Gypsy Crusader Is Facing 30 Years In Prison

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t this guy famous for dressing up like a clown, screaming nigger and other epithets and waving a toy gun around on Omegle? I never watched any of his content, but it looks to me like he is an early victim of Joe Biden’s “domestic extremism” witch hunt.


“A well-known neo-Nazi vlogger who loved nothing more than to dress up as comic book villains and call for genocide quietly pleaded guilty to several gun charges Tuesday morning. 

Paul Miller, a 32-year-old Florida man, is better known by his audience of racists and online trolls as Gypsy Crusader. He had a sizable audience on sites like Bitchute and Telegram—sites well known for their lax rules about hate speech and violent rhetoric—where he would post racist remarks and call for violence. An FBI raid in March netted him three charges for possession of an unregistered firearm and ammunition and possession of a weapon as a felon. …

Earlier in the year, the FBI decided the man dressed as the Joker wasn’t joking and raided his home on March 2. The FBI found a stockpile of over 800 rounds of ammunition and an unregistered short-barreled rifle with the serial numbers filed off. The criminal complaint states that during the raid agents found pieces of the rifle disassembled across Miller’s house. …”

I never had the impression that this guy was a threat.

He seemed to me like a racist gig worker who was just trying to make a living.

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  1. from fake gun to short rifle with the serial numbers filed off? i guess if he is a felon and pled guilty then he’ll go down. no doubt his politics (antics) will be used to enhance the charges.

    don’t be dumb kids. if you are serious about fighting for your people, just be a normal upright, moral person. don’t fall for the ironybro BS.

    • The Feds can – and will – make up whatever the fuck they want to to take Right Wingers – and even normy Whites – down.

      • CD- THAT”s why secession is absolutely necessary.

        If the Heartland secedes, and greater Idaho captures Seattle (or Portand- that city no longer has any utilitarian value) we have our port(s), AND the grain belt. Starve the jews on both the East and Left Coasts. It’s us or them.

        • You know most whites are incapable of doing just that.

          Hell will freeze over first. They will stand and watch the destruction of their country.

  2. Miller is often a Jewish name is it not? I know Jews love playing costume Nazi and calling for genocide.

    • Its a predominantly a Anglo-Saxon name

      Yeah I don’t think he’s a chosenite with what he’s up against here. Heebs almost always get a free pass from fed entrapment

  3. Miller said he became an online clown because the alternative was to seek violent revenge on Antifa and BLM for wrecking his career and threatening his parent’s lives. He would probably really appreciate visits and letters from supporters.

  4. If words hurt the feelings of certain people than he is guilty as charged. If words are supposed to be protected under the 1st, he is just another victim of democracy.

  5. Paul Miller has a lot of contact information primarily from his sooner and millennial fan base. Plenty of his acolytes bought the patches he was selling, so ZOG-fbi and ZOG-dhs more than likely have opened cases on all those young lads.

    If Miller somehow had those mailing addresses encrypted where the feds cannot access them, he could use that as a bargaining chip to lessen his sentence.

    Rumor was that Miller was singing like a bird in federal custody.

  6. Neo nazis didn’t radicalize Gypsy Joker Antifa and blm did with death threats, threatening to burn down his mothers business

    He’s not innocent here, he said stupid shit ran a small grift with the patchs I dunno but hes still a political prisoner being targeted
    The idea that he is a fed is paranoid delusion imo but he could snitch on his followers for lighter sentence. Baked Alaska on the other hand tho…

    Vices claim of bitchutes “lax rules and violent rhetoric” whatever the frick means is dubious false claim fricking stupid soyface writers who run the site

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