Cas Mudde: CRT Is The Right’s New Bogeyman. The Left Must Not Fall For It

I don’t have a problem with social democracy.

The reason that the United States and other Western countries have drifted further and further away from social democracy over the past 50 years is because of the radical cultural politics of people like this fat piece of shit who have become identified with the Left and repulse working class voters.

The Guardian:

“There is a specter haunting America – the specter of critical race theory. That, at least, is the impression you would get from rightwing media. Fox News has mentioned the term close to 1,300 times since March – including almost 250 times last week alone.

If you don’t know, critical race theory (CRT) is a school of legal thought that argues that racism is not only a problem of prejudices held by individual human beings, but a structural problem that can be embedded in ostensibly neutral laws and government institutions. Thanks in part to efforts by conservative activists to turn this previously esoteric academic idea into a catch-all phrase for the excesses of anti-racist politics, critical race theory has become an overnight bogeyman of the right. Conservative politicians in at least 20 states are pushing legislation to ban its teaching in schools. …

In the eyes of some liberals and leftists, perhaps most famously personified by the academic Mark Lilla, emphasizing race and racism distracts from the real progressive struggle between labor and capital. Across the western world, mostly old white men are lining up to warn us that the “working class” (read: nativist white workers) feels betrayed by center-left parties that cater to “cosmopolitans” or “urbanites” with “symbolic” politics about issues such as gender-neutral bathrooms, rather than offer real material remedies on traditional bread-and-butter issues. …”

Yes, that’s exactly it.

The Left is defined by the cultural agenda of PMCs.

What they do not see – or do not want to see – is that economic issues and cultural issues are not neatly separated; if anything, they are intimately intertwined, and always have been. Nostalgia for the golden age of progressivism (the early 20th century in the US, and the 1960s and 1970s in western Europe) ignores that the social democratic welfare state was built on heteronormativity, patriarchy and white supremacy. Many state provisions were provided on the basis of a “traditional” family model, in which the man was the main or sole breadwinner and the woman took care of the kids. And white workers were able to achieve upward mobility in part because immigrants replaced them in less desirable, lower-paid jobs. …”

These people don’t want to talk about class issues.

They want to go straight to their toxic racial, cultural and gender politics. CRT is one example of this. “Abolish ICE” is another. “Defund the Police” is another. “White privilege” is another.

Note: When it comes to economics and foreign policy, there isn’t much disagreement between “Right Populists” and “Left Populists.”

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  1. Cultural “left” is a synthetic, fake, pseudo left.

    Here a young Finn explains what’s wrong with “Idpol” (Identity Poltics) is that Identity Polltics IS liberalism. At 7 minutes, he says: “Specifically what liberals want to do is to ignore class”:

    However, even without Identity politics to distract the working class with race and other divisions, capitalism still has Populism or Social Democracy to fall back on to preserve itself when the working class becomes restless.

    In this video he explains from his perspective, of Finnish social democracy, why Social Democracy / Populist reformism is also a distraction and a false solution to the real problem:

    • “If you don’t know, critical race theory (CRT) is a school of legal thought that argues that racism is not only a problem of prejudices held by individual human beings, blah blah obfuscate, obfuscate…..” – some fat shabbas goy.

      If you don’t ALREADY know, CRT is a school of JEWISH antichrist thought, that sought to demolish the Christian West because of Jewish Selbsthaß and millennia-old Christophobia.” – Orthodox Translate

      There. Fixed it for your thinking audience, HW.
      Oh, and this.

  2. I was able to spend time in Northern Europe before immigrants ruined it. Socialism worked very well in small high trust communities. The problem is they had no natural defenses to outsiders coming to game it. For example, my friend was sued by his Moroccan landlord for missing rent when he was unemployed. When the books were opened it turned he had claimed 3 children and his wife(plural maybe). At that address for welfare benefits. No shame at all. Anyway, the judge forgave the back rent and added 6 months free on top of it :). Mostly this type of fraud goes unchallenged though.

    • As the saying goes, those who make themselves into sheep will eventually attract wolves.

  3. The GOP and Tories love the same culture as the left, so there’s really no point in calling it leftist.

    • The Republicans are the big enemy, not the Democrats. The Democrats are an explicitly anti-White, pro-homo, ant-Christian, war mongering, scumbag party. The Republicans are also an explicitly anti-White, pro-homo, ant-Christian, war mongering, scumbag party but they hide behind their supposedly “conservative” rhetoric such as being anti-CRT. When it comes time to vote on legislation look for the Republicans to obey their masters and support all the globo-homo shopping mall policies friendly to big bidness and opposed to the interests of their constituents.

      The latest example of this was the recent anti-trust legislation passed by the Ho House which would have gone a long way towards ending the censorship and deplatforming used against the Right. Most of the Republicans voted against the bill because that’s the way their owners (Google, Apple, Amazon etc.) paid them to vote, their constituents be damned. There were a few Republicans who joined the Democrats to pass the legislation in the Ho House by just one vote but big bidness will step up their game in the Senate and kill the legislation after suitable bribes AKA ‘campaign contributions’ are paid to the scumbag Republicans.

      The Democrats are like an enemy army flying their flag, fighting under their own colors, recognizable as the enemy from a mile away. The Republicans wear our colors, fly our flag then shoot us in the back every opportunity they get after suitable bribes have been paid. You are always better off with an enemy that fights under their own colors, you will never get deceived by them.

  4. “what they do not see-or do not want to see”… The total dissolution of the Eurocentric white controlled world isn’t a good thing though. Who is going to fix the plumbing and electrics? The roof? The comfort of these Sanhedrin Style leftists with their columns in the Guardian, are the sinecure systems of oppression dependent on the good will of Joe Bloggs and Joe Blow.

  5. Being explicitly pro White, isn’t liberal or conservative and doesn’t exist in an ideological framework that can be explained or hijacked through intellectual faggotry.

    This is why its a threat to the system because if Whitey, who has been getting shafted for 150 years suddenly starts saying “fuck everybody else, I’m just gonna do me now, and you all can go do you and we’ll see how it shakes out”, then for all the reasons laid out in Charles Murray’s new book everybody is talking about, we will in fact return to White supremacy, which should be the default in Whiteganistan.

    White supremacy isn’t an ideology, it’s the natural conclusion of Whites advocating their own interests.

    You have Afro supremacy in African countries. Arab in Arab countries, Jewish in israel, Han in China, Japan, Korea etc. Only in the West, and only Whitey isn’t allowed to build his nations to meet his own interests. Denying us this same consideration is Anti-White and should mark a clear distinction between us and them.

    White Identitarianism, isn’t liberal. Its identity that precedes and supercedes class and ideology and orientates our position always to our own interests regardless of what we must do to achieve them.

    Ideology forces you into boxes you can be trapped in. So does class politics.

    The default programming of any living creature is the perpetuation of the species by all means. The 14 words summarizes perfectly this default programming for Whitey.

    We shouldn’t get caught up in the language traps and the negative associations people have with the term White Supremacy. Its an albatross we don’t need to shoulder. Keep it simple.

    (If) Its ok to be White.

    (And) Its natural for Whitey to prefer other Whites.

    (Whereas) Whitey is being explicitly subjugated.

    (Therefore) We must secure the existence of OUR people and a future for White children.

    I don’t think you can argue against any of the premises above in good faith. They are self evident. This being the case then, the conclusion must follow.

    HW, I’d like to know your thoughts on it. I really do think we need to radically simplify the messaging.

    Taking the redpill for normal people is overwhelming enough, as it undermines all the previously sacred dogma people have formed their worldviews off of.

    We need a simple message, that can be tossed like a life preserver to floundering normies that they can grab onto and know that its gonna be alright.

    Stuff is getting scary out in meatspace, people need to know where home is.

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