Donald Trump Holds Rally In Wellington, OH

Miss me yet?

Does absence make the heart grow fonder?

In my case, the return of Blumpf has left me feeling cold. I’m neither nostalgic or angry or interested in a second act. I watched a little bit of the event on Newsmax and turned it off because Uncle Donny’s act was boring. I feel like this guy has already taken us as far as we can go with him.

Note: What’s the alternative though? Ron DeSantis? Mike Pence?

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  1. At this point, this country has become a such a joke that Trump could potentially provide an immense entertainment value, far exceeding 2016, if he ran again. If he somehow won? Oh man. Oh wow. There’s not enough popcorn for that.

    • Wonder what campaign promises he will deliver to his fans. Maybe another wall? Maybe more border camps with color TVs? Maybe “Law and Order”?
      It’s like some guy making promises to his wife. “This time honey, this time…just give me another chance. I won’t be a lying bastard again.”

  2. Democrats: It’s the Republicans.

    Republicans: It’s the democrats.

    Both are equally responsible because both are equally controlled by the same people.

    • Evidently, normal Americans can not, will not, absorb this rather obvious fact. Cognitive dissonance prevents them from releasing themselves from their life-long jew indoctrination.

      • 12 years of schooling. Being told that educated people aren’t “racist”. Having friends who date nonwhites. Associating eating foreign foods with liking them. Their religion tells them everyone is God’s children, so cough up more money for the collection plate, and let them into your country.

  3. Is Dump’s snake poem being used to slyly refer to the kikes, or perhaps that trio of African-“Americans” carefully placed behind him?

    Doubtful, huh.

    • I think Trump is the snake and he thinks he is putting one over his supporters. And he’s right.

      • Exactly.

        Jews probably saved him from bankruptcy, on the condition that he sabotage the American right.

        Before Trump, immigration restriction was on a roll.

        In 2013-2014 Dave Brat for congress, Jeff Session for senate, Kris Kobach for Kansas secretary of state, and the anti-immigration referendums in Montana and Oregon all massively outperformed Romney’s or Trump’s percentages of the vote in the same geographic areas.

        Trump is a Judas-goat, Kushner is his manager, and the Adelson estate is his owner.

        Trump wasn’t *our* last chance, he was *their* last chance, and they blew it. It would be criminal to ever again trust any “right wing Jew” who claims to be “on our side”.

        We gave them a historic mandate, and they used it to wage wars for Israel, give tax cuts to Mr. Adelson’s casinos, deregulation for Mr. Singer’s Ponzi schemes, and pardons for a long list of Aleph Foundation criminals.

        A hypothetical President Darren Beattie, or President Paul Gottfried, or President Ron Unz, or President Glenn Greenwald could be expected to do the exact same thing.

  4. I want to watch Desantis jerk off on the “wailing wall” a few more times and fellate the new Israeli Prime Minister. At least we can get entertainment from our politicians, no?

    • I can’t believe the sheer number of people who like DeSantis. They want a Trump/DeSantis 2024 ticket. Both of them are good for Israel, and both of them care so much about “black unemployment”. They don’t care about whites, though.

    • There’s a lot of them. People still think Trump is going to save the nation. They still buy into it.

  5. He doesn’t give a shit about any issues. He endorsed Gonzalez in 2018. He only opposes him now because of impeachment, not because he’s horrible on everything we care about.

    That’s why I can’t stand Trump anymore and I avoid watching even a second of him. He just doesn’t care about anything. Nothing matters to him. He praises and endorses anyone who says a kind word about him regardless.

  6. My response was exactly the same as yours. Trump was pitiful and low energy, and I felt nothing. He is too old. He should have run for president on the 2015/2016 platform 20 years ago. 9/11 would have been a golden opportunity. Trump was always actually a loser and a choke, that’s why he created a hype media image for himself, to get revenge on his class betters.

    Say what you want about Anglin, but I think Anglin is right; Trump needs to go away forever, he is incompetent and ridiculous now. Trump was incompetent and ridiculous as a president but this current version is self parody. Also, the country is doomed. The only thing left is to run for the hills. Varg Vikernes said this before Anglin and they are both right. Run. Trust in Jesus, reject this false and wicked society’s temptations the best you can, and run.

    Regarding voting, I’ll do what I can at the ballot box to stymie the demonic Democratic party the best I can, but there’s no way I can vote for 99% of any Republican clown that would step into consideration for President. DeSantis could perhaps prove to be competent but again it would be purely negative voting intended to thwart the Democratic party, which is a party that is intolerable and insufferable. I once thought I could vote for Dems in my frustration with Trump but it is impossible, they are simply too repulsive and in many respects downright evil.

    • Faglin was shilling for Trump just up to a few months ago. That loser got paid to send people into the hornet’s nest on January 6, and he did it. No one cares what that homo says anymore. He is so short and ugly he can’t get a girl.

    • @anonymous:

      I respectfully disagree with you and Anglin that Trump should just disappear.

      Mind you, I don’t want another Trump presidency. It would be another four to eight years of tantrums with Trump being sabotaged in everything but more Jewish/Israeli First agendas even if he meant half of his promises and wasn’t flim-flamming White Americans.

      I’m hoping that the speed with which Netanyahu and his snake of a son-in-law tossed him under the bus was an eye opener for him.

      The best way he can avenge himself against any back-stabbing traitors (Ryan, Pence, and McConnell) and “allies” is to engage in a huge head-fake where he has the entire establishment thinking he’s going to run again while quietly vetting any potential Trumps without Trump’s baggage.

      It would be better for Trump to position himself to be the king-maker than wear the crown; especially if he can get someone who has real political experience and is practiced at not losing his cool, like DeSantis.

      Trump also needs some allies who have military intelligence ties so that the ranks of so-called “generals” like Milley can be ousted and loyalist generals can be put in. Same with the FBI and CIA.

  7. After the Platinum Plan its hard to take the guy seriously. Looks like a Jewish sponsored attempt to misdirect whitey down a drain.

  8. Weird he never mentioned ashli babbitt or the 3000 and something people on trumped up charges being held in federal prison probably in isolation for the remainder of their lives

    Oh well no big deal I guess just the biggest f up in history where he called his own supporters terrorists after telling them to stop the steal Just memory hole it and act like it didn’t happen

  9. My views on the path to Whiteganistan are evolving.

    We are seeing the end of electoral politics as we’ve known them. The polarization of the populace, and the loss of legitimacy in the presidency over the last 25 years or more has left the office of the POTUS largely symbolic. A figurehead of the managerial state. As such, we have no business contending for it to be filled with our guy.

    We only get stuff done when the worst examples of our enemies are showcased for the world to see in the oval office where every stupid word they say is broadcast live on TV, so normies can’t ignore it no matter how hard they try to stuff their heads in the sand.

    The entire Federal government is losing legitimacy. Our participation in it gives it continued legitimacy it hasn’t earned.

    What then?

    Governors. Consider how popular Ron DeSantis has become. He was overshadowed by Trump his first year in office. He has since 2020 done more to embolden dissidence against the Federal government than Trump managed his whole presidency.

    A critical component of his image is as the governor of a state, in opposition to the Federal over reach of the Covid lockdowns, Which Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci (the face of the bureaucracy) are the avatars of. Also now of the bureaucracy and Pentagon’s installation of CRT as state dogma in Washington and the Military itself.

    Americans love an underdog. The Archetype of the Hero, who fights the dragon (the beast of overwhelming power) to save the terrorized villagers is at the root of our National and racial mythology. George Washington, Alfred the Great, El Cid, Moses, Jesus, Francis Marion, Davey Crockett, Beowulf, George Patton, Robert E. Lee, Nathan Forest, etc… the list is near endless. These men never tried to ride the dragon, they fought it or died trying.

    Guys like DeSantis are valuable as leaders right where they are. Our goal should be installing more like him in our home states.

    Guys like Governor Beshear in Kentucky are Washington toadies, who locked their States down and destroyed their own economies just because scary scarf lady came to visit from Washington and said we had to or Covid was gonna get us. It was gay, and he has looked like a faggot ever since, with his every word repeated in pantomime by a fat ugly deaf person in a little box on the screen (what fuck is with the sign language thing in public broadcasts by Democrats all of a sudden?). His attitude has been that of a nurse in an old folks home, tenderly coercing his State to get vaccines and wear masks and shit in the bed pan etc. Its fucking boring. He stood the police down while rioters went ham in Louisville after Breonna Taylor (coon) got shot in a drug bust. He is everything DeSantis isn’t, and his re-election is coming. He should be replaced with somebody who hates Washington like the majority of the State does. Someone who will make a point to stick his thumb in the eye of the Feds.

    In short, I think the Presidency should be made as big a deal as possible just so people can see how much of a joke it is. But it should be left to ZOG to staff the position, as its an albatross we don’t need to burden ourselves with.

    We the people of the nascent State of Whiteganistan do not give our consent to be governed by the Oligarchy of Silicon Valley, or the PMC of the Potomac. Any declaration of independence must be preceded first by actual independence, and that starts at the state level.

    We can and should maintain the position of underdog, ruled against our will, and let ZOG manage its crumbling empire. Fuck em.

    Yes, I have been saying for years now that the States are the key. We are finally seeing why as the late stage decadence of the empire becomes inescapably evident.

    Also, fuck Mike Pence, that cowardly son of a bitch can suck an egg.

    • Trump tried to ride the dragon and got fucked. The quixotic hero of orange should be a cautionary tale burned into our memory in perpetuity as an example of what not to do.

      If you ride the dragon, best case scenario you live to see yourself identified as the master of a beast that everyone hates and fears because all it does is loot and burn what the people have built.

      Worst case scenario you get tossed to the ground and proper fucked by the dragon, dying like a bitch and failing the people, like Trump did.

      If you stand and fight the dragon, you either kill it and save the village and live happliy ever after banging pretty white girls in wheat fields, or you die in a blaze of glory, immortalized as the hero who fell trying to save the people, inspiring more heros, one of whom will eventually kill the dragon. Either way the dragon gets fucked.

      Have I put a fine enough point on it yet? Lol.

    • How can anyone support DeSantis?
      He isn’t for us.
      That’s just campaign promises, and people need to WAKE UP AND LEARN from Trump and other pols.

      As long as these people keep running the country, nothing will change for us, and things will continue to get worse.

      Stop supporting your enemies.

  10. Three dollar, and going up gasoline is going to do it all for Trump.

    Even the communist-socialists know green energy is a bunch of bullshit.

    • He won’t be President again. Enough people see through his clownery now. A lot of people go to these rallies for entertainment.

  11. The fake “populist right” (rebranded neoconservatism) is pushing heavily for DeSantis. Pence is the obvious establishment pick, but he probably isn’t electable due to the “traitor Pence” meme. Unless he can strike a deal with Trump to campaign for him, Pence won’t make it.

    • @Dart – I think Pence is a non-starter. ZERO appeal to any constituency and a proven spineless empty suit.

  12. He’s a snake oil salesman, a conman, a carnival barker. I predicted he would do exactly this. Resume his retarded rallies, hint at but never confirm a run in 2024, sell flags, hats, and collect those sweet sweet shekels from his moronic supporters.

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