Joe Biden: “Pride Is Back At The White House”

White pride is verboten.

American patriotism is also stained by systematic racism. The past is a horror show.

In 2021, the four traditional pillars of American national identity – White (in race), English (in culture), Christian (in religion), liberal republican (in politics) – have been jettisoned by progressives. America’s traditional national identity including its traditional heroes like Thomas Jefferson or Theodore Roosevelt are something to be ashamed of while gay pride and “trans” are applauded and given the full throated endorsement of our elites. Blackness is also ennobled, worshipped and treated as sacred by woke progressives while whiteness is denigrated and targeted as something to be dismantled.

We should be very proud of Pete Buttigieg and Charlotte Clymer. You should be deeply ashamed though for being a cishet White male. You are a cancer for clinging to traditional values.

Note: It is a new progressive era.

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  1. That looks like the well-known photo of a Rothschild buttonholing Prince Charles. How dare “our President” treat that poor girl like that!

  2. They sure have isolated themselves in this weird little bubble were they actually think stupid stuff like this matters to anybody, rather than just repulses them. I don’t recall the French aristocracy in 18 century France being this obtuse. It’s something to wonder at. What a zoo they live in.

  3. There is no power on earth that will ever get me to accept mental disease and sin as something laudable.

    If that makes me an enemy of ‘Democracy’, then so be it.

    I won’t accept murder, rape, and arson as good, for that matter – no matter who touts it or for how long.

  4. Joe Biden

    A meaningless existential void deep out there in the Universe

    That eats Human Souls

    And defecates these souls into nothingness

    Like the Judge

    In Carmac McCarthy’s novel BLOOD MERIDIAN

      • KaTie- We just have better cosmetics these days (which includes hormone shots, FYI). This stuff went on in Ancient Israel, in Lot’s time, and is the proximate reason for the Deportation of the Ten Tribes of Israel to Assyria, and the Caucasus Mountains, back in the day. Oh, and the conflagration over two towns named Sodom and… what was that other one?

        We are merely being sinful and idolatrous in America, and God is giving us visible reminders of our apostasy….before He destroys us.

        Biden IS AN (but not ‘the’- he’s too stupid) antichrist…. which merely means someone opposed to God’s Theocratic Rule and reign…. just like all the other pagans and judaized liberals on this, and every other forum, who deny the Law Word of the Messiah.

        Have a nice day. And pray for Biden’s removal from this and all other planes of existence….

  5. Everything is upside down and backwards. Mental illness is now considered normal and healthy and visa versa

  6. “Pride Is Back At The White House”

    Did it ever leave? I seem to remember Trump being extremely pro-LGBT. In fact, during the 2016 campaign Trump made direct appeals to fags on account of him not letting in those nasty homophobic Muslims.

    I find it hilarious that the transgender issue is now what MAGAtards will use to differentiate themselves from the left. “We might be pro-sodomite but at least we’re not pro-trans!” And this despite characters like Bruce Jenner and Lady MAGA getting pride of place in the conservative movement.

  7. How does the saying go, a picture is worth a thousand words, the demonically possessed, with presidential, perversion, perfected.

  8. I wonder if President Biden knows that, despite his having received the lion’s share of The Black Vote, that they, as a whole, detest The LGBTQ, much more, in fact, so than do Rural Southern Whites.

    How would I know this?

    Because I attend, and have attended, Black Churches many times, and, unlike in The White Churches, down here, where they discuss the LGBTQ in passing, Black Preachers will often make their entire sermons about the effeminization of men, and their opposition to everything The LGBTQ stands for.

    For this reason I know that the Sexual Degeneracy that has been forcet on us will not stand or last.

    It is a passing fad of the Elite, and, as they falter, so shall their perverse fetish go with them.

  9. The “center” in France and Germany are pretty interesting as they are less ashamed and more proud of their country than the left or right.

    I wonder why that is.

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