Derek Chauvin Sentenced To 22.5 Years In Prison

Hey, who wants to be a police officer in Murderapolis?

New York Times:

“As for policing, this issue could really sink Democrats. For example, big swaths of my old hometown, Minneapolis, have been turned into a dangerous and dystopian ghost city, racked by gun violence, since the police murder of George Floyd, a murder that exposed two truths for all to see: that racism in metropolitan police forces is real and appalling and requires many remedies, but also that rushing to defund or dismantle police forces without a carefully considered plan is not one of them.

The defund battle cry initially guided the super-progressive Minneapolis City Council, and it has diminished and demoralized the police force, leaving behind a department that is often either unable or unwilling to risk getting embroiled in any kind of confrontation.

As The Star Tribune of Minnesota reported last week, “the number of people shot citywide went up nearly 90 percent compared with the first half of last year. … Department officials say it is no coincidence that the rise in crime comes after the departure of at least 200 members of the city’s police force — through retirements, resignations and medical leaves in the months since Floyd’s death. Only 19 people were in a new class of cadets that just hit the streets.”

The result? “Officers are spending less time doing the type of ‘proactive policing’ that can help fight crime, while detectives are carrying such high caseloads that some shootings with no obvious suspect sometimes aren’t even assigned.”

Another result? Minority neighborhoods, like Northside, are being terrorized by gang shootouts and other crimes. Last Friday, a leader there, Sondra Samuels, who runs the Northside Achievement Zone, which works to strengthen education and job opportunities for Black families, called me. (I was born in the Northside and am a donor to NAZ.) She told me that nearby a 9-year-old girl, Trinity Ottoson-Smith, was killed by a stray bullet while jumping on a trampoline.

“We absolutely must commit to addressing racial injustice in housing, health, education, income and wealth, while we also commit to a ‘both/and’ strategy to address public safety,” Samuels said. That means “we need BOTH a radical transformation in the culture of policing AND sufficient staffing of police to keep our neighborhoods and children safe. That means re-funding the police, not defunding them.”

Black residents make up about 20 percent of Minneapolis but well over 60 percent of the shooting victims. Alas, you’d never know that from the public discussion, said Samuels, because these shootings mostly don’t involve white cops.

“For the last year, I and my neighbors have watched Black mothers react with incredulity when their child is killed in community violence and not by a white cop. Their tragedies do not trigger citywide protest rallies, people don’t say their child’s name and there are no citywide demands that this has to stop.”

It is a new progressive era.

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  1. On the right we apparently are supposed to feel sorry for this dickhead because he’s a white cop. I’ve been hassled by white cops while driving white in mostly white areas to feel sorry for most of them about anything. I’ve been stopped for the most trivial traffic offenses imaginable, I didn’t even know you had to have lights around your license plate! What difference does it make, it’s not a traffic hazard as long as you have functioning tale lights. The right wants us to worship these fuckers like the Republicans want to us to worship the damn military. As far as I’m concerned Chaivin got exactly what he deserved.

    • Everything must be evaluated on whether it is benefical or detrimental to the race. The preservation and improvement of the race must be the highest law. I saw a General testifying before Congress defending Critial Race Theory in the military and he was White!

    • Yup copperhead. I was banged with a 500 dollar ticket after all was said and done driving through a rinky dink town in Florida by a boomer White officer whose job it is to catch cars driving too fast.

      In my case I never was in the town before and just came off a highway where a school was setup not far from the highway at all. I was confused a bit and did not realize the school zone until it was close to me. So right away a bully cop chased me down. I explained myself hoping for at least some leniency. Meanwhile he was looking to hit me with more things because I was renting a car.

      My Dad was in the car at the time and barely looked at the officer saying this is all they do all day long- especially in garbage revenue producing towns. It was something like a 300 dollar or more ticket. I appealed it by paying a lawyer 75 or a 100 bucks with one of those out of town appeal hires. My so called ” win” was me having to pay 100 dollar court costs. So it cost like 500 bucks in the end.

      Bubba the cop was a ruthless tool so yes, I agree police need to be limited in some areas. Remember that yahoo cop in New York who put that nasty chokehold on that overweight shady black guy selling loose cigarettes? Mr. Yahoo jumped him from behind in a chokehold and the black guy died due to excessive and unacceptable force.

      My Dad always told me: don’t trust the crooks and don’t trust the cops. The cops are obviously a need but have to be reigned in too. But in too many cases it’s the urge for revenue that has them doing things they should not be doing. Their activities should be limited to a handful of things and no way should some dude selling loose cigarettes be strangled to death due to it- no matter what an A hole he may be.

      • I have been the victim of a theft in NY, FL, CA and HI. The only time property was recovered was when the thieves dropped it. In HI, I was visiting Pearl Harbor and the locals apparently routinely scan the parking lots and break into cars. I probably spent two hours dealing with US Military Police, National Park Service and the local police. For nothing.

        When the lockdowns were being eased, the first order of business for the local cops was to issue a flood of parking tickets to people who wanted to visit parks that were off limits.

        I think crime in my city went down during the lockdowns because people were home, NOT because of the cops.

        • Blacks otoh hand: burned murdered raped and crashed all through 2020-21. All the data shows it.

      • Normies mostly hate cops, from what I have seen my entire life. A relatively small group of hyper conservatives are bootlickers. A lot of them are boomer conservatives but a lot of them are alt-right too. IME, non political or mildly politically people see police as largely as modern day tax collectors and know from experience they do little to stop let alone solve crimes. People who are highly politicized from right wing media reading about outrageous crime stories all day become bootlickers. The alt-right has and is still erring too hard on the side of bootlicking. You can’t be a real populist if you are pro-police.

        • Fools with ZERO insight or nuance. Yes, dumbies, police are unfair to White people. The courts, even more so. I, too, have been pulled over numerous times — with no charges– for being White and therefore a safe target. Still, if you followed the Chauvin trial you would know, he was exonerated by the evidence, whether you agree with police training or not. Racial solidarity is our only chance. Look how Blacks defended Fentanyl Floyd.
          Don’t be suicidal in your ignorance!!

    • It has a wider significance though. In a way what occurred is Anarchy in the Courtroom.

  2. 22 years in not enough for killing an esteemed member of the community. Just think what Floyd could have done for society and science if he wasn’t gunned down by an evil White supremacist. The inventions and cures we all missed out on.

  3. The New York Times article quoted above is hysterical. 19 whole new cadets insanely becoming officers in that Minneapolis dump. I am sure one can easily find massive drops in new recruits in one city after the next in this country. Why would a person want to be an officer? So you can be filmed, harassed, face possible jail time along with a general hostile black and brown community that an officer is working in? Oh yeah, and also possibly be murdered by a criminal. Uhhhhhh, no thanks! Throw in Democratic politicians constantly trashing your profession and your ( White) skin color. Sorry ( not sorry) better call Al Sharpton security to do the work! Only a lunatic or punching bag would take a job like that. Want to be an officer? Go move to a White, rural area.

    I really thought Chauvin was going to get 35 to 40 years. He got lucky in this environment. With good behavior he can be out in 14 years. The judge was covering his own butt but also saved at least a sliver of Chauvin’s butt.

    Compare that to a case in New York years back when a White officer named Justin Volpe I believe, was convicted of shoving a nightstick up a black guy’s butt and just general excessive force. Abner Louima was the black guy. Volpe got like 35 or 40 years. Louima did not even die unlike Floyd. So Chauvin got somewhat lucky considering the all around bad circumstances.

    The whole system is breaking down. America has obscene debt, a political party and president promoting a mass run on the border to make White people a minority; a demand for reparations for black people who were never slaves but who have in fact taken trillions from our economy through high taxation due to dysfunctional behavior. We now promote man on man dung hole sex as ” normal” as we have an entire month dedicated to rump roasts and “women” who look like men and proudly wear strap ons and whatever else women on women do. Throw in our great pretend that there are more than 2 sexes. I can keep going but you get the point.

    It’s actually the intense push of abnormalities as normal that is pushing America to break up. Throw in too much diversity that is intended to make Whites forever evil while riding their incredible ability to create advanced societies. Don’t forget, only one or two states breaking away is all you need to start a massive change.

    Police do need to be restricted a bit. I was watching a video of a White marine arrested for some car violations in Jacksonville only to be almost murdered by a ( probably but not totally sure) non White inmate. The stupid cop should not have arrested the guy to begin with. But in the end there is no way police can stop huge crime surges without being proactive. Oh well, more American problems.

  4. They don’t want white officers. The message is clear. White cops will go to jail for shooting black criminals. Hence, they want to replace white cops with black cops. So the black cops can do whatever they want.

  5. I hate nitpicking fine farmers, having been their victim on several occasions, but I grudgingly recognize the need for them, but only when they’re under control & accountable.

    As for Chauvin: he gets 22 years for following the official procedure of that police department (and for not being smart enough to take the knee off when the nigho started recording). And for the fact that the kikemedia scum eagerly incited the nigger retard mob.

    Let all the worthless Murderapolis niggers kill each other, and the sooner the better. May none be spared.

    • Chauvin is a political prisoner. He might be a jackass, but right now he’s being hammered. Although it’s you, me and every white man who’s not a cuck the Democrats, sjw’s and other Marxists want to hammer as well.

      Time to close ranks and do like the blacks, jews and latinos and stick together and support Chauvin, because he’s a white man and, so, is one of ours. Tribalism is the future of the country; and a decade ago I wouldn’t have chosen White nationalism, but historical circumstances have forced me to recognize that civic nationalism is a pipe dream.

      • The glee the nogs are feeling over this is pyhrric. They exist at sufference.

    • If the ensuing casualties caused in the wake of a police pull out can be largely contained to the black community the self cleaning oven of BLM will do much good.

  6. A report released Tuesday found that 168 Confederate symbols were removed across the United States in 2020, virtually all of them following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. Only one of the symbols was removed prior to Floyd’s death, when Virginia renamed Lee-Jackson Day in April as Election Day.

    The figures are an update to the 2019 Whose Heritage? Public Symbols of the Confederacy, an annual survey conducted by the Montgomery, Ala.-based Southern Poverty Law Center. The full 2020 survey will be released later this year.

    The SPLC said 94 of the Confederate symbols removed in 2020 were monuments, compared to 54 monuments removed between 2015 and 2019. The SPLC found 2,100 public Confederate symbols remain, 704 of them monuments.
    —, “Nearly 100 Confederate Monuments Removed In 2020, Report Says; More Than 700 Remain”, 02-23-2021.

    Protesters in Richmond set fire to the United Daughters of the Confederacy headquarters and covered Confederate memorials with graffiti during a second night of outrage and violence Saturday that saw one person shot, businesses around the city looted and storefronts torched.
    —, “Confederate memorial hall burned as second night of outrage erupts in Virginia”, 05-31-2020.

    So Yankee-land has a big race incident and a White law officer is the “bad guy” and the decadent Left goes crazy and someone has to pay. Guess who has to pay the most other than the ultra-liberal Yankee hell-hole cities such as Portland that antifa/BLM haunt? Why of course it is the South. This is the same old wicked abolitionist trouble-makin’ that occurred 160 years ago when those radicals then loved the thought of trying to somehow start a race war between tne slaves and the white slave owners in the South except today no one owns any slaves except mechanical ones. Both Trump and now Biden are Yankees and somehow the South has hell to pay when some black gets killed even if the South was not involved in the “crime” as in this Floyd incident.

    Need to move the remaining 700+ monuments (this number according to the race-baiting for profit org SPLC) to safe locations (SCV private land where they can be protected 24×7?) so the Left can’t play radical abolitionist games anymore against the South for no reason at all or do what the South has needed to do for over 160 years now — SECEDE — and have Southern people in charge of the South who actually love and care for the South and its history and heritage.

    May God Save the South! (Yankees, Carpetbaggers, Scalawags, etc sure won’t!)

  7. If the races had been reversed we wouldn’t know anything about it. Chauvin did not get a fair trial. TPTB are Anti-White.

  8. 22 years for an accidental killing? Could you imagine the system in Dubai persecuting one of it’s police officers for an accidental death during the apprehension of a lowlife criminal? No system would ever persecute it’s police, it relies on them to maintain power. Shows that despite the civics classes and constitution fetish drummed into whites in the mid–late 20th century, we have a bad system. Senator McCarthy pointed it out for the world to see, there was a communist revolution brewing in our midst and this system was powerless to do anything about it. It let itself be overthrown. Say what you want about “China” but at least Deng Xioping was able to put down a revolution against him back in 1989 and maybe Xi is right to watch what people are publicly saying as he knows if he lets things get out of hand he and his buddies will end up like Chauvin or worse. Back in the post war era, every two bit new decolonialized nation popping up gave themselves carbon copies of the constitution. Later moving into every nation trending towards elections by their rube citizenry and feminism because this is all what the most prosperous nation on the planet had and it must be the reason for it’s success so they thought? In reality these were fatal flaws that had nothing to do with the rise to greatness of an Anglo civilization. Well, with the US now in terminal decline I really wonder how fast the world will dump this disgusting example of how to destroy your nation with so called democracy, feminism, bastardy, and an unregulated media fueled anti-culture.

  9. Let the slogan FREE DEREK CHAUVIN be a revolutionary call. An easy way to sum up a total hatred of this disgusting illegitimate system in three simple words.

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