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  1. Push-button, long-distance ‘Murcan warfare – but of course anyone who actually risks his life to resist Uncle Shmuel’s hegemony is a “coward”.

    • “And the money kept rolling in, on every side.” – Che, in EVITA.

      It’s all about Jews, the Federal Reserve, and USING WAR AS A MEANS FOR FURTHER RAPING OF THE “GOYIM” (read, Christian Whites) while using ‘collateral damage’ (read, non-White cattle) as the means- all for the JEWS’ ends. And ONLY the JEWS.

      Every. Single. Time. But Biden is to blame, just as the kings of Assyria and Babylon were to blame..

      May God judge them all for their perfidy. SPEEDILY.

  2. There was no recent ‘unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attacks against U.S. personnel and facilities in Iraq’ according to Col. Wayne Marotto.

  3. Well fancy that, it’s almost as if Zionist Jews control both sides of politics and the president is nothing more than a figurehead.

  4. Kata’ib Hezbollah (not related to the Lebanese Hezbollah) is a Shia militia that is part of the Popular Mobilization Forces. It is technically part of the Iraqi armed forces and nominally reports to the Prime Minister. It was the principal Iraqi force that opposed ISIS after the collapse of the Iraqi army. Like all the Shia militias, they have Irani connections, but they are not Irani stooges.

    • You are correct. The militias are, in fact, official Iraqi military units. The U.S. is bombing the military of its ally (puppet) which is even a NATO partner. Outrageous! But the Empire is all-powerful and can do whatever it wants.

  5. China has released a bioweapon that has wiped out the equivalent of a small country, has unfair trade practices that result in job losses in manufacturing and tortures animals to death for food……..but let’s just keep bombing the Middle East for reasons that escape me.
    We need to get troops, and manufacturing back home and make the West great again.

    • China is a real country. Bomb them at your peril. Although I’d have nuked Wuhan anyway.

      • Re: “I’d have nuked Wuhan”:

        Have you also swallowed the “Wuhan lab origin” hybrid war propaganda? As they reel you in, it stirs up anger and desire to attack China, just as it is intended to do. You may feel Chinese people should be nuked. According to one poll, more than half of the U.S. population now believes in the Wuhan lab origin conspiracy theory, no longer just for right-wingers, now gone fully mainstream. Of course more than half of the U.S. population is also extremely deficient in science education, and history, and logic.

        • @amonymous,

          The CCP like your beloved USSR are and am jewish ideological abominations.

          Now, the slopes in Beijing are doing the tango with the world’s number one terrorist, racist, genocidal, colonizer, and imperialist nation (Israel).

          BlackRock and Goldman Saks are going to drain the 15 trillion yuan in non-elite Chinese savings accounts.


          • You are a follower of Fascist-the-nation then. By “the slopes” you must mean “slants.” More slurs here: http://rsdb.org/race/chinese

            Of course the “virus” of love of money, which is the root of all evil, is endemic in China, as in all other nations. While the centenary celebrations of the founding of the CCP go on, greed-based capitalist subversion (BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, et cetera) threatens to destroy what little is left of socialism in China, Korea, Cuba and other socialist nations. The bad side of human nature needs very little encouragement to flourish. The good side needs discipline to flourish and overcome evil, doing God’s will on earth as in heaven.

            Unlike the U.S., there is some direct democracy on the local level in China, so they can influence policy more, and choose better representatives than the U.S.’s non-elite masses. But I have no illusions (I hope). I know that no government is perfect, just as no human being is perfect. Remember also that China is on a war footing. Socialism in China is at war, has been under relentless, deadly attack from the very beginning of its existence. It is forced to industrialize and arm itself.

  6. If you think China “released” anything, I’ve got a Kosher bridge in Manhattan to sell you.

    The Chinese are unsavory people in many ways (most other Asians detest them as well), but this whole 180 from the media on the virus release is complete bullshit.

    Besides, covid is essentially nothing more than a cold/flu virus. The Chinese “released” a bad cold into the wild? That theory says more about the weak, pathetic west than it does about China.

    • @Metrosucks
      It may have come from a wet market…….which is a discusting place at the best of times, or a lab job. For me, it really doesn’t matter. I despise the nation anyway.
      Nobody including myself, wants active conflict with China. What we do expect is policy that ensures that trade is fair, we have our sovereignty and manufacturing sector, and that immigration can be reduced to prevent Chinese influence in our politics and demographics. Most Asian women in the West marry whites, further leading to our diminished numbers.
      Some hate China more, some hate Israel more. I hate them both, and just want them out of our faces.
      Because of the West, China is the bloated regime it now is, capable of threatening world peace. With decoupling, tarriffs and sanctions, we can weaken it significantly without needing to go to war.
      Starve, rather than fight them.

      • “China is the bloated regime it now is, capable of threatening world peace. With decoupling, tarriffs and sanctions, we can weaken it significantly without needing to go to war. Starve, rather than fight them”:

        So you cheer on the imperialist hybrid war to overthrow and subjugate China!

        “We” convinced Deng and other Chinese leaders to implement the disastrous one-child policy and elements of capitalist consumerism that have seriously weakened the party and China. China can only be strong and communism can only survive by standing independently on Chinese principles. China must decouple from the U.S., the capitalist Empire that parasitizes and disturbs the peace of the world.

  7. The militias bombed must have been having success against ISIS and al-Qaeda. Just like the Iranian general Trump took out.

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