Tucker Carlson Mocks Brian Stelter’s Low-T Book Sales

Is there anything that still unites America?

Yes, it turns out that contempt for Brian Stelter and Reliable Sources actually spans the political spectrum: Right, Left and Center all agree he sucks. Normies hate him too.

Since January, Stelter has plummeted in ratings and has lost nearly 3/4ths of his audience. He has a new book out called Hoax: Donald Trump, FOX News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth which sold less than 2,000 copies in its opening week. When he went on The Bulwark podcast to gossip with Charles Sykes about Tucker Carlson, the video only got 655 views and most of them were from people like us tuning in to laugh at him. We are probably the only people still watching his flailing show.

Daily Mail:

CNN‘s Brian Stelter’s revised book ‘Hoax’ has delivered ’embarrassing’ sales in its two weeks on the shelves, data obtained by DailyMail.com shows. 

Stelter originally released his book Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth in August 2020, but on June 8 released an updated version with new chapters on the January 6 Capitol Riot, claims of voter fraud, and the rise of conservative media outlets Newsmax and OANN. 

But despite Stelter’s aggressive book tour – which included stops at CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time and New Day, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, C-SPAN, the Joe Madison Podcast, a launch party and nonstop promotion on his Twitter – the numbers are worrisome. 

According to Bookscan, ‘Hoax’ sold just 1,738 copies in its first week, which left it off of the Publisher’s Weekly bestseller list.  

The book doesn’t even appear on Amazon’s bestseller list and is ranked 4,007- behind children’s books.  …”

As we saw yesterday, trust in the media and “journalists” is lower in the United States than in all other Western democracies. 29% of the public trusts the media.

The so-called “mainstream” has shrunk dramatically over the past 20 years. Whether it is bombing Hollywood award shows or bombing cable news shows like Reliable Sources, the public is tuning out. Even with all the censorship, there has been an across the board decline in the number of people tuning in to watch the “mainstream media.” Trump labeled them the “Enemy of the People.” The only thing propping them up against their competition in independent media is draconian censorship.

Who watches this shit? Who sits there and watches Brian Stelter or Don Lemon and actually likes their content? It is PMC TV now.

It is Boomers.

It is White people.

It is left-leaning professionals with college degrees and post-graduates in particular.

It is people who are concentrated in large metropolitan areas and who tend to live in coastal states and particularly in wealthy suburbs in the Acela Corridor.

Only 13% of the audience which consistently tunes into leftwing media has a high school education or less. 87% of the audience are college graduates. PMC TV is a massive bubble that skews toward the tastes, values and obsessions of the top 10% of the country.

When I watch Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources on Sunday, I am studying him. He sounds like a lisping, politically correct Eastern sissy to me. Here is someone who has a “mainstream media” platform solely because he knew how to suck up to the right people in power. Frankly, it is encouraging that the political establishment can put people like Brian Stelter on national television and he sinks anyway because the audience refuses to watch him. It shows there are limits to their power and influence.

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  1. What a disgusting looking creature. He’s evocative of someone who wears diapers when at home and when he soils them, he calls up some gay top-boy prostitute to come over and clean up the mess and sodomize him. (not sure in which order though)

  2. Surprisingly, Stelter isn’t a Jew.

    But he does have the same physiognomy as a typical Ashkenazi, full of sociopath tells:

    Small eyes, close together.
    Large hooked nose.
    Fat lips.
    Protruding ears.
    Lumpy, asymmetric face.

    Altogether very sneaky looking and rat-like.

    Stelter is an individual sociopath, willing to do anything to get ahead, even shill for our worthless oligarchs.

    Similarly, Jews are a team of collective sociopaths.

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