Rumble Bans “Anti-Semitic Hate Speech” Immediately After Donald Trump Joins Platform

Yesterday, Blumpf was condemning Big Tech censorship in his speech in Ohio. Today, Rumble has banned all criticism of Jews after he joined the platform.


Note: As we have said for years, the shittiness of Trump cannot be underestimated.

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  1. Blumph: I’ll join your platform but only if you ban the truth (antisemitism) about my jewish friends.

    • [Jews killed Christ- that’s the legal hallmark of the Christian religion. For Grace has reached an end for the Yids, as a self-justifying race. End of Story.]

      • Jews also persecute Christians to this day. There is a reason they have been kicked out of all these different places. It is because they are insufferable and they undermine the fabric of any nation. Never trust a Jew because with Jews, you lose.

  2. We all know Trump isn’t anti-semitic. He was called the “best friend Israel ever had”. He has big contacts. His son-in-law is Jewish. This just more of the feigned in-fighting, and it’s not real. Not at all.

  3. For all intents and purposes Trump is a Jew. He may as well convert and make it official.

  4. One can bet Israel/Jew first Kushner had something to do with Rumble’s new policy. Trump is a vile toady of the Likudniks.

  5. That don’t surprise me. Any mention of the Jewish Question is a hush hush on Social Media. Interesting enough hatred of White People and Southerners is alive and well across Social Media. Think about it. We should be proud of our race, heritage, culture, and our enemies can deal with it. We Must Retake Everything! Deo Vindice !

    • We can either retake everything or set up our own social media, our own news networks, our own services and be like the Southerners who settled the Colonies fresh from Europe. There is no Southern power without White Power, there is none of that without returning to Christ and recognizing the he is king.

      The hatred of Southerners and Whites will only stop when we all put our foot down and say enough is enough. It’s time to forge our own path.

      Deo Vindice!

  6. What about the Jew hatred of Christ? Is that allowed on Rumble? I know fat Heidi will not touch that one with a wet 2×4. Miserable Fat Bitch.

  7. When will it be hate speech to speak against White Southerners calling them/their ancestors traitors and “sinners” for seceding/owning slaves when there was absolutely no language in both the Constitution (at that time) and the Bible forbidding them?

    Never in this decadent anti-South anti-White Yankee Empire it appears.

    May God Save the South!

    • @Banned…

      As I was reading your comment, I was preparing to answer, until I noticet that you have answered your own question!

      Yes, May God Save The South From These Hypocritical Dæmons!

  8. He probably personally asked for the ban, expect him to message about doing yet another favor to all those Jews who still won’t publicly like him. What’s a fawning Jew lover to do???

  9. I got cancelled by Jewtube without warning during a purge a few weeks ago. I looked at Rumble but I noted that they had prohibitions against “harassment and hate speech”. Plus Peter Thiel is an investor which is not a good sign.

    I think Odysee is a safer choice. It seems to be better done than bitchute. The downside is that it’s a new platform and the content is still sparse.

  10. Turns out my suspicions were right, sort of. From the Daily Stormer:

    “Back in May, Gab founder Andrew Torba told TruNews’ Lauren Witzke that after Trump was banned from Twitter, Gab was contacted by Trump’s team.

    According to Torba, he was told that Trump might be interested in posting on the site, but that Jared Kushner had some demands for changes, including that Gab ban all criticism of both Israel and Jews generally.”

    Good old hooknose Kushner and his Jew loving whore wife are still running Trump. No wonder Trump sounds like a lunatic these days.

    • What on earth? Makes sense though, given the damage Trump has done to his followers.

    • I can only imagine what Trump owes Kushner. That whole relationship is very bizarre. Who allows their son in law to have too much in general? With Trump it magnifies 100 fold being a president and giving Kushner all that power. Why did Trump give him any power? Has to be either Trump is the ultimate pushover for his daughter, he has mild dementia and thinks giving Kushner too much power is fine or as stated, he owes the Kushner family big.

      And even though Trump is past his prime, what the heck is Biden? I would vote for Trump again over Biden. Not even close. Plus the unbelievable emotional trauma he brings to the left is unmatched. With all these investigations of Trump I have no doubt he is running again in 2024.

  11. “I would vote for Trump again over Biden. Not even close. Plus the unbelievable emotional trauma he brings to the left is unmatched.”

    This is why I have joined Rumble! To support Trump (whatever his faults) and Alt-tech in general.

    Plus I like libertarian-ish tuber Styxhexenhammer666 who is also on there. Reminds me of why I used to vote for Ron Paul back in the day with some of his hot takes.

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