Star Tribune: In Time of Greatest Need, Minneapolis Struggles To Recruit New Police Officers

No way.

Are you saying no one wants to be the next Derek Chauvin?

Star Tribune:

“There are plenty of vacancies to fill in Minneapolis.

Despite the graduation last month of 19 recruits, the department is still down more than 200 officers — nearly one-quarter of its authorized strength last year of 889. Those who’ve left the ranks either retired, resigned or went on medical leave, mostly for post-traumatic stress disorder. Scores of officers took voluntary buyouts this year, part of a push by the city to cut payroll in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The staff shortages come as the department also is the subject of separate state and federal investigations that could drastically reshape its future. City residents, meanwhile, will get a chance this fall to decide whether to adopt a charter amendment that would replace the MPD with a new public safety department that includes police officers, though the city would no longer be required to keep a minimum number. …”

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  1. If you’re a White man today and join the military or the police, be prepared to be a scapegoat or worse,especially if you kill one of the protected races or religions.

  2. The headline should say Minneapolis struggles to recruit black and Muslim police officers. Whites need not apply.

  3. Just watch. They will recruit “minorities”. None of them will have to worry about being the next Chauvin.

  4. War on the police department. Isn’t that what these brain dead White fools wanted? I have no sympathy for them.

  5. Gee, I best can’t understand why someone might want not to be a cool in a black run city. The media knows why, they can’t be that stupid. Well….

  6. Off Topic:

    For over a year, the civilian authorities have allowed fagtifa anarcho-marxists take over Portland and other urban areas in Oregon. It seems entirely fitting that for the past couple of days the weather matched those hellscapes.

  7. I find it exceedingly interesting how endlessly perplext and surprized The Left seems to be about the consequences that arise from the very policies they protagonize.

  8. Soooo shocking. Gee, how about recruiting Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, Don Cheadle, the ” Squad”, Joyless Joy Behar. and every useless face they call Tv hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah. Throw in affirmative action hires from msnbc and cnn guido roid loon Chris ” I’m black on the inside” Cuomo and Don ” takes it in the” Lemon.

    I find it amazing they only lost about 25% of the Minneapolis force so far. America can never be great again or even solid with blacks ruining one city and school system after the other while leftist jewish media owners do their best to create anti White hysterics. Every opening act by a comedian should start with: ” diversify is a strength.”

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