MSNBC: Breaking Down Bill Maher’s History of Racially Insensitive Remarks

What is the Left?

Is it woke corporate neoliberalism?

Is it the cheeky left-libertarianism of Bill Maher?

Is it the hysterical worldview of progressive activists?

Is it the social democracy of Jimmy Dore, Ben Burgis and Secular Talk?

Is it the liberalism of the Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi and Thomas Frank?

There seem to be a bunch of clashing visions with profound, irreconcilable differences.

If you watch CNN or MSNBC, you will see far more neocons represented these days than large swathes of what we used to think of as the Left. Nicolle Wallace has her own MSNBC show. The Bulwark and The Weekly Standard gang are on air every single day. There have been like a thousand segments on CNN and MSNBC celebrating Liz Cheney and breathlessly covering the “January 6th Insurrection.” Health care which you would think would be the biggest issue on the Left with control of all three branches of government and the chance to use budget reconciliation to pass landmark legislation has disappeared.

Clearly, the woke crowd is now the dominant element on the Left. They aren’t even close to being dominant in numbers among the Democratic base (see the Elizabeth Warren campaign or Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign), but they are omnipresent now in institutions. You can see this in the discomfort between shrill MSNBC hosts and Bill Maher or between Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The woke crowd is steering the ship now into deeply polarizing and unpopular racial, cultural and gender issues and the focus is now entirely on that stuff with violent crime exploding and the border collapsing.

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  1. The worst was when Lying Joe Scarborough and non other than Rev (NOT) Al Sharpton hosted MSNBC (I think) top news commentary show.

    And lying Joe S and Rev (Bacon) Al Sharpton were shamelessly lying about the Saint Trayvon Martin incident and Joe S was threatening to bus in protesters from New York City to this terrible racist Southern town to threaten a riot if the White racist Southern guy (actually a Latino) wasn’t immediately forced in to a Show trial murder trial as was just done to the White police officer in Minneapolis who tried to contain a giant hard drug dealer having a physical and mental breakdown because he swallowed lethal amounts of his own Opioids and Meth.

  2. The clip of Stewart (nee Liebowitz) telling Colbert’s audience that the Wuhan virus was from a lab in Wuhan reminded me of the time that Christopher Hitchens was on Bill Maher telling the audience that Islamic extremism posses a great threat. Maher’s audience booed him, so he flipped them all the bird.

  3. This is the agony. Donald put poison and now it works.

    What we see now is typical end stage for strategic retreat. Entrapped enemy goes crazy and infighting breaks loose. Who f..ed up ? From certain point, reality kicks in and then infighting goes over to panicked escape.

    Donald is genius. Enemy is ripping itself apart without any of Donald supporters nearby.

    • @Juri…

      I agree with you that President Trump has had a history changing effect on The United States.

      Whether that was purposeful or not, I do not know, but, one thing is clear : we will never be the same as we were before.

      Thank God for that!

  4. “Breaking Down Bill Maher’s History of Racially Insensitive Remarks”

    Funny that you bring this up, because, in recent weeks, I have begun to wonder how long it will be before Bill Maher is canceled.

    In my view, because he is of Jewish blood is the SOLE reason why he is not already in broadcasting exile, with a blank headstone.

    I never watch his program, except for here, but, I am very thankful that he is sticking out his neck to challenge the totalitarian culture that his very own people have spawned to permanently muzzle White Gentile Men.

    Just my opinions, though…

    • Maher has always been fake. He will say something true now and then to get credibility but he plays for Team Shlomo.

      • @KT-88…

        Not being a fan of Maher, I have no way to confirm or rebut what you say.

        I’ll take it under advisement.

        One thing I will say to you : more than a few, on ‘Team Schlomo’, have begun to worry that The Frankenstein Monster which their tribe spawned politically and culturally, is not just going to digest others, but, them, too.

        What little perspective I have on him makes me suspect that Maher is one of those.

        • I’ve been watching this grease ball for 30 years now. He started out (big time) on a PBS show ironically called Politically Incorrect which was really about dialogue policing. He was clearly being groomed by the Shlomo High Command.

          • @KT-88…

            I see, then, you certainly know much more about him than I.

            As it is the case that he has been situated in a position of influence for about 30 years, it is interesting to see that he seems to be sliding off the plantation.

            Wonder how long The High Command will put up with his errant behavior?

    • Are Jews now this year’s Goyim?

      (Of course, not being true “Semites,” they ALWAYS have been ‘GOYS’… but now, it’s kinda fun watching the birth of the American National Socialist movement as Whites battle CRT, meanwhile as the J-Left Golem destroys its’ talmuddied Masters….)

      “Now when you see the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION standing where it should not be—let the reader understand—then those who are in Judea must flee to the mountains.” – Mk. 13:14 NASB

      Of course, will the Appalachian Israelites want the Judahites, when the time comes?
      Just sayin’…….. And no, I am NOT talking Dispie heresy, so drop it.

  5. Maher can say things the gentile can’t because he’s a jew. If he keeps it up, his tribe will sacrifice him with a nice parting bonus.

    • @John…

      Yes, Sir, you are right about the double standard, without a doubt, and, I suspect, you are also right in your prediction.

  6. It’s hard to believe, but so many people thought Trump was “great”, because he yelled back at the Democrats and made fun of them. But he never did anything.

  7. I hope it was worth it for Bill Maher to be a democratic neo liberal conservative for the past 30 years never criticising real power. Now they are coming for his head and good riddance the antichristian heeb son of a bitch deserves it

    Having all those communist negroesses/ libtards on his shitshow celebrity panel of zog politicians laughing about the death of white America well you are gonna get your wish you stupid big nosed bastard

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