CNN: Attacks On Trans People Are Attacks On “Science Itself”

This isn’t an article from The Onion.

If you doubt the existence of the 20,000 new genders and combinations of neopronouns that mentally ill people discovered on Tumblr over the last decade, you are attacking “science itself.”


“(CNN) – Not long ago, Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene — who opposes passing the Equality Act, which would guarantee federal civil rights protections for LGBTQ Americans — hung a sign outside her office. Her sign read, “trust the science.”

If only she — and like-minded others — would.

One of us is a physician-scientist and the other is a historian of medicine. We’ve both been watching as conservatives claim their legislative attacks on transgender people are rooted in science. Because we lack explicit federal civil rights protections for transgender people, a problem The Equality Act would remedy, Republicans have been able to launch a range of attacks on the civil rights of transgender people, each time using “science” as their justification. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, when signing a piece of anti-trans legislation into law earlier this month, claimed “We are going to go based off biology — not based on ideology.”

But here’s the thing — they’re not. In fact, attacks on trans people are also attacks on science itself.

First of all, transgender people are not “denying science” by virtue of existing. On the contrary, the medical and scientific consensus is that being trans and transitioning are healthy natural manifestations of human diversity — and transgender people have a lot of long-ignored expertise to offer the sciences. …

Though some conservatives have a strange obsession with focusing on other elements of biology (i.e., genitals and chromosomes), it doesn’t make scientific or medical sense to give these unconscious parts of our bodies primacy over our conscious brains, where gender identity resides. …”

Who says that miracles cannot happen?

According to “science,” race and sex are social constructs with no biological basis, but “trans” identities actually do have a strong genetic basis. “Trans” is firmly grounded in human biology.

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  1. “Attacks on trans people” are mostly black men who don’t like getting punk’d. No guy likes getting fooled like that, but black men have a reputation for impulsive violence.

    • “Looked a little closer and I knew it was a gag. What I thought was a girl was nothin but a fag” That was Philadelphia’s Schoolly D rapping in the mid 80s. This subject is as old as the hills. There are probably cave paintings at Lascaux about this.

  2. “Attacks On Trans People Are Attacks On “Science Itself” ”

    Alright, so let’s attack science, for it is only the good and right thing to do when science is used as a false idol for Chryst.

    To hell with science, and any other thing which serves as a proxy for those totalitarians, of the West, who wish to club anything that is not exactly like them, or thinks like them, into the dust.

    • “Alright, so let’s attack science, for it is only the good and right thing to do when science is used as a false idol for Christ.”

      But, (lest our pagan readers think we are ‘anti-True Science’) neither does that mean we will believe [sic] ‘Scientific Creationism’- as it was merely an attempt to justify the cult of the Seventh Day Adventists, and was appropriated by Whitcomb and Morris, to start the entire ICR, as has been clearly documented, here-

      Somehow, though, this ‘Appeal to [false] ‘Authority’ will ultimately fail, yet be the defining battle of the latter days of the Pax Americana-

      “For, as our histories tell us, the high priests of Science sought every weapon in their arsenal to maintain their Popish reign, but is was the little things of this earth- biology, sex, gender, and pious men and women- who would not bow the knee to the Faux Chi Hierarch of the Baal of ‘Science’ – that ultimately defeated the Sons of Satan [John 8:44] and banished them from the memory of Mankind, forever. ”

      It’s amazing that the Bible has something to say about every heresy and evil man can devise- ‘Science, FALSELY SO-CALLED.” – St. Paul

      “O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: 21Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen. ” – I Tim. 6:20 ff.

      • @Father John+ …

        Yes, we are not against science, the use of investigaton, experimentation, and deduction, to better understand how to solve the technical problems of life on this planet.

        Of course, who could be against this?

        But, certainly, as you correctly elaborate, we must not accept ‘science’ is an ersatz model for Faith, Family, and Community.

        It is this Leftist distortion of ‘science’ which must be entirely rebuket, over and over again, because it means that Man is not only the authority in the world, he is the sole one.

        In my experience, I have often felt that Man is barely ready to be human, much less the authority of the universe.

  3. The authors of the essay=Sexual perversion masquerading as Science……And this is a threat to young children…and this is an existential threat to Human Society….And the US Military is attempting to impose this on Muslim Afghanistan…..Bruce Springsteen wants to impose this on young children in the state of North Carolina…..

    • @Patrick…

      You’re dead on, Dear Patrick, which is why this Tarheel has not been listen to the musick, nor countenance any in my house from Cyndi Lauper, Tom Scholtz (Boston) or Bruce Springsteen for years, and will not be doing so.

      These people have some nerve – after the millions and ,millions of dollars and adulation we have given them, to tell us how to live with a total lack of respect in their words and actions.

      That said, The United States’ Government, and all their allies, will not succeed, longterm, in Dixie, anymore than they have in Afghanistan or were able to in Vietnam.

      No, Sir – despite their power and money, we will fight them, at every level, until they tire out and grow restless.

      They will learn the error of their ways, so help us God.

      And, yes, you are so right – what they say is ‘science’ is nothing more than heinous godless devilry.

  4. This is going to make the “Disco Hangover” seem like nothing. Just prepare for collapse. California is teetering right now. 17% or so of California power comes from hydro. Add that PG&E is now shutting down areas with fire conditions due to new (((liabilities))). One week without power all the food will be spoiled or gone. Pumping stations will eventually go down leading to water shortages. Watching Joe and the Ho try to deal with this will kill any illusions of the US being a major world power. Goodbye petro$.

  5. Of course there is no scientific evidence for “trans,” but there IS plenty of scientific evidence for the existence of a virus called SARS Co-V2, for its NATURAL (not from a lab) origin, and for the Covid pandemic death toll of almost one million in the U.S. and at least four milllion fatalities worldwide. Education in the U.S. and many other capitalist countries is failing at teaching science, logic and hygiene, so the masses are very easily fooled, taken in, by pseudo-science and imperial psyops and propaganda.

    Speaking of Covid and poor education, the most infectious new Delta strain will be sweeping through the mostly right-wing, poorly educated southern states soon, where less than a third of the population is vaccinated. But many right-wing science deniers still won’t recognize reality even when it hits them in the face, or the lungs.

    So there is anti-science on both the right and on the so-called left. Anti-science disinformation and indoctgrination serves the System well, keeping the people ignorant, divided, sick and dysfunctiunal so they cannot shake off their chains.

    • Dude, enough with the covid hysteria. People are no longer willing to destroy their state to make it safe for ninety year olds to go to the store.

      • @Metrosucks…

        I totally agree.

        I’d rather die tomorrow of an epidemick, than live the way we have been living.

        It’s no life.

      • “People are no longer willing to destroy their state to make it safe for ninety year olds to go to the store”:

        The owners of the big stores you shop at want you to think that way. Owners of the big corporate stores are not willing to destroy their profits, and couldn’t care less about people. In the privatized twentieth century, good health care, safety and hygiene shall be for those wealthy enough to afford it, and let the common “herd” fend for itself, or die off. Survival of the fittest for the masses, and old people are not fit.

    • @Anonymous…

      “Speaking of Covid and poor education, the most infectious new Delta strain will be sweeping through the mostly right-wing, poorly educated southern states soon, where less than a third of the population is vaccinated.’

      Well, of course Covid is going to sweep through the Southern States, just as it has since the beginning of the 17th century.

      For whatever it is worth, 2 Oregon Grape capsules, 3xs daily, prevents it from doing any bad damage, because the Berberine in the Oregon Grape, the pigment, prohibits the mass production of Prostaglandin-2, which is the thing that makes the new Covid strains become killer.

      I know – I’ve had it twice, as has my wife, and we’ve beaten this way every time.

    • @anonymous

      The covid virus has still not been isolated, ergo no proof it exists. The creator of the PCR test said it should not be run at above 35 cycles, yet in the West it has been consistently run at 40 cycles, giving a rate of false positives of 90%.

      If it wasn’t for the (((media))) no one would notice there was a so called pandemic. The all deaths for last year in the UK was lower than the 5 year average.

      If you really believe there is a pandemic, I have an ocean front property on Mars you can have very cheap. I’ll even take Petro dollars for it.

  6. Well……as for the study authors:

    Opinion by Jack Turban and Jules Gill-Peterson

    I’m surprised, frankly, that this goes under opinion. Jack Turban looks like some homo, and Gill-Peterson looks like a trans Jew. Classic media coupling of a Jew and a gentile to write inflammatory bullshit like this.

  7. Tranny Freaks are very abnormal creatures that General Mark Milley wants in the US Military as 10 star Generals….

    General Mark Milley is to feces….as feces is to General Mark Milley…

    • Funny, you have to find an article four years old, merely to have a blasphemous use of an Orthodox Priest in it, merely to prove your point. Why not show Welby of Canterbury or Bergoglio of [Occupied] Rome… or better yet, a chicken-swinging Yid? Just pointing out the truth….

  8. CNN and similar websites publish shit like this just to troll conservatives. I feel like even acknowledging the “trans” issue is taking the bait.

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