New York Times: Federal Judge Blocks $4 Billion U.S. Debt Relief Program for Non-White Farmers


“Equity” loses again in federal court.

New York Times:

“A federal judge on Wednesday temporarily blocked the Biden administration from making loan forgiveness payments to minority farmers as part of a $4 billion program intended to address a long history of racial injustice in American farming.

The judge, Marcia Morales Howard of U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, in Jacksonville, found that Scott Wynn, a white farmer in Jennings, Fla., who had challenged the program in a lawsuit in May, was likely to succeed on his claim that the program violates his right to equal protection under the law.

Known as Section 1005, the program was created as part of the $1.9 trillion stimulus package that Congress passed in March. It was intended to provide debt relief to “socially disadvantaged farmers” — defined by the government as those who are Black, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Islander. …

For example, “socially disadvantaged farmers” may qualify for 120 percent debt relief under the program, regardless of the size of their farms and even if they are “having the most profitable year ever and not remotely in danger of foreclosure,” Judge Howard wrote.

“Yet a small white farmer who is on the brink of foreclosure can do nothing to qualify for debt relief,” she wrote. “Race or ethnicity is the sole, inflexible factor that determines the availability of relief provided by the Government under Section 1005.”

Can you get anymore explicitly anti-white than this policy?

The idea here is simply to have USDA treat Whites worse than non-Whites. That’s the official policy of the Biden administration across the entire federal governmnent.

Note: This is the second legal victory over “equity” this month.

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  1. I guess it’s Whitey’s fault blacks can’t farm or do anything that takes brains or ingenuity.

  2. “SHEEEEEEITTTT…” – Farmer D’ Aundre’

    Nice to see that beady-eyed race traitor whore Biden get checked, at least temporarily. It also reminds Whites of his constant nigger fellation.

  3. Pat Buchanan asked right thinking Americans to hold their noses and vote for Shrub so as to get conservatives on the bench and we are seeing the fruits of that policy now.

    If Al Gore or Jonah Cohn (John Kerry, crypto-jew) had won decades ago we might be in South Africa territory right now.

  4. The powerful influence of big corporate agriculture, that does not want ANY encouragement of small family farming filters down. Only training for “niche, boutique, and entertainmen farming” and conservation reserve programs taking small farms out of production are to be funded. And they’re still letting the Amish alone, for now.

    The big ag corporations want to drive peasants off the land in Venezuela and other countries with large rural agrarian populations.

    • “entertainmen” typo should have been: entertainment faming as in “Small family farming really only provides entertainment, whereas large-scale, corporate agriculture feeds and clothes the world.”

      But the main objection is to any farming that is not a profit-centered BUSINESS enterprize.

  5. This was done under Obama / Emmanuel. They made it easy to apply. A black only had to say they tried to grow something, like a tomato plant, and they could receive a check for $50,000 for being a farmer.

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