritan Oliver Cromwell ending 1290 expulsion to bring his Jewish financier friends back into England in 1657 after murdering King Charles I in 1649—Cromwell celebrating Hanukah with Jews while violently banning English, Scots, Irish Catholic celebration of Christmas…

      3 decades later Amsterdam bankster Abraham Israel Suasso loans 2 million guilders to Dutch Calvinist (Cohenist) William of Orange to invade England—to overthrow Catholic King James II for refusing to open a central bank—in 1688 (((Glorious Revolution))) deposing legitimate Anglo-Scots Stuart dynasty, to import foreign Dutch/German Judeo-Protestant ‘monarchs’ appointed by merchant interests in Parliament. Obedient shabbos goy William of Orange opened Bank of England in 1694, to this day enslaving Brits to usurious Jewish finance. Jews took out two kings of England in 40 years—both times using shabbos goyim to inflict genocidal massacres across Ireland as well as the Scottish Highlands. No British monarch has dared defy Rothschild orders ever since. But ’twas the Irish who issued the Balfour Declaration?

      How did no less an American hero than Charles Lindbergh have a blindspot to not realize it was the Irish manipulating Americans to go to fight/die in foreign ‘Great Wars’ for Jewish interests of City of London banksters, Judeo-Bolsheviks, Zionists—world wars that destroyed Germany, Europe, the West..? Not at all ‘treacherous’ to repeatedly turn down generous German peace offers to even help preserve British Empire if soi-disant “Anglo-Saxon” philosemites would just pls not literally ally with Jewish Bolsheviks to destroy Western Civilization…
      «When England and France declared war on Germany in 1939, less than 10% of our population favored a similar course for America. But there were various groups, here and abroad, whose interests and beliefs necessitated involvement of the United States…

      The three most important groups who have been pressing this country toward war are the British, the Jewish and the Roosevelt administration. These war agitators comprise only a small minority of our people; but they control a tremendous influence. Against the determination of the American people to stay out of war, they have marshaled the power of their propaganda, their money, their patronage…

      In selecting these three groups as the major agitators for war, I have included only those whose support is essential to the war party. If any one of these groups—the British, the Jewish, or the administration—stops agitating for war, I believe there will be little danger of our involvement. I do not believe that any two of them are powerful enough to carry this country to war without the support of the third. And to these three, as I have said, all other war groups are of secondary importance.»
      —Charles Lindbergh (America First committee speech at Des Moines Sept 11, 1941)

      • Why do you hate Muslims Mick? WTF has a Muslim ever done to the Irish? You don’t have to recite history to me, I got two eyes and I can see how you are.
        Tell me why the Irish hate Muslims? Why? Because your Jew masters tell you to that is why.

  10. I would recommend that Whites, particularly White men, not join the military. Why serve and possibly fight for a country that hates you? Stay in America and let’s focus on how to help our people.

    • I come from a family with a tradition of military service, and that’s what I now counsel the people I love. Fighting for the people you love is a noble and good thing, and once upon a time the military, arguably, served the historic people of the United States. Now, it’s become apparent that the military is just another tool being used against the historic American people, and to serve in it now might require you to serve against your own people.

      Young men and women should stay home and preserve their health and well-being to fight for and serve their families and communities.

  11. Anti-Whites claim CRT isn’t Anti-White like the murder suspect with his fingerprints and DNA all over the victim claim innocence. Republicans will do nothing except blame Democrats, the “real racists”.

  12. Most people, who have never been in the military, do not understand how profoundly political being a soldier is.


    #1. Your evaluation, as a troop, will come from your immediate superior, and, if he does not like you, you will likely receive and evaluation that will deny you promotion.

    Not that this is so different from the private sector, but, in the military, you cannot just leave if you and your boss do not get along.

    #2. If you want to attain the rank of senior non-commissioned officer (ranks of E-7 and up) you simply will not do it without praiseworthy evaluations of your service from your immediate higher up.

    For enlisted men, if you want to have a career and a retirement, you need to make at least the rank of E-7.

    For officers, the ranks of 2nd and first lieutenant and captain are as perfunctory as R-3 and E-4 for enlisted personnel. They will be awarded to you, unless you are a screw up.

    After that, however, if you want to become an O-4 (major in the army) you are going to need glowing reviews from your superior.

    What happens is that, in the process of all this, people become acutely political, and, thus, become so good at detecting their superior’s wishes, that they will mouth it for them, before their superior even speaks.

    Dissent, even of the polite and constructive sort, is pretty rare amongst professional officers and NCOs, except in elite units, like special forces.

    To make the rank of full colonel you will have to be a very very political animal.

    To make general, you better be an expert at being on your knees.

    People do not understand that, to rise high in the ranks, you may be a very brave and capable person, but, you may also be a mental submissive, as the modern military culture, that I experience and observed while I was in, is very likely to make you that.

    Though I do not know General Milley, I sense that in him – that he is a submissive and a conformist of the highest degree.

    He is not alone in this and this is not new in the service, only the introduction of
    Marxist idealogy, and the fact that President Obama was careful to remove from the professional officer class those men who were still not submissives.

    • Last thing I’ll say about General Milley is this : though we ought respect his courage and sacrifice to serve our country, he is, in the end, a bureaucrat – an administrative bureaucrat.

      As such, his mind is occupied almost entirely by what would please his boss, in other words – questions of how, when,. and where?

      Why questions, such as, ‘why would I do this?’; ‘Why would this be good for the army or the country?’ are questions forty years of being in a blinders-on tunnel think tank corps, plus the extreme mental and political stratification of the professional military class, since President Obama, that would never ever arise.

      General Milley is a highly decorated Administrative Bureaucrat.

      He’ll do, say, and think what he is told.

  13. This is why I got out in the 90s.
    It was beginning then. If you were a female or minority, you got promoted first.
    President Bill Clinton, presiding.

    From people that I know currently enlisted, it’s a complete woke shit-show now. Of course that’s by design. Woke muds will have ZERO reservations when the Orders eventually come to open fire on or round up domestic insurgents (Whites).

    So what’s a White to do? Learn to be an effective insurgent for one. We have 20+ years of lessons from our loss in the sandbox and Vietnam. You do know who the Base Commander is at your closet Military Base right?
    Of course you do. You also know who his Command Staff are as well and where they live, shop and play. Free information is free. Collect it. Use it.
    There will be a Test.

  14. “three quarters of a human being.”

    This dumb sh*t again?

    First of all, it’s the “3/5ths Compromise.” It had to do with representation in Congress, not anything to do with what percentage of a “human being” you were.

    Second, the North wanted a “0/5ths Non-Compromise” so according to General Milley’s Woke BS, the North were more “waycis” than the South was.

    Remember, folks, these are our Rock-Ribbed Real Manly Military Men. We know they are real men because they are so good at bombing entire families, men, women and children, to death by pushing a button from their desks is Nevada.

    What brave patriots, you should be proud.

    The very last time anyone in the US military defended our country was in the war of 1812.

  15. It’s not that hard to understand, General. Some of us don’t like being ethnically cleansed from the country our ancestors built. Some of us don’t like being demonized for the failings of other people. Some of us don’t want to live in a society that worships blacks and sexual deviants. White nations were safe and prosperous because they were….White. We didn’t ask for this.

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