ACLU: F*** Everything

The ACLU used to be a well respected liberal organization that focused on protecting the civil liberties of everyone. It took less than five years to go from institutional capture by the woke crowd to a laughingstock.

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  1. It was never liberal, it was always a Jewish/Communist front group. It never protected the rights of everyone, in fact, when it took cases for right-wing speech, it was in fact using this to get anti-Communist laws overturned.

    As soon as that happened, and Jewish power shifted away from the old economic Communism, the ACLU stopped taking right-wing cases.

    Sort of like how they say “the SPLC used to be good.” No, it was never good, it was always bad.

  2. So does this mean all of us who got fired from a job for posting an edgy meme will get our jobs back?

    Cancel culture only works one way, OUR WAY, whitey, get it through your thick head!

  3. The epidemick of Nihilism,, that is sweeping this land is something very sad to behold, because it is difficult to see how this trend will not end in rampant and persistent violence.

    Unfortunate that this is not graspt by some very intelligent people, of every class, belief, and race, of which the ACLU is yet another example.

    • “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal then others…” -George Orwell/ Animal Farm

  4. Naturally, the model wearing that T shirt is racially ambiguous – exactly the kind of peanut butter colored slave the jews want to turn our descendants into!

    • @Spahn…

      Yes, light tan does seem to be the complexion hue upon which The One World Order has come to agreement.

    • Yep….their ideal American of the future. A raceless, rootless, pliable consumer unit.

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