Radio Free Indiana: Reunion Edition


I will be on Radio Free Indiana tonight at 9 PM EST. Feel free to drop by and hang out.

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  1. I’m expecting full endorsement of Critical Race Theory. It is the only way to keep pissing White people off. Most fence riding go along get along folks are having to see this bovine fecal matter everywhere. The company I work for is for the Diversity, Equity(Raparations) and Inclusion but I haven’t seen the CRT stuff yet. I guess the shareholders are waiting for the public opinion polls.

    • Lagging black accomishment and average outcomes are substandard because blacks are either/or subhuman, kept down by whitey. There’s no middle ground and conservatives privately understand this.

  2. When are you going to rehabilitate Matt Heimbach? What about Matt Heimbach’s partner, the former “Al Qaeda Propagandist” he does podcasts with now?

    Are we going to see Matt Parrott doing “activism” complete with the plastic helmets and other fetish costumes again? Back to harassing waitresses to get “viral” Youtube videos?

    Good luck with all that.

    Why not do some media with Milo? He’s an ex-homo Christian now. I can’t keep up with these “shapeshifters” “changing” their stripes every few months.

    Is Matt Parrott still in daily contact with the SPLC like he has been for the last TEN YEARS? Did he have the SPLC on the call like he had them on for the last TEN YEARS? Remember how Matt Parrott literally did a nation-wide tour with the SPLC/Antifa “journalist” sharing hotel rooms with him? He wrote a whole book about it – Matt Parrott spent OVER A YEAR traveling with an Antifa “journalist” giving him “scoops” about “the movement.”

    Oh, wait, it’s different now.


    Sorry I’m just a bit dim I may not understand the subtlety here.

      • Isn’t Michael Hill also preparing some type of defense too with the League?

        Is there any report on that?

      • >Matt Parrott has been chilling for several months, working and preparing for the Charlottesville trial


        Interesting turn of phrase.

        Thank God I never got involved with him. I just assume – since Matt Parrott literally spent YEARS collaborating with the SPLC – just like Milo – I guess he’s listing all his “friends” to testify against.

        Cool plastic helmet, yo. Maybe you’ll get on ABC News, right after their special with Ghislaine Maxwell..

        It’s like getting the old band back together!

        Which ABC “journalist” are you working with to reform your image?

        Can you name the FBI agent you are collaborating with, or is that classified? Part of the plea bargain?

        • Parrott and everyone else who were sued are bracing themselves for the Charlottesville trial in the fall. He has been working another job to help pay for his legal bills. Again, I am not sure how being sued and financially ruined is part of the conspiracy

          • I’m not sure why he had the SPLC on speed dial… Face it already.. All these guys are frauds/turncoats. Was stupid to go to that shit show in the first place.

  3. Is there a way to pull the interview up after the fact on podcast, like an MP3 player? I listen to MP3’s while I work.

  4. HW,

    The show was entertaining,after you solved your boomer tech problems.

    It was a good listen.

  5. Is is absolutely clear, solid proof that Matt Parrott was a SPLC paid informant?

    If so, I think that’s a deal killer and OD and Hunter shouldn’t promote any of Matt’s projects.

    Let’s hope he drops out and finds some regular job, finds a decent woman and doesn’t do politics.

    He’s not going to be any kind of effective activist on our side.

    • No, Parrott and Heimbach had a policy of being willing to talk to anyone in the TWP era, which is why they brought Vegas Tenold around. I always thought it was misguided, but that doesn’t mean they are informants.

      • Ok, thanks Hunter.

        Please make that clear to anyone posting gossip that Matt was an SPLC informant.

        Hey Hunter, did you get to look at my blog in draft featuring new Farstar/my comics?

        There was a format issue, but otherwise it should be good to go.

        Thanks Hunter.

          • Thanks Hunter.

            Give my best to your lovely wife.

            I’ve yet to meet your son since he was old enough to talk. I hope to meet him and reconnect.

            Does Rene have any Southern gals to match make for me.

            I’m going pretty much White Hispanic from here out. Lots of good European Hispanics getting out of places like Venezuela.

            My Salsa dance lessons should pay off.

            I’m done with college miseducated White Ango Northern big city women. I prefer to hang out with Black gang members.

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