Republican Study Committee: Lean Into The Culture War

It is true that the anti-CRT movement is led by grifters.

It is true that Republicans are latching onto it because it polls so well for them.

At the same time, I have no objection to banning anti-white racial demoralization propaganda. Even if Republicans are doing this for cynical reasons, it is not in our interest to oppose them on this. I also think that Sally Soccer Mom is sincerely outraged by this and that is good news. We don’t want our public schools teaching Jr. to be a self-hating cuck.


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  1. But it is in your interest to not support obfuscation of anti-white racism under the aegis of fighting CRT. Doubly so given that their legal fights against CRT are deliberately ineffective means to trick the gullible, again.

  2. I was in Europe when they were debating the (((Constitution))). Whenever a state vetoed it they would just change a comma or in the case of Ireland bribe them. Resistance is futile. Time release 48 hour bug pellets clearly are the only remedy.

  3. If the Republicans cannot rack up huge wins in this political environment, even in New England, then I think they have no heartbeat left…

    • Anti-Whites have a death grip on New England. I know. I live here. The late Bob Whitaker said New England lost their power when they lost their people, something which began 50+ years ago.

      • @More of The Same…

        Sorry to hear that, very sorry.

        I lived quite a while on the Vermont Border and, though I noticet people seemed largely, if not completely, deracinated, I did not see signs of anti-White behavior.

        I did see signs of Negro deification and the abolitionist spirit, even though there were no Blacks for a hundred miles around, in either direction!

        Of course, I was just in one corner of New England, the far western part. I realize it may be, as you say, even worse in other areas.

        Thank you for NOT being an well-meaning lunatick!

        Those people really tire me out…

  4. The Republicans will refuse to call CRT anti-white, and maybe ban it, or more likely they will forget it as soon as they get power. If they do ban CRT (1% chance), the sneaky Democrats will make up some other anti-white shit, and teach it to kids under a new name.

    I’m at the point where I’m bored with this Kabuki theatre. What else is on the televitz?

    • When confronted by parents, one local school district, echoed by the reporters, announced that “Critical Race Theory is not officially part of their school’s curriculum.” Which is their way of attempting to sidestep the issue by way of disclaimer. They’re not denying that the theory is being promoted by certain faculty members, only that it isn’t “officially” approved and endorsed by the school board. Much like the network announcement before a rapid weight loss, proven path to prosperity, or miraculous hair regrowth formula, infomercial stating that the following program does not represent the views of the station or its affiliates.

      When I was a kid, my favorite wrestler was The Great Kabuki. I occasionally watch NHK. Sometimes, I like watching Kabuki and Sumo. I also like the straight faced, just the facts, style of reporting. It reminds me of the American network newsmen of an earlier era. No gesticulating, gesturing, sighing, or sarcasm, voice inflection, or intonation. Just a near monotone delivery of the news of the day. In addition, the redundancy is minimal, with lots of stories that don’t get featured by other stations.

    • Exactly. The real task is to purge the teaching profession of leftwing antiwhite staff.

  5. Republican leadership’s first and last priority is low taxes for the wealthy. They cynically exploit abortion, same sex marriage and now CRT to excite the working class base to turn out for elections keep them in power.

  6. They aren’t really banning anything because the language of banning “critical race theory” is so vague. It’s just more theater from Republicans. They would need to ban discrimination against Whites and make sure Whites can win lawsuits when they are subject to discrimination. They aren’t going to do that though because it would require going against decades of anti-White civil rights law.

    • Stop being a nay sayer.

      It’s entirely feasible for local and state places to plan defamation, discrimination and physical abuse attacks against White European Americans.

      Just give White European Americans the same rights as say homosexuals in Indiana.

      Sure fa* cucks like David French and the rest of the soy boys and Neo Conservative Js will put some spin that private businesses and public schools should have the freedom to teach whatever they want and serve whatever customers they want, just can’t insult or notice bad Jews, Black racists, BLM riots etc.

      This is a clear issue that new folk heroes like Phylis Schlaffly will rise to power on this like she did opposing the ERA Equal Rights Amendment.

      • It’s not nay-saying. It’s just a fact that these laws don’t actually do anything at all because the language is too vague. They’re designed to give the appearance that Republicans are doing something when they really aren’t

      • @Jaye…

        Your entire comment is excellent and right, Dear Mr. Ryan, for, not only are we numerous and powerful, Whites are getting engaged at every level, and, in the end, nobody in Washington, and no entity in the world, save Our Lord, can control what goes on in thousands of localities, if those localities do not wish to be controlled.

        Case in point – the sheepherders in Afghanistan – terrible marksmen, but, intrepid men who will not be controlled.


        The Evil Empire holds a few metropolitan places, and the rest of their country belongs to them.

        Sadly, that situation is a roadmap for what is likely to occur here, over the coming decade.

  7. The Tory Party in UK just started a push, to point out that public education in the UK is structurally antiwhite. They are framing it as being structurally rigged against white working class boys. I think it’s an interesting strategy. The right in the UK have seen South Africa go down and now the US. Perhaps it is too late now but they are focusing in on discrimination against white lads in the teaching profession. They had a Jewish MP called Halfon announce the shift on the BBC and he explitely said white boys have been left behind, dumped on and neglected. Perhaps Schlomo realizes that blacks can’t fix boilers, roofing and electrical. White people have interests after all.

  8. The premise is still bullshit. They are sayimg CRT is bad because its anti White racism, and racism is bad.

    I say CRT is anti White racism, and I’m White, so thats bad.

    Its that subtle difference that has this mysterious cabal of people who met in Montana all tore up.

    You can’t think your way through this CRT thing without at least having an impulse to tribalism and circling the wagons around Whitey. They hate that, and I can bet a nickel with confidence that group of people has the Jewish money behind it because they too are anti-White.

  9. This is just Dems are the real racists, campaign edition. All they need to do now is dust off Milo Yianwhateverthefuck as a fellow white people and they’ll have the pre 2016 grift dream team back together.

    It will be one big gay diversion from the reality. They hate us because we are White, and if we don’t take our own side on those same terms, we will be systematically isolated and subjugated.

  10. These same republican “conservatives” could not homeschool for 4 months during Covid before they lost their collective minds.

    Politicians do not know what CRT is, they are using it politically. Whatever. The average person who is not involved in politics couldn’t care less about it.

    If the “reopen the schools NOW” conservative crowd did not know what their kids were learning in school, whose fault is that? The democrats?

    Seems to me that progressives have moved on to ranked choice voting now. Will the republican party do CRT for another year and then turn on the RCV outrage machine?

    A defensive party never wins in the long run. As socially repulsive as progressives are, at some point people want to be part of something tht is moving or doing something.

    The left flank has insulted and also been more influential on moderate democrats including Biden than the right has been on the republican party. We literally get nothing, ever. Leftists are moving policy despite the fact that a good percentage of Bernie voters were vocal about not voting for Joe.

    What is the republican party platform other than tax cuts? What is their strategy? Is it a secret?

    • the republiscam wing of the ZOG has no “strategy”.

      its Jew-assigned role is to keep Whites participating in the (((system)))

      while the (((system))) destroys them.

    • @Vickey…

      “What is the republican party platform other than tax cuts? What is their strategy? Is it a secret?”

      That’s just it, Miss Vickey – they don’t have a strategy, other than to give speeches and hold power until the next Democrat Wave chips away more of what is left of America.

      That’s why, even though I know Republicans are going to absolutely crush the Democrats in The 2022 Midterms, there is no reason to jump for joy, because The Republican Leadership still do not realize that they are White People with an obligation to protect White America.

      That said, if a Santos or Hawley is elected to The Oval Office, (assuming we are still together by 2024) then we could see some real action.

      These men have some principles, real guts, and are doers.

      But, no, the McCarthies and McConnells have nothing for us, sad to say.

  11. Republicans vs CRT

    What? The party of Lincoln is concerned that their beloved educational systems are now teaching dogma that will cause all these young white Republicans to be despised by others? Surely no Republican would ever do something as wicked as that, or would they?

    “Every man should endeavor to understand the meaning of subjugation before it is too late… It means the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; THAT OUR YOUTH WILL BE TRAINED BY NORTHERN SCHOOLTEACHERS; WILL LEARN FROM NORTHERN SCHOOL BOOKS THEIR VERSION OF THE WAR; WILL BE IMPRESSED BY THE INFLUENCES OF HISTORY AND EDUCATION TO REGARD OUR GALLANT DEAD AS TRAITORS, AND OUR MAIMED VETERANS AS FIT OBJECTS FOR DERISION… It is said slavery is all we are fighting for, and if we give it up we give up all. Even if this were true, which we deny, slavery is not all our enemies are fighting for. It is merely the pretense to establish sectional superiority and a more centralized form of government, and to deprive us of our rights and liberties.”
    — Maj. General Patrick R. Cleburne, CSA, January 1864

    “I am with the South in life or death, in victory or defeat. I believe the North is about to wage a brutal and unholy war on a people who have done them no wrong, in violation of the constitution and the fundamental principles of government. They no longer acknowledge that all government derives its validity from the consent of the governed. They are about to invade our peaceful homes, destroy our property, and murder our men and dishonor our women. We propose no invasion of the North, no attack on them, and only ask to be left alone.”
    — General Patrick Cleburne

    Transcript from film “Ride with the Devil” (1999)

    MR EVANS: My family and I, we will be quittin’ this house in the spring.
    As soon as the roads are clear, we’re gonna be tryin’ for Texas.

    JACK BULL CHILES: About half of Missouri’s went to Texas.

    MR EVANS: Now, the whole state’s thick with invaders.
    We cannot drive them away.

    JACK BULL CHILES: We have different thoughts. I still want to fight.
    I reckon I’ll always want to fight them.

    MR EVANS: Always.
    Have you ever been to Lawrence, Kansas, young man?

    JACK BULL CHILES: No, I reckon not, Mr. Evans.
    I don’t believe I’d be too welcome in Lawrence.

    MR EVANS: I didn’t think so. Before this war began,
    my business took me there often.
    As I saw those Northerners build that town,
    I witnessed the seeds of our destruction being sown.

    JACK BULL CHILES: The foundin’ of that town was truly
    the beginnin’ of the Yankee invasion.

    MR EVANS: I’m not speakin’ of numbers,
    nor even abolitionist trouble-makin’.
    It was the schoolhouse.
    Before they built their church, even,
    they built that schoolhouse.
    And they let in every tailor’s son…
    and every farmer’s daughter in that country.

    JACK BULL CHILES: Spellin’ won’t help you hold a plow any firmer.
    Or a gun either.

    MR EVANS: No, it won’t, Mr. Chiles. But my point is merely…
    that they rounded every pup up into that schoolhouse…
    because they fancied that everyone should think…
    and talk the same free-thinkin’ way they do…
    with no regard to station, custom,
    And that is why they will win.
    Because they believe everyone should live and think just like them.
    And we shall lose because we don’t care one way or another…
    how they live.
    We just worry about ourselves.

    JACK BULL CHILES: Are you sayin’, sir, that we fight for nothin’?

    MR EVANS: Far from it, Mr. Chiles.
    You fight for everything that we ever had.
    As did my son.
    It’s just that we don’t have it anymore.

    JAKE ROEDEL: Mr. Evans, when you get back from Texas
    it’ll all be here waiting for you. Jack Bull and me
    will see to it.

    MR EVANS: Well…yes…thank you, son. But enough of this war talk.
    Let’s have the ladies join us and think nobler thoughts…

    May God Save the South!

  12. CRT is the latest example of Anti-Whites pushing the envelope a bridge too far. Big mistake on their part but depend on Republicans to do damage control and bail them out.

  13. I don’t understand some of you people who complain when the Republicans actually start doing something right.

    I see NOTHING wrong with attempting to eliminate antiwhite propaganda from brainwashing our children. To throw your hands up in the air because they call CRT racist (which it IS, against whites) is frankly absurd.

    I realize that many of you are not happy with meritocracy and egalitarianism, which is what the Republicans promote, and I agree with you that it only perpetuates the problem. But at least this is a fight on racial grounds, a fight that the American right stopped engaging in long ago. For them to show a little life, even if it is only half of the GOP, is a good thing. It at least shows you which half has no hope and which are perhaps salvageable and where to trim the fat.

    • “I see NOTHING wrong with attempting to eliminate antiwhite propaganda from brainwashing our children. To throw your hands up in the air because they call CRT racist (which it IS, against whites) is frankly absurd.”

      Meme bro- Have you heard of Finkel Think?
      Here: read this for starters:

      Then realize one salient point: The Republitards talking against CRT is merely a shadow puppet play, to advance the Deicide agenda, yet in a different direction.

      We have to dismantle it ALL, before we can have peace.

      “They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of My people slightingly, saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace.” – Her. 6:14

      Healing cancer while allowing the cancer to remain in teh Body Politic, is merely postponing a greater, more painful death… or excision.

      • This is simply making the perfect the enemy of the good, no matter how you attempt to intellectualize it. Most people don’t know — or care — what “Finkel Think” is.

  14. Absolutely.

    It’s such a basic, easy winning issue – oppose the worst anti White, cult marxists trying to torture our children. What kind of White Republican or any decent person like Tulsi Gabbard or Michelle Malkin would be for torturing little children, inciting Blacks to hate us same as horrible groups inciting Hutu tribesmen to slaughter Tutsi tribesmen?

    Other easy, winning issues for us should have been stopping all Islamic extremists from coming in to our country(s). This was a huge winning issue for Donald Trump, the Swiss People’s Party, Victor Orban in Hungary the Polish Law and Justice Party.

    What kind of dumb as* supports or is indifferent about Muhammed Ata, Al Qaeda, ISIS coming in to our country to slaughter us?

    Answer: Libertarian loons like Ron and Rand Paul, LDS Mormon pols like ex Arizona Senator Jeff Flake (positioning himself to be Christian Zionist fake Conservative spokesman on CNN) and Utah Sen. Mittens Romney. These clean wholesome LDS Mormon pols always tell everyone in the room with them at the time:

    “We’re not RACIST anymore like we used to be, now we’re signing up the entire Black African populations of Nigeria. We like everyone including Jews, Muslims, Mexicans, Central Americans – see we have degrees from Harvard and Yale”.

    To make this a winning issue for our side, our people we must punish traitors who don’t all out oppose anti White Critical Race Theory.

    Our people used to do very effective things like:

    Burning traitors in effigy
    Tarring and feathering traitors
    Running traitors out of town on a rail

    We did have one good thing happen. Republicans in Utah booed Mitt Romney off the stage at their state GOP convention.

    That’s a start.

    Other good things to do is to throw eggs, rotted vegetables, pies in the face are also very effective.

    Have to make it so the worst traitors like Mitt Romney, Jeff Flake, Paul Ryan, any living members of the Bush family can not go out in public without being confronted, chased away.

  15. This is an easy, winning issue – so naturally Conservative Inc, Libertarian Constitutionalist cult members will probably miss it as they like to always lose.

    Another easy, winning issues is to oppose physical castration of confused nine year old boys that like to play with dolls.

    Another winning issue is to call for Singapore/Malasian style punishments of heroin/opium traffickers and name names of the J pharmaceutical corporate leaders that made hundreds of $ millions on prescription opioids like Fentanyl.

    I think these J worst ever pharmaceutical drug dealers are living it up down in South Florida.

  16. The Republicans don’t care about CRT (White hatred), they just see an opportunity to gain votes. That’s all they care about. When they have power they do nothing but give lip service.

    • @John…

      Yes, Sir, you can bet your bottom dollar that Republicans have absolutely no plans to help anybody, other than give some rousing speeches.

      Indeed, every time they, The GOP, have sent us requests for money, we have written – ‘the wife and I will be happy to help y’all out, when y’all actually do something of importance to our lives. Until then, please do not write.’

      • Our votes are far more important to them than the $20 we donate occasionally. They use that money for dinners & private jet rides & legal fees.

        Their bread is buttered with dark money which is why corporations are people now & PACs can donate unlimited amounts of money to determine what happens in America. Which party draws a line in the sand at the suggestion to require disclosures of where this money is coming from? Or to outlaw it?

        They contact us for $20 regularly not because they need the money, it’s a daily reminder to vote for them.

        • @Vickey…

          Thank you for your comment.

          Yes, our votes are very important to them, and, yes, they certainly do need that for cocktails and jet rides, but, they also need it to run their campaigns.

          Radio advertising and all the campaign literature they send out in Eastern North Carolina is extremely expensive.

          At this point, I have the impression that The GOP is doing very badly, historically badly, for fundraising, most especially after President Trump call for everyone on the Right to boycott them.

          You, I, and others here did not need President Trump to point that out, but, those on The Mainstream Right did, and I suspect that they are following his lead.

          Never have the wife and I received so many requests for money from them, even when the next election is nearly 18 months away!

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